Best Countries to Study Abroad Amid Covid-19

Best Countries to Study Abroad

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 is definitely impacting all spheres of human life ranging from sectors like Agriculture, Hospitality, Business to Education. But the real question here is, how far are we letting this virus impact our education system? Right after the very first lockdown in the country, universities and schools immediately switched to online education platforms to keep the learning mode on! Similar steps have been taken by global universities in order to unblock the way of learning for students. As the world has now accepted the conditions and is re-opening with preventive measures, universities and countries abroad are giving a green flag to international students waiting to be at their dream universities. Here is a list of best countries to study abroad that have come forward to hold the hands of students in achieving their career goals by making the right changes in their policies!

“Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.” – Usain Bolt

New Zealand

With a handful of cases, New Zealand is amongst the safest and best countries to study abroad in the current scenario. It has been ranked 2nd in the list of most peaceful countries in the world by the Global Peace Index 2020 and is known for its top-ranked universities and an acclaimed education system which attracts numerous foreign students from around the world to study in New Zealand. There are a plethora of courses on offer plus the cost of living will fit quite in your budget. From a progressive education system to having a striking combination of nature, culture and adventure on offer, it can be an ideal destination for you to study abroad!

In the latest developments relating to COVID 19, the country is at level 1 alert, the lowest in the 4-tier system. New Zealand is being praised all over the world for its success in combating the pandemic. On June 8 2020, New Zealand officially claimed the number of active cases to be zero, thus implying total control in domestic cases. By the country’s size and global position, this feat is really commendable. They have rolled out a series of relief policies and guidelines for aspiring students who wish to study in New Zealand post the pandemic. Here are some of them:

  • Students who are currently in New Zealand with a Visa expiration date between April and 9th July 2020, have received a Visa extension free of cost until 25th September 2020. 
  • The New Zealand government has graciously allotted a relief fund of $1 Million to help foreign students who were in an urgent need of cash due to the lack of part time jobs post lockdown. 
  • Although New Zealand is not offering student Visas currently, the students who are pursuing online courses from New Zealand can mention the same in their application letter when the borders reopen. These courses would greatly help the students in getting their Visa.
  • New Zealand offers free healthcare facilities to foreign students. In case students experience any symptoms that resemble the onset of COVID 19, they can talk to the authorities through free contact lines. 
  • International students can sign up to NauMai NZ to receive regular email updates about border restrictions and Visa allotment.

Top Universities in New Zealand

UniversityQS University Rankings 2020
University of Auckland83
University of Otago176
Victoria University of Wellington215
University of Canterbury227
University of Waikato266
Massey University287
Lincoln University356
Auckland University of Technology442


Studying in Australia has been an academic objective of thousands of students worldwide. Australia boasts of some of the best educational institutes in the world, quality lifestyle and cultural diversity for all-round comprehensive development of students. Advanced healthcare infrastructure has also made it easier for Australia to control the swift-spreading pandemic. Here are some key developments that the country has made in recent times relating to foreign students’ education and immigration policies:

  • With only about a thousand active covid 19 patients as of 6th July 2020 and a fast flattening disease curve, Australia has been among the most successful countries in the world to stop the pandemic which overtook countries like the USA. It offers the same level of healthcare to every foreign student under its wing, making the country ones of the safest places to be in respect to coronavirus.
  • Certain ace Australian Universities like The Australian Technical Management College are providing a wonderful opportunity through its International COVID-19 Financial Scholarships for the academic session 2020-21. These scholarships draw in talented students who were otherwise unable to enroll themselves in these Universities.
  • On May 7th 2020, having successfully curbed the spread of Covid 19, the Government of Australia rolled out a 3-step plan to reduce their public restrictions. These include a prospective plan to open international travel for students, which was first stalled on March 19th.
  • Step 3 of the above said plan would deal with considering opening international borders for students, giving them options to interact in the University and also work with local companies part time, while maintaining safe practices in the country.

Top Universities in Australia

University QS 2020 World University Rankings
Australian National University29
The University of Melbourne38
The University of Sydney42
University of New South Wales43
The University of Queensland47
Monash University58
The University of Western Australia86
The University of Adelaide106
University of Technology Sydney140
Newcastle University207


Canada has always been the choicest study destination owing to its flexible immigration policies, diverse culture, renowned universities to name a few. The country’s academic institutions have been consistently ranked at the top of international rankings. Moreover, the academic institutions have partnerships with top universities across the globe thus leading to many study exchange programs and opportunities you can be a part of.

While it has been going through the effects of the pandemic presently, nevertheless it finds its place amongst the best countries to study abroad. Agile administrative work can be credited for this, as the government has been vigilant towards the needs of foreign students, while maintaining proper precautions for the ongoing pandemic. Here are some of the key steps taken by IRCC to aid foreign students, and the status of admission processes :

  • On May 14 2020, Canada announced a major reform that will allow students to begin their programs online and remain eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. This program would help foreign students gain Canadian work experience after completing their program which they can go on to use to support their eligibility for a Canadian immigration program
  • Given the coronavirus-related travel interruptions around the world, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is now allowing international students to study online while overseas and still be eligible to apply for the work permit after graduation.
  • New international students will be able to begin their programs at a Canadian DLI online in fall 2020 and complete up to 50 per cent of the program while abroad, and then still be able to obtain the PGWP to work in Canada after completing their studies.
  • Given that IRCC has said it will continue to process study permits to the best of its ability, new international students should expect to be allowed to enter Canada later in 2020. Currently, Canadian colleges and universities are issuing letters of acceptance to international students.

