MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing

We are living in a time when the Internet is being used for literally everything. Whether it is shopping, looking for a hotel, buying chocolates or anything else, people are using their phones, laptops, computers each day to execute their business online. This growing trend of Digital Marketing has created many new opportunities for companies to expand their business. Today, almost every organization is going digital with its marketing. Digital Marketing is crucial to keep up with the changing times. A career in Digital Marketing can take you in several directions such as Content Curation, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, etc. Digital Marketing is quite similar to traditional marketing but it is comprised of more specific roles and skills and that’s what makes it more engaging. If you’re passionate about learning new technologies and skills Digital Marketing can be a perfect career choice for you. One way to make your mark in a career is by pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing.

MBA in Digital Marketing 

MBA in Digital Marketing is a creative course offered by various universities. The program has been designed with industry experts to provide students with the relevant knowledge and training to efficiently deal with the fast-growing sectors of digital marketing. MBA in Digital Marketing offers practical learning along with exposure to the industry. The program offers students a wide range of media strategies, new concepts, creative learning and also covers the management aspect of marketing.

MBA in Digital Marketing focuses on creating a path for students to tackle new technologies, indulge with the working methods of the industry, create new marketing campaigns, evaluate different marketing trends and analyze marketing data.

List of Top Schools Offering MBA in Digital Marketing

Eligibility and Requirements for Pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing

  • An undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • Detailed CV
  • GMAT or GRE test scores (varies for different universities)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Minimum 2-3 years of working experience
  • Language proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
  • All academic transcripts  

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Career Prospects After MBA in Digital Marketing 

There are plenty of opportunities someone can pursue after an MBA in Digital Marketing. To enhance your business capabilities you need to connect to your audience for better communication. Here are some of the popular job profiles that become available to candidates after they’ve completed an MBA in Digital Marketing: 

  • Content Marketing Manager

Content is everything, therefore companies can’t do without a Content Marketing Manager for active management and brand promotion. Content Marketing Managers are responsible for content creation and developing strategies to attract business. 

  • Digital Marketing Strategist

It is very important to design a marketing plan for different mediums. It is an indispensable skill to be able to analyze the market’s needs and business objectives for smooth execution. Digital Marketing Strategists are required to be technologically efficient and updated with the latest marketing trends.

  • Digital Marketing Managers

For every company’s website, social media posts and other marketing content, there is a constant demand to consistently increase internet traffic. As a Digital Marketing Manager you need to excel in SEO, SEM, content analyses and be knowledgeable about other brand’s promotional marketing. 

  • Campaign Managers

Campaign Managers are responsible for curating marketing events and campaigns. They act as a mediator between the company and external agencies. They play an important part between the consumer and the brand.

Why pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing?

  • Constantly evolving industry
  • Can be pursued by any professional from any background
  • Job opportunities in several fields across the globe
  • Demand for a digital marketing professional is high
  • Digital Marketing is the future

Digital Marketing is evolving to become an integral part of the functioning of any business. In today’s time if a company does not have an online presence it becomes very difficult for it to last in the market. If you’re looking for a career in Digital Marketing and are confused about which college to pursue, get in touch with us at Leverage Edu for expert career advice. We can provide you with guidance and support from the best of our mentors. Call us at +91-8826200293 and kickstart your career today.

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