January Intake in Europe for MBA

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January Intake in Europe for MBA

Europe is home to some of the most exciting countries and MBA universities in the world. If you are planning to pursue an MBA in one of the most diverse continents then look no further because we are going to provide you with all the relevant details about the upcoming MBA January Intake in Europe.  In this blog, we will cover all the top universities accepting January intake in Europe 2023, their entry requirements, scholarships, how to apply and more!

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Intakes in European Countries

Country Intakes in Europe
UK January / February September / October
France January September
Germany April September / October
Netherlands February September
Spain October October
Ireland February September
Finland January September
Hungary February September
Poland February September or October
Sweden January September
Switzerland February September

January Intake Universities in Europe for MBA

European Universities offer multiple intakes throughout the year for international students: Fall, Winter and Summer. International students have the freedom to decide which intake they wish to go for based on course availability and personal preferences; the most popular intake is the Fall intake followed by Winter intakes and then Summer intakes for the month of May. Here is a list of universities for January intake in Europe for MBA aspirants:

University  Country QS World Rankings 2023
IMD Business School Switzerland
Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands =208
HEC Paris France
Anglia Ruskin University United Kingdom 
Birmingham City University United Kingdom 1001-1200
Brunel University United Kingdom =412
Coventry University United Kingdom 651-700
IE International  Spain
Griffith College Dublin Ireland

Let’s look at these European universities in detail and find out the entry requirements, standardised scores and documents required to seek admissions in MBA January Intakes 2023:

Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University

Courtesy: Anglia Ruskin University

Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University is one of the oldest UK universities located in the heart of Cambridge. It offers an excellent one-year MBA programme for students and working professionals looking to upgrade their careers. The MBA programme offered by the university is equipped to prepare students for an international business environment and deals with real-world challenges and obstacles in the world of management and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in MBA January Intakes in Europe then this university is definitely for you. Here is the list of entry requirements to consider:

GPA  2.2
GMAT 600
Work Experience 2 years
Application Fees £18 (INR 1,857)
Tuition Fees £16,700 (INR 17,22,972)
Program Duration 16 months 
MBA Scholarships Yes (up to £4000 or ₹4,12,688 reduction fees)

Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University

Amongst the most diverse and student-friendly UK universities, Birmingham City Business School offers an AACSB-accredited International MBA programme designed to help students gain marketable skills to navigate the contemporary world of business. At the university, students gain practical exposure through internships, and field trips with top companies and can participate in year-long placements offered by the university. Here are the entry requirements for Birmingham City University for January Intakes in Europe for MBA 2022:  

GPA  2.2
GMAT 620
Work Experience 2 years
Application Fees £75 (INR 7,737)
Tuition Fees £15,900 (INR 16,40,434)
Program Duration 15 months
MBA Scholarships Yes (up to £2000 or INR 2,06,344 reduction fees)

Brunel Business School, Brunel University

The Brunel Business School associated with the prestigious Brunel University offers full-time, part-time as well as online MBA programmes for international students to choose from. The largest business school in the UK’s flagship one-year MBA is an intensive course meant for international candidates with work experience and drive to grow as a leader, gain access to Brunel’s diverse business network and gain a stronger understanding of the emerging world of business and technology. Here are the entry requirements for Brunel MBA for students interested in MBA January Intakes in Europe:

GPA  2.1
Work Experience 3 years
Application Fees £20 or ₹2000
Tuition Fees £24,270 or ₹25,03,984
Program Duration 1 year
MBA Scholarships Yes (up to £7000 or ₹7,22,204 reduction fees)

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Coventry Business School, Coventry University

Another UK university to consider for the MBA January Intakes for Europe is Coventry Business School. The school offers a wide range of MBA specialisations such as Artificial Intelligence, the Healthcare Sector, Cyber Security, Marketing, Sustainable Tourism etc. Its flagship MBA programs are meant for freshers and seniors looking to level up in their careers. The university offers top notch-facilities as well as a diverse management staff to learn from. Here are the entry requirements for the course:

GPA  2.2
Work Experience 2 years
Application Fees £20 or INR 2000
Tuition Fees £18,950 or INR19,55,109
Program Duration 1 year
MBA Scholarships Yes 


INSEAD is easily the most prestigious business school in the world & Europe. It is amongst the top schools offering MBA January intakes in Europe to international students from across the world. INSEAD MBA program is targeted at thought leaders and driven entrepreneurs who are determined to empower their futures and that of their organisations. It is one of the toughest MBA programmes with the lowest acceptance rate in Europe. Let’s look at the requirements for the MBA January intakes 2022:

GPA  2.1
GMAT 670- 750
Work Experience 5 years
Application Fees €250 or INR 22,203
Tuition Fees €56,000 or INR 49,73,589
Program Duration 10 months
MBA Scholarships Yes 

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HEC Paris

Ranked first place in the 2019 Financial Times’ European Business Schools Rankings, HEC Paris is a leading business school located in France. It is ranked amongst the 10 top B-schools of the world by QS Ranking and is known for its academic excellence, world-renowned facilities and diverse business network. HEC Paris MBA program is highly competitive, offered in 7 specialisations with an 8-month fundamental phase and an 8-month customised phase for students to develop core business skills in their area of choice. 

