Intakes in UK

Intakes in UK

The UK is home to the biggest population, spectacular scenery and a variety of best universities. The UK appeals to the maximum amount of overseas students across the country. Academic institutions in the UK have regularly held the highest positions of the world’s university rankings. The universities in UK have their own admission intakes throughout the year varying as per the courses and admission requirements. If you are planning to study in UK and are looking for the right admission intakes, we are here to help you. Scroll this blog to know all about intakes in UK, when to apply for top UK universities and colleges and more!

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Intakes in UK

Two types of intakes are commonly followed by UK Universities:

  • Intake in January to February 
  • Intake in September to October
  • Additional Intake in May for select courses

Students who skip the September intakes can qualify for the January Intakes in the UK. Some might say that perhaps the September Intakes in the UK is higher than January in terms of the total quantity of programs available. However, there really isn’t much comparison between the two as the start of January is equal to the number of successful courses provides an opportunity for students to choose from. There is also another intake called the May Intakes in the UK which you can take upon. 

If you skipped the September intake, you can look forward to another January intake as the January Intakes in the UK requirements grant you more time to focus on your applications so that you can fill in the gaps, if there is any.

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Here are the admission deadlines for the two major intakes in UK, i.e. January/February and September.

January/February IntakeJune and September
September IntakeFebruary and May

January/February Intake in UK

The intake in January to February is a supplementary one in terms of admission intakes in UK. Not as many classes are offered at the beginning of January relative to the September intake, but this intake provides an incentive for candidates who have skipped the entry in the main intakes in the UK. It allows students with extra time to focus on their submission. The deadline for submissions will be between June and September and will vary from course to course and from institution to institution. 

January/February Intake Universities in UK

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September/October Intakes in UK

The largest Intakes in the UK is in September and October. It is sometimes considered the Fall intake of fall in the United Kingdom. Many colleges in the UK offer all classes at the beginning of September. The deadline for applications to be submitted in September would be between February and May of the academic year. However, this will always vary on the basis of courses and shifts from institution to institution with regard to the admissions in the UK. Students should review the specifics of the respective institution.

September/October Intake Universities in UK

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. Bucks New University
  3. University of Central Lancashire
  4. University of Reading
  5. University of Hertfordshire
  6. University of Surrey
  7. University of Derby
  8. University of Westminster
  9. University of Wolverhampton
  10. Keele University
  11. University of Leeds
  12. Kingston University
  13. London Metropolitan University
  14. University of Bradford
  15. Swansea University

May Intake

May admission session is the least preferred Intakes in the UK. It is offered by few universities/colleges with the least options of courses. The students prefer to take a spring break, so a lot of universities do not offer this intake. The pool of applicants is very small during the May Intake which is also called the Spring Intake. But the competition for this intake is the least intense as there is an enhanced chance of getting an offer.

Universities with May Intakes

  1. Northumbria University
  2. Queen Mary University of London

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Which Intake in UK is best for international students?

Your choice should be based on your chosen institution and desired course, on your previous academic results, on your exam score, on the entrance rate of your chosen institution, on the beginning of the application, on the start of the semester and on your eligibility for the assignment regarding the Intakes in the UK.


The specific academic standards expected from the majority of students are at least 65% [indicative] in higher secondary education in the UK to be involved in humanities or sciences; and at least 70% [indicative] is needed to be enrolled in science subjects. Apart from educational ratings, candidates must conform with the criteria of the English language for which IELTS/TOEFL/PTE must be admitted. Some colleges can also question students for specific standardized test scores (GRE or GMAT) scores.

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This was all about the Intakes in the UK. Wondering which intake to apply for? If you are still not sure about intakes in the UK, contact our Leverage Edu experts who will equip you with the best guidance to successfully land at your dream university! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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