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cv format

Are you looking for a promising job opportunity? Then a professionally designed CV, i.e. Curriculum Vitae is going to play an essential role in fetching you the very job. CV is also termed as the ‘course of life’ that briefs others on your professional as well as academic journey. A typical CV mainly comprises work experience, awards, scholarships, skills, education, and hobbies. But how does one put all this information together? Let us find out through this exclusive blog in CV format!

Key Elements 

CV Format
Things to include in your CV

Before we get started with CV format, here are some of the quintessential elements you need to take into consideration while formulating a CV:

  • Contact information
  • Academic history
  • Professional experience
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Awards and honours
  • Publications
  • Professional associations
  • Grants and fellowships
  • Licenses and certificates
  • Volunteer work
  • Personal information (optional)
  • Hobbies and interests (optional)

Here are some tips on how to write a Job Application Letter!

CV Format

Make sure that your CV contains pointers, bullets, and crisp information. Keep it simple and easy to read. Here is a sample CV Format that you can refer to while making a CV for yourself. 

Declaration is another important factor associated with CV Formats. Read our blog on Declaration in Resume for freshers to find out how can you add it into your CV!

What to Write in a CV? 

Contact Information
It is the most important element that is unavoidable in any Curriculum Vitae. At the top of the CV include all the essential information related to your contact details which mainly includes; name and contact, address, phone number, email address etc. 

Another crucial and unavoidable part of the Curriculum Vitae is the education section. In this section, you have to include all your educational qualifications from schooling to college or whatever. Don’t forget to mention the accurate date of study and the date on which you received a degree. It is obviously an educational section of a CV that is mainly read by the mentors. 

Mention all the necessary skills you acquire. For example, if you have great skills in photography, and Adobe Photoshop, you speak any foreign language, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Google Analytics, Social Media, etc. mention that. Keep in mind that this section will add more value to your professional CV.

Honors and Awards
Don’t be hesitant in mentioning all the necessary information related to the awards you fetched. Some of you might have been conferred with remarkable achievements and honors, list them down in order to impress mentors in the penal or the employer. This section would mostly include departmental awards, scholarships, fellowships as well as memberships. 

Work Experience 
One of the main important elements that add more value and beauty to a CV format is work experience. Mention all the essential list of work experience you have under your belt. It may be non-academic work that you feel is related. You can name the company you joined, and the date, and position you were working on. 

Extracurricular Activities
In this section, you may add any volunteer work you have performed hitherto. It may include all those activities you performed with any clubs or organization. Jot them down. 

Include the core languages you speak, including native and non-native ones. 

Now that you know about the key elements of CV format, you must be ready to make one for yourself! But before you do so, read this blog to know the difference between CV and Resume!

Essential Tips

Since you are familiar with all the core elements of the CV format, here are some of the essential tips you need to know. Follow these tips while framing your CV:

  • Understand the job description
  • Appropriate basic information
  • Keep it confined to two A4 pages
  • Effective presential skills
  • Distinguish your skills section
  • Distinguish your area of interest & experience section
  • Make use of references
  • Always keep your CV updated

Sample CV

To give you a better understanding of CV format, here is a sample CV that you can refer to while making one for yourself:

Now that you have a clear understanding of CV format through this blog, you are good to make one! Are you aiming for overseas education? If yes, then contact Leverage Edu for professional guidance and do away with daunting admission challenges. Book your free 30 minutes of e-counseling with the team now!

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