GPA  3.2
GMAT 600
Work Experience 2 years
Application Fees €190 or INR 16,874
Tuition Fees €74,000 or INR 65,72,243
Program Duration 16 months
MBA Scholarships Yes 

IMD Business School

Courtesy: Institute of Management Development IMD

A leading independent business school located in the country of Switzerland and established by business executives with graduates around the world enjoying a median salary of $200,000 after 5 years of graduation. The international business school, IMD is renowned for its academically driven full-time MBA and executive programmes, integrated multidisciplinary faculty, experiential learning style as well as placements in some of the most popular companies. It is also amongst the top schools in Switzerland offering MBA January intakes in Europe so let’s look at the entry requirements for its full-time MBA program:

GPA  3
GMAT 680
Work Experience 3- 8 years
Application Fees CHf 200 or INR 16,238
Tuition Fees CHf 95000 or INR 77,13,125
Program Duration 1 year
MBA Scholarships Yes 

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Courtesy: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

One of the most renowned universities in the Netherlands and consistently featured amongst the best MBA universities in the world, Rotterdam School of Management offers accredited international, executive as well as global MBA programs to international students from any sector to excel and grow in the field of business administration & management & develop valuable leadership skills. Here are the requirements for MBA January intakes in Europe 2022 for Rotterdam School of Management:

GPA  3.0
GMAT 640
Work Experience 3 years
Application Fees €100 or INR 8,881
Tuition Fees €25000 or INR 22,20,352
Program Duration 1 year
MBA Scholarships Yes 

IE International Business School

IE International houses the leading IE Business School which is located in Spain and offers a full-time MBA program for international students interested in understanding the fundamentals of international business, improving their managerial skills and gaining tremendous leadership qualities that help them grow in a transnational business space. IE Business School offers an immersive as well as customizable international MBA to tailor it according to individual ambitions and career goals. Here are the entry requirements for the January Intakes 2022 for IE Business School:

GMAT 670
Work Experience 3 years
Application Fees €150 or INR 13,322
Tuition Fees €72,200 or INR 64,12,378
Program Duration 11 months
MBA Scholarships Yes 

Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College is the largest university in Dublin, Ireland that offers a plethora of UG and PG courses to students from across the world. Its MBA program is internationally recognised for providing an intellectually stimulating experience for graduates who wish to learn about international business, explore the latest trends in business & management and learn from renowned faculty members, business experts and alumni members. Here is all you need to know about applying to Griffith College MBA for January intakes in Europe:

GPA  3.0
Work Experience 2 years
Application Fees €45 or INR 3,996
Tuition Fees €250 or INR 22,203
Program Duration 11 months
MBA Scholarships Yes 

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Documents for MBA January Intake in Europe

Here are the essential documents required for MBA January Intake in Europe:

Missed the Application Deadline: Steps to Follow

There is still a chance that you can apply and get admitted to a study programme even though the application deadline has passed. What you should do is as follows:

  • Look out for the university’s website as well as potentially the nation’s website for the application process. Information on late applications might be available.
  • Ask the university that provides the programme by phone or email if late applications are accepted. Don’t spend too much time explaining why you missed the deadline; instead, concentrate on persuading them that you will be a strong candidate.
  • Don’t lose time after learning that a late application would be taken into consideration for admission: Prepare all required documents and send them off. You may just be in luck!
Courtesy: IE Business School

Countries Accepting Late Applications

Universities in other nations, such as Sweden or Finland, where first-round application deadlines typically fall in January, require you to submit your applications fairly early. You can typically submit your application after the deadline for a second round of admissions, though. This might be effective if there aren’t enough applicants for the courses you’re applying for.

Other than that, certain nations typically have extremely late application deadlines. You can often apply to universities in the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania until June. Typically, applications are accepted at public universities in Germany through mid-July. You can occasionally submit your application up until just before the start of the semester in Austria and Poland.


Q1. What are the intakes for Europe?

Ans. There are three major intakes in Europe- Fall, Winter and Summer. The most popular intake is fall intake where a majority of courses are offered by universities. Many students prefer the fall intake for September, followed by winter for January and then summer for the month of May.

Q2. Which country is best for MBA in Europe?

Ans. The best countries for MBA in Europe are the UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and Germany.

Q3. Does the UK have Jan intake?

Ans. Yes, the UK offers January intakes for international students in an array of programmes, especially MBA.

Q4. How much does an MBA cost in Europe?

Ans. The cost of an MBA in Europe depends upon the country, university and specialisation. A general MBA in Europe can cost anywhere between INR 20 Lakhs to IR 80 Lakhs in tuition fees.

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This was all about the MBA January Intakes in Europe! If you are planning to pursue your MBA from Europe then get expert assistance from our experts at Leverage Edu and get an acceptance letter from your dream university in no time! Give us a call today at 1800 572 000!

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