MBA in Foreign Trade

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MBA in Foreign Trade

In the modern world where globalization has connected the world in many ways, the economies of various countries are also interdependent. Trade between the various countries forms a significant part of their respective GDPs (Gross Domestic Product). In a world where international trade has become so impactful, it is necessary that corporations build trade relationships globally. This also means that they will be looking for professionals who have the required knowledge to build and maintain these relationships as well as manage the execution part of this. In such a scenario, an MBA in Foreign Trade can prove to be an asset for you. If you are considering pursuing an MBA in Foreign Trade, here is all the information you will need.

Level  Postgraduate/ Master’s 
Course Name  Masters of Business Administration in Foreign Trade 
Duration 2 years
Eligibility A bachelor’s degree in any discipline or any other equivalent with 50% aggregate marks
Admission process Entrance exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, GMAT, GRE etc. along with GD & PI
Average Course Fee INR 2-15 Lakhs or more if going for a degree in abroad 
Average salary INR 10 lakhs per annum 

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About MBA in Foreign Trade

A few institutes deliver an MBA in Foreign Trade course that is an integrated specialization of the Master of business administration program. The course’s main goal is to help students gain a better understanding of the different strategies, facets, and complexities of foreign exchange and international business. In a nutshell, this course combines elements of management, trade, distribution, marketing, law, and economics. 

Why Pursue An MBA in Foreign Trade?

We are sure you’ll have certain doubts about whether an MBA in Foreign Trade will be beneficial for you and if it will be worth the investment. There is an ever-growing demand for professionals in this sector mainly because every corporation requires people who are well-versed in the dynamics of the export-import aspect of the trade, as well as understanding the logistics behind it. An MBA in this field can be a rewarding financial prospect and one surely wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. An MBA in Foreign Trade is becoming one of the most sought-after courses mainly because of its demand and available job prospects. Students will find employment in the private and public sectors related to foreign exchange, international marketing, distribution, and export and import after completing the course. So, if an applicant wants to work in one of these fields, they should take this course.

MBA in Foreign Trade: Syllabus 

Given below is a list of some of the core subjects that you will be studying in MBA Foreign Trade.

  • World Trade Organizations
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Managerial Economics
  • Export-Import Policy, Procedure, and Documentation
  • Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior
  • Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Techniques for Foreign Trade
  • Personality Development
  • Computer Application in FT
  • Financial Management
  • International Economics & Trade Theories
  • Export-Import Management
  • India’s Foreign Trade: Trends, Prospects, and Strategies
  • Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control
  • Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology
  • International Business Laws
  • International Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior
  • Multinational Financial Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management in FT
  • Export Pricing and Product Planning
  • Taxation in FT
  • Export Incentives and Institutional Support
  • EXIM Financing

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Top Universities in India

College/University Name  Location  Average Fees in INR 
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi INR 15 Lakhs 
Xavier Institute Of Management  Bhubaneswar INR 11 Lakhs 
Birla Institute Of Management Technology Noida INR 9 Lakhs 
MICA The School Of Ideas Ahmedabad INR 18.5-19 Lakhs 
Medi-Caps University Indore INR 85,000- 90,000
Shri Krishna University Madhya Pradesh INR 38,500- 40,000
Chandigarh University Chandigarh INR 3.5 Lakhs 
Banaras Hindu University Varanasi INR 31,000
Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) Hyderabad INR 8 Lakhs 
Hindustan Institute Of Technology And Science Chennai INR 2.5 Lakhs 
Lovely Professional University Jalandhar INR 3 Lakhs 
S.C.M.S School of Technology and Management Kochi INR 6-7 Lakhs 
Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies Delhi  INR 1,50,000- 2,00,000

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Top Universities Abroad

There are only a handful of universities abroad that are providing this MBA course or program which is specialized in Foreign Trade. Here are some of the popular universities that we have found out for you:

University/College Name  Location  Course Name  Duration 
WINGS – Wismar University Germany MBA in International Logistics & Trade 4 semesters
ESLSCA Business School Paris, France MBA Specialized in Trading – Market Finance Full-time and Part-time
INSEAD Business School Madrid, Spain MBA in international trade Full-time and Part-time
Belo Horizonte Institute of Higher Education Prados, Brazil MBA in Foreign Trade 1-2 Years 

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Eligibility Requirements  

Candidates must meet the following MBA in Foreign Trade Eligibility criteria:

  • An applicant must be a graduate of any discipline and hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent in any course with a minimum term of three years to be eligible for the course.
  • Candidates for admission must also be mindful of the country’s current economic situation and its marketing relationships with other countries. 
  • Some colleges require students to have a minimum of 50% overall in their undergraduate classes.
  • Competitive scores in entrance exams like GMAT/GRE/CAT/XAT/IIFT or any other written or entrance-based exams that are accepted by the university.
  • Some universities or colleges have their own set of entrance or written exams for a specialized MBA program like this. Having said that, some may offer intakes totally based on merit whereas others may consider entrance exam scores along with GD & PI. 
  • If you are planning to study this course abroad then the following things are additionally required:

Job Prospects and Career Options 

Following is a list of some of the areas where a student can work after completing an MBA in Foreign Trade:

  • Research & Educational Institutions
  • Engineering Goods Companies
  • Export Units
  • International Trade Regulatory Bodies
  • Shipping Companies or Companies
  • International Department of Multinational Companies
  • MNCs Departments

An applicant with an MBA in Foreign Trade would have a plethora of work opportunities. Companies and organizations that are active in the international business sector employ applicants with an MBA in Foreign Trade from a variety of fields. Some of the famous Job profiles for an MBA in Foreign Trade are mentioned below:

  • Foreign Trade Zone Analyst
  • Global Trade Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Export Business Development Manager
  • Export Marketing Manager
  • Head of International Sales and Marketing
  • Foreign Trade Consultant
  • International Business Consultant
  • Associate Relationship Manager
  • Foreign Trade Representative
  • Global Trade Manager
  • Manager Operations- Export
  • Trading Strategist
  • Foreign Trade and Business Analyst
  • Foreign Exchange Specialist

Prerequisite Skills For MBA In Foreign Trade

Whenever you are looking at an academic program, you want to make sure that program will suit your needs and strengths. There are certain skills that one must possess before one enrolls in a program. For an MBA in Foreign Trade, it is important that you possess the following skills-

  • Good interpersonal communication skills 
  • Interest in foreign languages
  • An aptitude for business
  • Knowledge of various economies 
  • Interest in updating one’s knowledge of the present business trends
  • Good leadership skills


How long is an MBA in Foreign Trade?

An MBA in Foreign Trade is a 1-2 year-long program.

What is the course syllabus for MBA In Foreign Trade?

This course combines elements of management, trade, distribution, marketing, law, and economics.

Which is the best university for an MBA in Foreign Trade?

WINGS – Wismar University Germany
ESLSCA Business School Paris, France
INSEAD Business School

The admission process for MBA colleges can seem a bit difficult, especially since the stakes are so high. There are so many anticipatory thoughts that can cloud one’s judgment when faced with a choice like MBA in Foreign Trade. You need not worry anymore! The counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu can help you make the best decision that will not only help you in your career trajectory but also help you in becoming a dynamic individual with the ability to create an impact on the industry.

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  1. I want to do my MBA in international business. So I need someone to guide me completely on this.

  1. I want to do my MBA in international business. So I need someone to guide me completely on this.