April/May Intakes in UK

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April/May Intakes in UK

When you are planning to study in the UK, there are many things that you need to consider. One among these is in which admission intake you are prepared to apply to a UK University. This could be quite a tricky question because there are three intakes if you wish to study in universities across the UK, namely the Fall intake (September/October), Winter intake (January/February) and summer/spring intake (April/May). Now, the most popular and preferred among these are the Fall intakes and Winter intakes but many students opt for the April/May intakes in UK. So, if you are one of those who are thinking of getting enrolled in the April/May intakes. Then this blog is just for you as we will be having a close look at everything related to the April/May intakes in UK.

April/ May Intake Universities in UK

University QS Ranking 2023
Coventry University651-700
Keele University751-800
Northumbria University651-700
Queen Mary University of London125
Ulster University601-650
University of ChesterNA
Sheffield Hallam University1001-1200
West of Scotland UniversityNA
University of Salford 801-1000
Richmond University of LondonNA
BPP UniversityNA

April/May Intake Universities and Courses in UK

As April/May intakes in UK is the least preferred one, not many Universities offer a course in this intake. But here is a list of Universities that offer a course during this intake:

UniversityAvailable Courses for April/May Intakes in UK
Coventry University
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Healthcare sector)
Master of Business Administration (Artificial Intelligence)
Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Tourism)
MBA (Cyber Security Management)
MSc Business and Organizational Psychology
MSc Civil Engineering Project Management
MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
International Foundation Year – Accounting and Finance
International Foundation Year – Art, Design and Media
International Foundation Year – Biosciences
International Foundation Year – Business
International Foundation Year – Computing
International Foundation Year – Engineering
International Foundation Year – Law
International Foundation Year – Nursing
International Foundation Year – Public Health
Keele UniversityAdult Nursing
Children’s Nursing
Learning Disability Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Northumbria UniversityBA Business Enterprise, Creation and Management
MSc Business with Business Analytics
MSc Business with Entrepreneurship
MSc Business with Financial Management
MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management
MSc Business with Human Resource Management
MSc Business with International Management
MSc Business with Marketing Management
MSc Computing and Technology
MSc Cyber Security
Queen Mary University of LondonInternational Relations MA
International Public Policy MSc
International Dispute Resolution LLM
Global Public Health MSc
Ulster UniversityExtended MSc International Business
Extended MSc Marketing
Extended MSc International Business with Data Analytics
Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management
Extended MSc International Business with Advanced Practice
Extended MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice
Extended MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice
Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice
MSc International Business
MSc Marketing
MSc International Business with Data Analytics
MSc International Business with Human Resource Management
MSc International Business with Advanced Practice
MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice
MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice
MSc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice
University of ChesterBusiness Administration
Engineering Management
Health Services Management
International Business
International Finance
Marketing Management
Sheffield Hallam UniversitySports & Exercise Science
West of Scotland UniversityMBA
Salford UniversityMasters Course of Management
Richmond University of London

MBA in General/HR/Marketing
MA in Advertising and PR
MA in International Relations
BPP UniversityMSc Management with Project Management
MSc Management
Masters of Laws (LLM)

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Why Choose April/May Intakes in UK?

As we have already mentioned, April/May intakes in UK is the least preferred one among the students. The primary reason for this is that the top Universities in UK don’t really participate in this particular intake and even if some of them do, the choice of courses offered is very limited. But many students still opt for the April/May intake and the reasons for this are given below:

  1. During this intake, the completion is comparatively less fierce. So, you have more chances of getting into the University and course of your choice. 
  2. The batch size is smaller during the April/May intakes in the UK. This means that during placements, you will have more probability of getting selected. 
  3. For students, sometimes the January intake is too early and the September one too far and in such circumstances opting for the April/May intake is the best option. 

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When to Apply for April/May Intakes in UK?

If you wish to reserve a seat for yourself in the April/May intakes you need to apply during the initial days of the release of the application forms. It’s not smart to wait until the very end because the seats for the best courses might get filled by them. 

The general timeline to apply for April/May Intakes in UK is from October to January as the classes start between May and August. But be sure to check the official pages of the University where you wish to apply because different Universities might have separate timelines. 

Application Essentials

If you wish to apply for April/May intakes in UK, you need to keep all these documents ready beforehand to avoid any last minute hustle:

  1. Academic transcripts of 10th and 12th standard. 
  2. Transcripts of the previous qualifying examination (Undergraduate or graduate level, if applicable). Provisional certificates will be considered in case the original ones haven’t been issued during the time of application. 
  3. GRE/GMAT scores. (If applicable for the course you are taking). 
  4. IELTS or TOEFL marksheets, as clearly an English language proficiency test is necessary to get admission in Universities across the UK. 
  5. Letter of recommendations (2-3)
  6. Statement of purpose along with the College essay. 
  7. Valid passport
  8. Latest passport-size photographs

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How to Apply for April/May Intakes in UK 2023

If you have decided to take admission in the April/May Intakes in UK 2022, you need to make sure that you have all the documents ready and clear all the qualifications before the admission portal opens. So, here are some things that you need to keep in mind while applying for the April/May intake in the UK. 

  1. Make a list of all the Universities that are participating in the April/May intake and the courses offered by them. And from there choose the one that you like. Don’t wait for the last minute to do so as it can create a lot of last-minute confusion. 
  2. After selecting the course and University, keep checking the official University website for any important updates. 
  3. Attempt all the necessary qualifying examinations before admission begins. 
  4. The key to getting admission into your dream University is applying early. So, keep yourself updated regarding when the admission portal opens so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity. 
  5. Once you complete the application procedure, wait for the confirmation letter. And once you receive it, immediately apply for the UK Student Visa. 

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Is May intake available in UK?

Yes, May Intake is available for UK universities and colleges. April/May intake is referred to as the summer intake and it is the least popular session for admissions. UK universities only offer a limited number of courses and programmes during the summer admission session.

What are the upcoming intakes in UK?

Admissions for Fall 2022 and Spring Intakes 2022 are open for international students who wish to study abroad.

What is January intake called in UK?

The January intake is referred to as the Spring Intake in UK.

Do Universities accept April/May Intake 2023?
Queen Mary University of London

Keele University
Northumbria University
Coventry University
BB University
Ulster University

When to Apply for May/April intake?

The general timeline to apply for April/May Intakes in UK is from October to January as the classes start between May and August.

So, this is all that you needed to know about the April/May intake. It’s true that you have limited choices during this intake, but it’s possible that the course of your choice is being offered during the April/May intake UK. And if that’s the case, this intake might be the right and easiest choice for you. Planning to apply to UK Universities in the upcoming intake? Our Leverage Edu counsellors are here to guide you through the admission process of your dream university! Sign up for a free session now!

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