Top Universities in Canada

UniversityQS University Ranking 2020
University of Toronto29
McGill University35
The University of British Columbia51
University of Alberta113
University of Montreal137
McMaster University140
University of Waterloo173
Western University211
University of Calgary233
Queen’s University239

United Kingdom

With a rich academic history spanning across many centuries, the UK has been known as an educational hotspot since time immemorial. Many great personalities have started their endeavours from the kingdom, and established modern culture and education in other countries. Needless today, even during the pandemic, the UK has been vigilant in providing relief services to its citizens and foreign students, while ensuring the smooth running of Visa application and admission process. The UK followed a policy of open borders throughout the span of the pandemic, with a restricted international allowance. Here is the latest information about the country’s student Immigration and academic policies that make UK the best country to study abroad:

  • Prominent Universities across the UK are planning to use a two-pronged approach with their curriculum, using a mix of online and physical education to complete the course syllabus. To provide further relief to foreign students, some Universities are considering having the Autumn session of 2020 entirely over the internet.
  • As a part of student relaxation policy, students are allowed to take the distance course for Autumn session 2020, and they can switch back to graduation route after the semester. Graduation route is the most prominent way of seeking jobs and residence in the UK, involving a traditional graduation course followed by a job, making the person eligible for UK residency

Top Universities in UK

UniversityQS University Ranking 2020
University of Oxford5
University of Cambridge7
Imperial College London8
University College London10
The University of Edinburgh20
The University of Manchester27
King’s College London31
London School of Economics and Political Sciences49
University of Bristol58
University of Warwick62


It is believed that Poland is the country you must explore if you want to experience the very soul of Europe. Amongst other prominent countries that have been less affected by the pandemic, Poland is situated in Central Europe with bordering countries like the Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany and the Baltic Sea. As of July 6th, two-thirds of coronavirus cases in Poland have been cured, with approximately 24,000 patients cured out of 35,000 total cases. What is worth noting is that recent revisions in international student laws have made the country immensely popular among international students as an up-and-coming study destination. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why it has made its place in our list of one of the best countries to study abroad in the present scenario:

  • On April 6th, the Polish International Agency for Academic Exchange announced a one-off NAWA scholarship to present as well as prospective students in Poland. This is done to attract students from abroad amidst this pandemic.
  • On May 13th, the Polish Government reinstated the functioning of Public Libraries and student houses as a part of its second stage to lift coronavirus restrictions. University activities were also allowed up to 24th May 2020.
  • On 12th June 2020, Poland opened its borders for international flights within the European Union. Looking to reinstate normal functioning in the country, Poland has made several relaxations in public practices as well as organisational activities.
  • As of 1st July 2020, Poland has officially begun with its admission process for the academic year 2020-21, while giving access to foreign students to all academic resources and Universities. The admissions will begin through online portals for all students. Students who wish to avail the scholarship opportunities as well as the excellent lifestyle that Poland offers, it is best to prepare for the offer beforehand.
  • Lower Cost of Studying and Living: It’s cheaper to study in Poland than its neighbouring European countries like Germany, France and the UK. Fees rarely go higher than 5000 Euros a year. However, the real economic benefit of student life in Poland comes because of the low living cost. One can get a room in a student dormitory for around 100 Euros or even share a flat for 200 Euros, even for travelling, one can get free bikes in warm temperature.

Top Universities in Poland

UniversityQS University Rankings 2020
Jagiellonian University338
University of Warsaw349
Warsaw University of Technology521-530
Adam Mickiewicz University801-1000
AGH University of Science and Technology801-1000
Cracow University of Technology801-1000
Gdansk University of Technology801-1000
Nicolaus Copernicus University801-1000
Lodz University of Technology801-1000
Warsaw University of Life Sciences801-1000
University of Gdansk801-1000


Amongst the happiest countries to study abroad, Denmark is also a great option to consider for pursuing higher education. Having incorporated a modern education system, Denmark believes in the importance of practical and industrial exposure in academic curriculums. It is nestled amidst an incredible combination of bustling metropolises with stunning countryside. You must have heard of Denmark is referred to as the happiest of them all and the credit of this accolade goes to its social development and economic success. It offers a lively and welcoming atmosphere for foreign students to follow their career dreams. Let’s sum up the major reasons justify why Denmark is in the list of best countries to study abroad:

  • Presently, Denmark is working towards accepting all kinds of immigration applications at the earliest, including student immigration Visas. Internship work permits are also available for students who wish to complement their studies with work experience.
  • Denmark is also currently accepting applications for its Spring programs across various Universities. The application deadline for Spring 2021 entry is 17 August 2020.
  • Denmark also offers a higher standard of living at affordable costs. Mainly, living costs add up to around 700 – 900 EUR monthly in smaller towns while in metropolises like Copenhagen, living costs could reach up to only 1200 EUR a month. The food availability is also at the cheaper area of the spectrum and overall it is considered quite economical.

Top Denmark Universities

UniversityQS University Rankings 2020
University of Copenhagen81
Technical University of Denmark112
Aarhus University145
Aalborg University324
University of Southern Denmark372

Hence, we hope that this blog has provided you with an adequate list of the best countries to study abroad you must consider in the current scenario. Even while being at home, you can look out for international opportunities and apply for the ones which suit your requirements the best. At Leverage Edu, we are offering live chat sessions and e-meetings for career counselling and consultation sessions with our experts to help you figure out your dreams to study abroad in this scenario. Don’t wait up, sign up for a session with our experienced counsellors and mentors and we’ll provide the necessary guidance you need to get closer to your career aspirations!

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