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The Inlaks Scholarships are awarded to meritorious candidates who wish to pursue courses in various disciplines from the top colleges of the UK, Europe, and the US. The Imperial College London, Royal College of Art (London), School of Oriental and African Studies (London), University of Cambridge, and Sciences Po (Paris) have collaborated with the foundation to offer scholarship programs. From eligibility and scholarship amount to admission and selection procedures, we will cover all the relevant details of the Inlaks Scholarships in this blog.

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Scholarship Name Inlaks Foundation or Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship
Scholarship TypeMerit-Based
Offered byInlaks Shivdasani Foundation
Application DeadlineMarch
No. of ScholarshipsMultiple
International Students EligibleYes

Latest Updates on Inlaks Scholarships 2022

Since the application period for Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships is closed, certain updates have been released by the official authorities. Let us take a quick look at them- 

  • All the pending referees have been sent a link through which they can upload their respective LORs 
  • If your concerned referee is facing issues with submitting in the LOR, you can share the email of your referee along with the screenshot of the error message on [email protected]
  • The foundation will not allow you to modify or edit an application after it is submitted 
  • If you are referring to submit the LORs has expired the organization will not send you any resending links

Inlaks Scholarship: Overview

Established in the year 1976 by Mr Indoo Shivdasani, the Inlaks Foundation is a leading philanthropic organization that aims at nurturing young talent. Under Inlaks Scholarship, there are two types of scholarships, i.e. for university programs and for specific courses. The university scholarships are offered for admission into programs at top universities in the UK, Europe and the US coming under the scholarship scheme. While, for specific courses, the scholarship is granted for master’s, MPhil and PhD programmes in different fields. The maximum amount of scholarship granted by the foundation is US $100,000 which covers the tuition fees, one-way travel allowance, and living expenses. If the requirement is more than the amount fixed then the candidate has to give evidence to prove that they can cover the additional expenditure.  Here is the list of Inlaks scholarships-

  • Inlaks Fine Arts Awards
  • Inlaks Fellowship for Indian Classical Music
  • Inlaks Theatre Awards
  • Inlaks Research Travel Grant

Apart from the above-mentioned scholarships, under the Inlaks Scholarships, one can also avail of internships, fellowships, grants, and awards under Inlaks Ravi Sankaran Programme, AAA Artist Grant, Film, and Television Awards, Sports Awards, etc.

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Applicable Countries and Courses 

Inlaks Scholarship is granted to students pursuing a Master’s, M.Phill, or a Doctorate program in all fields except Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Public Health, Business Studies, and Fashion Design. The scholarship is given only for Western Classical Music and Documentary Filmmaking In the fields of Music and Film respectively. The Imperial College, London is an exception where students are funded for Engineering and Natural Science program also.

Eligibility Criteria for Inlaks Scholarships

Below mentioned are the basic eligibility criteria for availing of the Inlaks Scholarships:

Inlaks Fine Arts Awards

  • The candidates must have completed graduation or post-graduation from any esteemed Indian institution. 
  • Final-year visual arts students are also eligible.
  • The applicants who don’t have a formal degree in visual arts must have prior experience in hosting art exhibitions.

Inlaks Fellowship for Indian Classical Music

  • The candidates must have some formal training in Indian classical music

Inlaks Theatre Awards

  • The applicants must be below the age of 35
  • He/ she must have completed a UG or PG degree from any recognized Indian University.

Note: The applicants who do not have a formal degree will be considered based on their notable past achievements.

Inlaks Research Travel Grant

  • The applicants must be below the age of 35
  • Must have completed either a first-class PG or UG (honours) degree ( Note: Those who have attained a first-class in both graduation and postgraduation will be given preference.)
  • Must have a confirmed Ph.D. program registration in Humanities and Social Science at any recognized Indian institute for a minimum period of two years but not exceeding four years.

Mandatory Exams

Exam NameCondition 

Inlaks Scholarships: Amount

The maximum amount of scholarship granted by the foundation is US $100,000 [Approximately INR 72,000] which covers the tuition fees, one-way travel allowance, and living expenses. Let us take a detailed look at what all are the expenses included under the scholarship amount-

Type of ExpenseCovered/ Not Covered Under the Scholarships
Tuition & FeesCovered
Living ExpenseCovered
Air Fare/Travel ExpensesCovered
Spouse/Child CareNot Covered
Health CoverNot Covered
ApplicationNot Covered
OthersNot Covered

Application Period 2023

The application period for the Inlaks Scholarships 2023 ranges from February 2023 to March 2023. All the candidates who are interested in applying for it may submit their applications in the given time.

