A Complete Guide: Jobs after MBA in UK

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Jobs after MBA in UK

Jobs in the UK following an MBA are regarded as one of the best employment options for overseas students. Top universities like Oxford University, Imperial College London, and others provide placement opportunities for MBA students in the UK with an annual salary of GBP 80,972 (INR 66.47 Lakh). The best business schools in the UK provide MBA graduates the training they need to assume senior, strategic managerial roles in firms. Students can earn an average pay package of up to 90 lakhs per year in some of the most well-known specialisations, like finance, marketing, and human resource. This blog is for you if you’re also curious to learn more about jobs after MBA in UK. 


How to Find Jobs After MBA in UK

One of the best educational programmes with the best employment chances to study in the UK is the MBA. Following an MBA from the UK, international candidates can follow the procedures listed below to get employment

  • Personal networking: During your studies, having fruitful conversations with teachers and more experienced students is a terrific way to learn about job chances after graduation.
  • Academic Excellence: Getting the grades you need and having a wealth of information can help you land the career you want. The majority of the time, recruiters focus on your test scores first.
  • MBA internships: In programmes like the MBA, where real-world experience is crucial, internships are important. Internships are chances to learn about a certain industry and techniques to get into it. In addition to gaining education and experience, MBA internships help you build your own network.

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Top Business Schools offer Jobs after an MBA

We are all familiar with the UK MBA’s potential and demand in the market today. A promising future, access to the best education, and networking possibilities are all provided by the top business schools in the UK. While campus placements may not be offered by all MBA programmes in the UK, there are career counsellors available to assist students in landing the employment of their dreams. 

Top MBA Business School Salary of Jobs in UK After MBA
City University of London52,167 GBP
University of Warwick98,226 GBP
University of Oxford83,410 GBP
University of Manchester 98,300 GBP
University of Cambridge75,198 GBP
Imperial College London68,441 GBP

Jobs after MBA: specialisation-wise 

The MBA is a broad degree in the UK, and students can choose from a number of specialisations. Better pay packages are available for some specialities. Following an MBA, there are a variety of careers in the UK that are listed below.


Jobs after MBA: Human Resource Management

Following is the typical pay scale for jobs held by Indian graduates of the MBA in Human Resource programme in the UK:

Jobs Position Average Pay 
Human Resource Specialist33,946 GBP
Human Resource Director70,209 GBP
Human Resource Generalist23,674 GBP
Human Resource Manager39,209  GBP
Operation Manager36,375  GBP
Human Resource Advisor28,500 GBP
Recruiting Specialist22,058 GBP
Project Manager50,868 GBP
Office Administrator20,124 GBP

Jobs after MBA: Information Technology 

For Indian students specialising in MBA in information technology in the UK, the following income ranges represent the average after-MBA salaries:

Jobs Position Average Pay 
IT Security Manager81,342 GBP
Business Analyst40,273 GBP
Data Analyst66,000 GBP
Software Development Manager59,644 GBP
Information Technologist70,000 GBP
Chief Information Officer1,38,864 GBP
Information Technology Director1,03,155 GBP
Solutions Architect95,722 GBP
Business Application Analyst40,820 GBP

Jobs after MBA: Accounting and Finance

For Indian students specialising in MBA in Accounting and Finance, the following income ranges are typical for positions after an MBA in the UK:

Jobs Position Average Pay 
Risk Manager52,091 GBP
Financial Accountant91,646 GBP
Chief Operating Officer66,360 GBP
Auditing Manager63,916 GBP
Business Intelligence Manager49,799 GBP
Investment Banking Analyst40,963 GBP
Corporate Development Analyst40,346 GBP
Bank Officer34,728 GBP

Jobs after MBA: Marketing 

After earning an MBA in marketing, there are several job prospects in the UK. Students who pursue an MBA in marketing are given the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully fill positions in senior and strategic management.

