nationalism in india class 10
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Nationalism in India Class 10

Nationalism in India is described as the chronological account of our freedom struggle against the alien rule that is the British rule. It was undoubtedly the biggest mass movement of modern times, which galvanized millions of people of a… More

Blue Revolution
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What is Blue Revolution?

In the period 1985 to 1990, the Indian government took an initiative named the Blue Revolution to enhance the growth of the aquaculture industry. Prior to this, it was China that used to hold 2/3rd of the entire production of aquaculture acr… More

what is green revolution
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What is Green Revolution?

The Green revolution was an agricultural reform which increased the production of crops world wide between 1950 up till the late 1960s. It includes the use of high-end techniques and technologies along with good quality raw material to en… More

plant kingdom class 11 notes
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Plant Kingdom Class 11 Notes

One of the most interesting topics in NCERT Biology Class 11 is the Plant Kingdom. The chapter deals with the brief of the entire plant kingdom with examples and characteristics of each component. Studying this chapter on your own can be a li… More

probability class 10
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Probability Class 10 Maths Study Notes

Will India win the match today? Will it rain today? These are some common statements which can easily be linked with the concept of probability. In mathematical terms, the probability is the analysis of how likely is an event to occur. The ch… More