MBA in Foreign Trade

MBA in Foreign Trade

In the modern world where globalization has connected the world in many ways, the economies of various countries are also interdependent. Trade between the various countries forms a significant part of their respective GDP’s (Gross Domestic Product). In a world where international trade has become so impactful, it is necessary that corporations build trade relationships globally. This also means that they will be looking for professionals who have the required knowledge to build and maintain these relationships as well as manage the execution part of this. In such a scenario, an MBA in Foreign Trade can prove to be an asset for you. If you are considering to pursue an MBA in Foreign Trade, here is all the information you will need.


We are sure you’ll have certain doubts about whether an MBA in Foreign Trade will be beneficial for you and if it will be worth the investment. There is an ever-growing demand for professionals in this sector mainly because every corporation requires people who are well versed with the dynamics of the export-import aspect of the trade, as well as understand the logistics behind it. An MBA in this field can be a rewarding financial prospect and one surely wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. An MBA in Foreign Trade is becoming one of the most sought-after courses mainly because of its demand and available job prospects. 


Whenever you are looking at an academic program, you want to make sure if that program will suit our needs and strengths. There are certain skills that one must possess before they enroll in a program. For an MBA in Foreign Trade it is important that you possess the following skills-

  • Good interpersonal communication skills 
  • Interest in foreign languages
  • An aptitude for business
  • Knowledge of various economies 
  • Interest in updating one’s knowledge of the present business trends
  • Good leadership skills
MBA in Foreign Trade


There are a number of universities that offer an MBA in Foreign Trade. Some of the universities that you must consider while enrolling in this course are-

University of Alberta, Canada– Situated in Edmond, Canada, the University of Alberta offers an MBA in International Business to its students. The eligibility for the course depends on one’s GMAT/GRE score. One must also hold a 7 in IELTS or a 100 in TOEFL or a 68 in PTE.

University of Greenwich, U.K.– Situated in London, U.K., the University of Greenwich offers a full-time MBA in International Business degree to its students. The course aims at providing students with the required knowledge in the field of trading like import/export, stock exchanges, and logistics.

ESLSCA Business School, France– The ESLSCA Business School in Paris offers an MBA degree specializing in Trading and Marketing Finance. The full-time course intends at making students well versed with financial techniques as well as the international stock market.


Listed below are some of the roles where one can seek after completion of one’s degree in MBA in Foreign Trade:

  • Associate Relationship Manager
  • Export Business Development Manager
  • Export Marketing Manager
  • Head of International Sales and Marketing
  • International Business Consultant/Foreign Trade Consultant
  • Manager Operations- Export
  • Foreign Trade and Business Analyst

The admission process for MBA colleges can seem a bit difficult, especially since the stakes are so high. There are so many anticipatory thoughts that can cloud one’s judgment when faced with a choice like MBA in Foreign Trade. You need not worry anymore! The counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu can help you make the best decision that will not only help you in your career trajectory but also help you in becoming a dynamic individual with the ability to create an impact on the industry.

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