Jobs Position Average Pay 
Field Marketing Manager45,711 GBP 
Portfolio Manager60,344 GBP 
Chief Marketing Officer1,12,291 GBP 
Sales Administrator17,590  GBP 
Product Marketing Manager51,222 GBP 
Strategy Manager53,051 GBP 
Marketing Director85,031 GBP 
Regional Sales Manager49,921 GBP 
Business Intelligence Manager49,480 VGBP 

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Jobs after MBA: General Management

The average salary structure of jobs after MBA in UK for Indian students in the specialisation MBA in General Management  in UK are as follows:

Jobs Position Average Pay 
Business Development Manager57,000 GBP
Senior Manager58,000 GBP
Consumer Strategy Manager45,000 GBP
Risk Management Business Specialist53,000 GBP
Customer Service Representative 38,000 GBP

High Paying Jobs after MBA in UK for International Students 

The High Paying Jobs after MBA in UK for International students are as follows:

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Financial Analyst54,846 Euro
Financial Controller99,804 Euro
Operations Manager77,362 Euro
Communications & Marketing Manager64,365 Euro
Sales Manager70,542 Euro
Business Strategist Analyst75,375 Euro
Human Resources Officer64,953 Euro
Business Application Analyst79,438 Euro

Job after MBA in UK: Top Companies

Jobs after an MBA in UK are offered by many top recruiters like:

  • EY (Ernst & Young)
  • HSBC
  • Accenture
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.
  • McKinsey
  • Hamleys
  • P.Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Microsoft
  • PwC
  • KPMG
  • Capgemini
  • Infosys Consulting

Stay back Option after MBA in UK 

Let’s start by discussing the choices for UK students who want to return after earning an MBA. Being an MBA student in the UK automatically entitles you to a 2-year extension of your stay through the Graduate Route prior to the expiration of your student visa. You might employ this time to hunt for work in the UK.

By requesting a skilled worker visa after landing a job in the UK, you can further extend your stay beyond the standard two-year limit. With this visa, you are able to work for a recognised employer and extend your stay in the UK as necessary.

Watch the video below to learn about UK work visa

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Tips for Searching for Jobs in UK After MBA

After obtaining a student visa, you can apply for a post-study permit. This will give you time to seek employment in the UK. Below we have provided you with essential information that is necessary to seek employment in the UK after an MBA.

  • Demonstrate academic excellence: High scores can help you attain the job opportunities of your dreams. This is because scores are one of the first things noticed by employers.
  • Personal Networking opportunities: Productive discussions with professors and other students at the time of your education would help you learn about post-study work options in the country
  • MBA internships: In the case of an MBA program internships experiences are valuable. Apart from the expertise and knowledge you will gather internships are useful as it provide additional networking opportunities.
  • Visit Job sites. This comes as a no-brainer. You need to visit job sites, collect information about recruiters, and create a proper job profile. This is essential for you to get Jobs in the UK after an MBA program.


Is it simple to find work in the UK following an MBA?

For those looking for meaningful professions, earning an MBA in the UK opens up a world of exciting opportunities. Graduates of MBA programmes with a focus on practical learning and exposure to industry are well-prepared to land sought-after MBA jobs in the UK.

Is a UK MBA of one year worth it?

The program’s runtime is: This is an important factor in the UK’s popularity of MBA programmes. For overseas students, the 1-year MBA programme is rewarding, time- and money-efficient. India is one of many nations where the complete MBA programme lasts two years.

What is the monthly salary for an MBA in the UK?

Graduates of the MBA (Master in Business Administration) programme are among the highest-paid professionals in the UK. The average yearly MBA income in the UK is roughly £50,000, according to recent research. This amount exceeds the approximately £27,000 annual average income of non-MBA graduates by a wide margin.

What is the salary of UK MBA in India?

After completing MBA in the UK students have the opportunity to come back and work in India. The salary a UK MBA graduate would get is approximately INR 4 lakh. Conversely, if the student chooses to work in the UK the salary of  45,000 GBP can be expected.

Is freshers MBA in UK worth it?

Definitely! An MBA is one of the most respectable degrees you can obtain. As an MBA degree holder, you are considered valuable in every industry. UK is a preferred destination to pursue an MBA due to its excellent quality of education.

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