Application Process in Inlaks Scholarships

  • The application process for the Inlaks Scholarships starts in the month of January and closes in March
  • Applications are submitted in online mode. 
  • Candidates applying for Architecture, Fine and Applied Arts, Film, Dance, Acting, and Music have to also attach a portfolio. 
  • 2 letters of recommendation have to be uploaded along with the application form.
  • Factually correct information has to be provided.
  • The information submitted cannot be edited again.
  • All the required documents have to be submitted in PDF form including the Portfolio (if needed)

Documents Required

  • Evidence stating admission to a course or a university abroad
  • The bifurcation of the financial requirements of the course in detail 
  • Photocopy of the first and last pages of the passport
  • At least one reference letter. Candidates can directly mail this and the subject line must read as follows: Reference Letter | Name of Applicant | Email Address of Applicant.
  • Candidates applying in the field of architecture, fine and applied arts, film, dance, acting, and music, must upload their portfolio as a PDF file or share an online link.

Selection Procedure

The selection process for the Inlaks Scholarships is very competitive. The short-listed students are called for a preliminary interview in either Delhi or Mumbai. Those who clear the first round are called for the final interview. A Skype or telephonic interview can be organized in exceptional cases but only for the preliminary interview. 

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Decoding- How Does One Go About Preparing for the Inlaks Scholarship Interview?

When it comes to preparing for the Inlaks scholarships, one shall begin by grasping all the information that is stated on the official website of it. The website offers a brief application in which candidates have to mention their personal details as well as aspirations by answering a certain question focusing on the course they have opted for. Make sure that you put the right amount of emphasis on the course you have chosen and do not repeat the information stated above again and again. Since your CV will be depicting a set of information, the latter sections of the form focus on your past achievements and affect how you aced them. Also, state what motivated you to stay directed towards the particular part of the achievement. 

For the interview round, candidates must get ready for questions related to their academic as well as professional background. Carefully go through your CV and prepare an answer for common as well as detailed questions related to your field. 

Other Schemes Offered by the Foundation

Research and Travel Grant

The foundation also offers an Inlaks Research and Travel Grant to students who are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs in Indian Institutes. This grant can be used to undertake short trips to foreign universities and institutes, garner materials and meet prominent research professionals. The applicant must be :

  • Less than 35 years of age
  • Enrolled in a PhD program for at least 2 years but not more than 4 years in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • An Indian citizen who is currently residing in India

Ravi Sankaran Program

Apart from the Inlaks Scholarships, the foundation also offers the Ravi Sankaran Program. Under this program, the students are funded for research work in Biodiversity Conservation (Biology, Conservation, and Ecology). The funds are provided for a Master’s degree, internship, or a short-term research program in India. 

Take-off Grants

The primary objective of this grant is to fund students who are involved in constructive projects which foster individual growth. To avail of this, the applicant must not be more than 35 years of age, should be nominated by the foundation’s trustee or an alumni, and should be an Indian citizen and a resident. 

Terms and Conditions for Inlaks Scholarships

  • Scholarships are not provided in the following subjects:
    1. Engineering
    2. Computer science
    3. Business studies
    4. Medicine. Dentistry, and related therapies
    5. Public health
    6. Fashion design
    7. Music
    8. Film and film animation
  • In the case of Imperial College London, scholarships will be given for Engineering and Natural Sciences. Indian Studies as a subject is considered, only if it has contemporary relevance. On the other hand, in the field of Music, only applications for degrees in Western Classical singing will be considered.
  • For Film, only applications for Documentary Filmmaking will be considered.
  • If the total required funding (tuition fees + living expenses) exceeds 100,000 USD candidates must show evidence that they can cover the additional amount. 
  • The proof shall be provided at the time of making the online application and must be shown at the time of the preliminary interviews.
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships will not be provided to candidates whose course of study requires field trips back to India during their study tenure.
  • Foundation does NOT restrict the candidate from accepting any other awards, assistantships, part-time job opportunities.
  • If the candidates have applied for another course, which is different from the one they want funding from Inlaks for, irrespective of the institution, they should inform the Inlaks Foundation about the same.

We have thus compiled all the relevant information on the prestigious Inlaks Scholarships. If you are confused about what other scholarship programs are available then the mentors and counsellors of Leverage Edu are here to help you find the right scholarship to fund your dream program. 

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