Problems Faced by International Students in UK

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True to the saying, “ Home is where your heart is”. One particular day, you can have a relaxed feeling of finally reaching the destination of your dreams, which will enable you to discover a brand new continent, new learnings and altogether a different experience, yet on another day, you might want to reconsider your thoughts or choice of coming to an “all-new” world because you are feeling homesick. Whatever the case, you must psychologically get ready for the rollercoaster ride and the surprises that await you. A student’s life can be drastically changed by studying abroad! It entails learning about different cultures, travelling to new locations and creating international friendships. But it is not a cakewalk, there are some problems and struggles which students face while studying abroad in the UK. Let’s take a look at a number of problems faced by international students in UK.

Problems Faced by International Students in UK

Home Sickness

Since you are already there! You now have to swiftly learn how to do everything, including cooking for yourself, cleaning the house, and continuing your studies while finding part-time work and budgeting. In many ways, learning to live alone is the first point where you will feel homesick. Of course, doing and managing tasks all alone will make you more independent but the feeling of being back at home will not be replaced. Another factor that can occasionally cause you a lot of trouble is a different time zone; many students take months to get used to it in order to call their family at the appropriate time.

Language Barrier

Not to mention the excellent academic learning environment you may accomplish while studying abroad, such as trying out new courses, topics, unconventional teaching methods and learning strategies. But wait, What about the language? No matter what scores you get in your IELTS or TOEFL, you will definitely face a language barrier initially. You will learn that there is a noticeable difference in the language spoken in the UK because English is typically spoken as a second language in other nations. Even though this huge transition seems to be a significant process, keeping in mind that you are not alone will give you a relaxed feeling. The best way is to seek out help, and speak with other international students who are likely experiencing similar issues.

Culture Shock

It’s not only about the UK; regardless of the country you choose to study in, nearly all international students experience culture shock when they move to a new country. It may seem tough to adapt to a new culture, appreciate people with different religious beliefs, or deal with different weather circumstances, but you should be willing to learn new skills and get used to your surroundings. The best course of action is to do a little research before entering a completely new nation because it is completely common for the social and cultural norms to differ greatly from those in your native country.


The bad news is that managing funds for your entire education is not so simple because the value of the UK’s currency, the pound sterling, is higher than most other currencies in the globe. We don’t want to terrify anyone who plans to study abroad in the UK, but it’s crucial to understand that the country has one of the most advanced economies in the world. So now you can easily understand that the most important yet difficult aspect in choosing a course of study, shortlisting universities, or budgeting your entire stay of study abroad is managing your finances. This one element has the power to reduce or increase your burden and overall stress. Most international students probably take on part-time employment to supplement their income because they don’t have enough money to cover additional costs. Since asking for money from your parents for such a long time is not always a good idea.

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Racial Discrimination

Even though the UK has a socially harmonious society and a diverse population, making it one of the best places to live, many international students still experience racial discrimination on and off campus. This abuse can take the form of verbal or physical abuse. International students may be seen as outsiders in social and academic settings. Additionally, the main issue that foreign students in the UK encounter are that they are frequently misunderstood and the target of inaccurate stereotypes regarding their home countries’ cultures.


What are some common problems faced by international students in UK?

Language barriers, social isolation, cultural difficulties, and variations in educational techniques are just a few of the issues that international students frequently encounter in UK.

Which region in the UK is ideal for foreign students?

London, Glasgow, Coventry, and Manchester to name a few.

What are a few things to consider when preparing for studying in UK?

Be prepared for some linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity. To save time and lessen your strain, you might also train yourself in managing and carrying out regular chores. Accept diversity and be prepared to embrace new changes.

Studying abroad has advantages beyond just earning a degree on paper. You can do it by staying in your native country, but studying in the UK will provide you with the opportunity to get the kind of international experience that may be the best decision you ever make. You won’t believe how much this will change your life, and before you realize it, you’ll be a whole different person. So get in touch with our specialists at Leverage edu to make your dream of studying abroad a reality and ensure a smooth transition.

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