MBA in UK for Indian Students

MBA in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom has over 395 universities and is the world’s second-largest educational centre and an epitome for foreign students and quality world-class education. UK degrees are internationally recognised and aided many aspirants in obtaining their dream jobs or becoming entrepreneurs. MBA in UK is one of the most sought-after and reputable programs in the world, making it one of the most popular study destinations for many international students. In this blog, we will tell you everything pertaining to MBA in UK for Indian Students.

QS Ranking Universities for MBA 25
Duration  1-2 years 
Work experience  Minimum of 3 years 
Exams  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, GMAT, GRE, etc.
English eligibility test waivers Available 
Placements Available 
Work permit Available 
Post-study work permit Approx. 2 years
Scholarships Up to 50% can be availed on the tuition fee
Average Fees £34,800 (INR 35.9 lakhs)
MBA in UK average salary £50,000 (INR 51.6 lakhs)
Employability rate  above 95% 

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Why MBA in UK for Indian Students?

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s leading economies. The universities are created with an essential focus on imparting the students with the right skills and knowledge of a particular field. When it comes to selecting the UK for higher education, there are various key aspects that make it an amazing choice especially for a master’s degree in business and administration. Here are the significant features that make the UK a prominent option to pursue MBA:

  • Excellent Education: MBA programs in UK universities combine theoretical and practical-oriented learning to equip students with key skills and knowledge. With constant lectures and workshops from reputed business leaders, students get to learn from experienced professionals thus augmenting their exposure and knowledge of a specific industry. 
  • One Year Program – Most MBA programs offered by UK universities are one-year programs except for some core management courses. This helps students gain quality education, international exposure as well as opportunities to expand their knowledge in a short period of time.
  • Industry Links – One of the biggest advantages of pursuing an MBA degree in the UK is that the students get to meet leading industry experts and professionals at conferences, events and lectures organized by universities.
  • Scholarships – Studying for an MBA degree in a foreign country comes with various financial constraints. For financial aid, there are plenty of universities in the UK that offer scholarships.
Why study mba in uk

Here is an extensive list of some of the best and top-rated MBA specialisations that aspirants can choose from to study MBA in UK:

  1. Quality Management
  2. Sports Management
  3. International Business 
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Digital Marketing 
  6. Data Science 
  7. Project Management
  8. Retail Management
  9. Finance 
  10. Healthcare
  11. Accounting  
  12. Pharmaceutical Management
  13. Fashion Designing
  14. Foreign Trade
  15. Hotel Management
  16. Healthcare Management

Top Universities for MBA in UK for Indian Students

Here is a detailed list of some of the best universities offering MBA in UK, according to the QS World University Rankings: MBA rankings 2021.

Universities  Duration  QS World University Rankings: MBA rankings 2021 Average Tuition Fee (1 Year)
London Business School 15-21 Months 7 GBP 58,600 (INR 5997425)
Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago 21 Months 11 GBP 53,493 (INR 5474749)
Said School of Business, University of Oxford 1 Year  16 GBP 59,490 (INR 6088512) 
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School 1 Year 17 GBP 57,000 (INR 5833673)
Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London 1 Year  22 GBP 53,500 (INR 5475465)
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick 1 Year  34 GBP 40,450 (INR 4139861) 
Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester 15 months  48 GBP 35,200 (INR 3602549)
University of Edinburgh Business School, The University of Edinburgh 1 Year  52 GBP 32,500 (INR 3326217)
The Business School (formerly Cass), CITY, University of London 1 Year  75 GBP 46,000 (INR 4707876)
Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University 15 months  79 GBP 39,000 (INR 3991460)
School of Business and ManagementQueen Mary University of London 1-5 years GBP 20,500 (INR 20.8 lakhs)
School of Management – Anglia Ruskin University 12 – 20 Months GBP 16,500 (INR 16.7 lakhs)
Lancaster University Management School 12 months  111-120 GBP 33,500 (INR 34.1 lakhs)
Business School – Coventry University 12 months  GBP 18,950 (INR 19.24  lakhs)
Cardiff Business School – Cardiff University 12 months  GBP 28,900 (INR 29.35  lakhs)
University of Strathclyde Business School 12 months  131-140 GBP 31,900 (INR 32.40  lakhs)
Leeds University Business School – University of Leeds 12 months  121-130 GBP 31,250 (INR 31.74  lakhs)

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Other Universities 

Here are some other universities that are offering some of the best programs and specialisations in MBA in UK:

  1. Durham University Business School, Durham University
  2. Aston Business School, Aston University
  3. Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  4. Bath School of Management, University of Bath
  5. Brunel Business School, Brunel University London
  6. Exeter Business School, University of Exeter
  7. Adam Smith School of Economics and Finance, University of Glasgow

Eligibility Requirements for MBA in UK

Students must meet the basic eligibility requirements mentioned below to be considered for admission to a business course in the United Kingdom:

  • Completion of secondary education studies at a level comparable to that of the United Kingdom
  • Provide the necessary school records, transcripts, and certificates.
  • Obtain an appropriate IELTS / TOEFL or any other ELP Test scores to demonstrate English language proficiency.
  • A relevant three-year bachelor’s degree from a recognised university, which is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree.
  • Some UK universities may require a minimum of two years of work experience.
  • Some colleges also accept applicants based on their GMAT/GRE ratings or scores.

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Other Requirements 

Check out all the Documents Required for Applying to UK Universities!

Cost of Studying MBA in UK

MBA in UK for Indian students is a 12- to 21-month intensive research-based programme that costs on average between £31,000 and £88,000. For an Indian student, the total cost of studying in the UK ranges from INR 24 lakhs to INR 80 lakhs.

Let us know more about the Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students!

Low-Cost MBA in UK for Indian Students

If you are thinking that MBA in UK is all costly and maybe not a cup of your financial tea, then you just don’t have to drop your idea of studying in UK. Here is another list of some of the renowned and famous universities in the UK that are providing low-cost MBA to international students and rightfully fulfiling their dreams of pursuing an MBA in UK.

Universities  Average Tuition Fee for MBA in the UK (1 Year)
Bedfordshire University £11,250 (INR 11.5 lakhs)
Canterbury Christ Church University £12,900 (INR 13.2 lakhs)
University of Wolverhampton £12,470 (INR 12.7 lakhs)
The University of Worcester £11,400 (INR 11.6 lakhs)
Suffolk University £11,000 (INR 11.2 lakhs)
Leeds Beckett University £11,300 (INR 11.5 lakhs)
University of Gloucestershire £12,500 (INR 1279758)
University of East London £15,000 (INR 15.3 lakhs)
Cardiff Metropolitan University £9,000 (INR 9.2 lakhs)
University of Bolton £12,500 (INR 12.79 lakhs)
Anglia Ruskin University £16,500 (INR 16.7 lakhs)
University of Northampton £15,000 (INR 15.25 lakhs)
University of Leicester £20,000 (INR 20.34 lakhs)
University of West London £15,000 (INR 15.25 lakhs)
Buckinghamshire New University £10,500 (INR 10.68 lakhs)

Application Process for MBA in UK

Just like any university across the globe, there is a set standard of documents and a specific procedure to complete the application procedure followed in UK. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the admission procedure in order to study MBA in UK for Indian students:

How to apply in UK universities

Note: Be it pursuing an MBA in the UK, or MS in the UK, as an international student, you will have plenty of alternatives in front of you. Needless to say, choosing the right university and completing the application process on time needs effort.

Studying abroad is costly, particularly for a globally recognised degree like an MBA. How would you react if you learned that you can use scholarships to help you pay for your studies? As a result, we’ve put together a fantastic list of successful MBA scholarships in the UK, which are offered by prestigious and top business schools and other organisations in the country.

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship
  2. Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program
  3. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  4. Hornby Scholarship
  5. Chevening Scholarship
  6. Go Clean Scholarship
  7. GREAT Scholarship
  8. Commonwealth Scholarship
  9. Inlaks Scholarships
  10. GATE Scholarship
  11. Rhodes Scholarship India
  12. BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

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MBA in UK with Work Placement

While an MBA degree can help you get a better job, there is no assurance that it will help you get your dream job when you are ready to start working full-time. However, research has shown that combining an MBA programme with industry work placements – such as internships or sandwich courses – provides students with the added benefits they need to obtain a head start in their careers. As a result, below is another list of some of the top universities in the UK that provide MBA courses along with work placements to aspirants:

  1. University of Greenwich
  2. University of West London
  3. University of Leicester
  4. Coventry University
  5. Royal Holloway, University of London
  6. Sheffield Hallam University
  7. Edinburgh Napier University
  8. University of Central Lancashire
  9. University of Northampton
  10. University of East London
  11. University of South Wales
  12. Cardiff Metropolitan University

MBA in UK without Work Experience

A significantly high number of recent graduates are willing to enter management to build great careers. Although universities across the globe prefer students who have prior work experience for their MBA courses, here is a list of some famous UK universities that are providing MBA in UK for Indian students without work experience

  1. Coventry University
  2. Leeds Beckett University
  3. University of Northampton
  4. University of East London
  5. Anglia Ruskin University
  6. Bedfordshire University
  7. Cardiff Metropolitan University
  8. University of Derby
  9. Staffordshire University
  10. University of South Wales
  11. University of Greenwich
  12. University of West London
  13. University of Central Lancashire
  14. University of Teesside
  15. York St John University
  16. Swansea University
  17. Liverpool John Moores University
  18. Glyndwr University 
  19. University of Sunderland

MBA in UK for Indian Students without GMAT

A lot of aspirants must be wondering if there is any scope to pursue MBA in UK without GMAT. Well, we have prepared a list of some renowned UK universities that are providing MBA in UK for Indian students without GMAT!

  1. University of Reading
  2. University of Central Lancashire
  3. Birmingham City Business School
  4. Middlesex University
  5. Lancaster University Management School
  6. Durham University Business School
  7. Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University
  8. Warwick School of Business, University of Warwick
  9. University of Edinburgh
  10. HULT International Business School- London

MBA in UK: Visa and Salary

The Student Visa for the United Kingdom will be valid for 16 months if you were to study MBA in the United Kingdom and join a 12-month program there. This will aid you in your work search for the remaining four months, ensuring that you do not have to rush back to your home country. However, since the regulations governing student visas are constantly changing, you should always use the most up-to-date information available. After completing an MBA from one of the top UK colleges, you could earn up to INR 85 lakhs to INR 1 crore per year in reputed Indian companies. Students who wish to remain in the UK after completing their MBA will apply for sponsorship from some prestigious UK institutions to extend their Tier 4 visa. 

Bank Account for International Students in UK

Post Study Work Permit in UK

The Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) is a temporary visa that gives overseas students the chance to live, study, and work in any post or career path once they finish school. This post-study work visa route in the UK is open to anybody, including students of Indian descent with valid immigration status in the UK. All students studying in a UK Higher Education Provider-approved institution are eligible for the Graduate Route. This action is being done in response to the UK’s desire to retain the best students from all over the world and to assist them in discovering job prospects in the country. International students can now stay in the UK for 2 years after graduation and 3 years after completing their PhD programme after the new work permit.

Student Life in UK

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How much will it cost to do MBA in UK?

On average, a one-year MBA costs £10,000 to £15,000, with Programs at top business schools like Oxford and Cambridge costing up to £45,000. However, there are a range of colleges and business schools that deliver high-quality degrees at a significantly lower rate.

Is MBA from India Valid in UK?

The one-year MBA program from the United Kingdom is not recognized in India. As a result, it is important that candidates think twice before enrolling in the course. According to a recent survey, UK Master’s Degrees (which last a year) are NOT Master’s equivalent.

Is it worth studying MBA in UK?

An MBA from the United Kingdom is a long-term investment in your career. It is unquestionably worth the money. The UK PSW will give you a way to recoup your investment starting in 2021. An MBA from the United Kingdom will also broaden your horizons and strengthen your resume.

How can I apply for MBA from India in UK?

1. 3 years of full-time work experience is needed.
2. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required.
3. IELTS score of at least 6.0-6.5.
4. GMAT/GRE scores.

How difficult is MBA in UK?

The average GMAT score expected by top UK universities is a well-balanced 700, with the GMAT score range of top B-schools in the UK ranging from 600 to 780. However, there is no minimum GMAT score; students with a GMAT score of 530 or higher were admitted in 2011.

Why is MBA so expensive?

MBA is well-known for being one of the most expensive courses to study in the world. To complete the two-year program, aspirants must pay hefty fees. As a result, the course costs a significant sum of money in addition to the B School tuition fees.

This was all about MBA in UK for Indian Students. Do you dream to study in UK? Then reach out to Leverage Edu experts and they will make you land in UK so that you can pursue your MBA degree or any other degree there. Book a session with us today!

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