MBA in UK Without Work Experience

MBA in UK without Work Experience

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular and universal programmes across the globe. It is pursued by students who have previously studied a variety of disciplines including but not limited to Engineering, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Economics, and Law. It serves as a gateway for students from diverse backgrounds to enter into management. They may be looking to establish their own business, handle family-owned business effectively or land a job in management and consulting. A significantly high number of recent graduates are willing to enter management to build great careers. Therefore, a growing number of universities are starting to offer MBA degrees that require little or no work experience. Here, in this blog, let’s take a look at all the information related to pursuing an MBA in UK without work experience.

List of Universities Offering MBA In UK Without Work Experience

So here is a long list of universities, along with their city locations, that is offering MBA in UK without work experience. So let’s have a look below:

Universities offering MBA in UK without work experience Location 
Coventry UniversityCoventry
Leeds Beckett UniversityLeeds
University of NorthamptonNorthampton
Anglia Ruskin UniversityCambridge
University of East LondonLondon
Bedfordshire UniversityLuton
Cardiff Metropolitan UniversityWales
University of DerbyDerby
Staffordshire UniversityStoke-on-Trent
University of GreenwichLondon
University of South WalesPontypridd
University of West LondonLondon 
University of Central LancashirePreston
University of TeessideMiddlesbrough
York St John UniversityYork
Swansea UniversitySwansea
Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool 
Glyndwr University Wrexham
University of SunderlandSunderland

Perks of Studying MBA in the UK Without Work Experience

Despite all the industry opportunities, exposure and perks along with work experience that you might be missing, there are some important benefits or perks of studying MBA in the UK without work experience which nobody will tell you except us. We know that it’s a long-lived trend to go for work experience and industry exposure after completing your bachelor’s degree in any field of study. Most students take this route only. But having said that, there are a lot of students who just want to be done with their studies before stepping into their respective industries related to their fields of study. For these students, the perks of studying MBA in the UK without work experience are:

  • Opportunity to get an early entry into the new career opportunities with better pay especially after gaining a Masters level degree.
  • Students will earn a chance to enter into the corporate world for entry or mid-management level jobs.
  • Agree or not it saves the student’s times as standard duration for MBA in the UK is of 1 year only.
  • Students who have decided to pursue MBA in the UK without work experience right after their undergraduate enables a better understanding of business activities for students who are going to join a family business or going to start up their venture.
  • Sometimes it has been seen that students’ inclination and interest to study again may decline when you have begun working. In this way, the entire experience of studying abroad and gaining knowledge at the Masters level is also lost.

MBA in UK Without Work Experience: Cons

Apart from the aforementioned positive aspects and all the pros, here are some consequences as well that we have listed of pursuing a degree of  MBA in UK without work experience:

  • Your post-MBA job opportunities are likely to be limited compared to those of an MBA graduate with prior work experience.
  • You won’t be able to compare what you learn in business school with what you’ve learned at work if you don’t have any practical experience.
  • You’ll have a lower chance of landing a summer internship that might lead to a job offer or a PPO.
  • Your networking will not be of the same calibre as that of your classmates with professional experience.

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Coventry University

Credits: Coventry University

MBA at Coventry University is an industry-focused management program with specialisations in fields of Global Business, International Marketing, Global Financial Services, etc. which develops a student into an employable professional in the field of his choice. With a diverse faculty featuring experts in international business, trade, leadership, and finance, Coventry University’s MBA is steadily gaining a reputation throughout the world. The course also collaborated with the prestigious Chartered Management Institute. 

Leeds Beckett University

Credits: Leeds Beckett

With no work experience requirement, MBA offered by Leeds Beckett University is one of the top choices amongst universities in the UK. It is a highly personalised programme aimed at mentoring a student as per his interests. Core modules taught are Financial Analysis, Marketing Dynamics amongst others with a large catalog of elective as well. It also has course variants like MBA consultancy project and MBA work placement.

University of Northampton

Credits: UniNorthampton

This university was rated gold in Teaching Excellence Framework,(an annual ranking of teaching standards across universities in England). Both of its flagship courses, MBA and MBA with Work Placement are aimed at building extraordinary careers for students as management professionals. The university also offers business trips which serve as a great way to gain practical industry experience.

Anglia Ruskin University

Credits: Anglia Ruskin University London

An MBA from Anglia Ruskin University is a career-oriented management programme with specialisations in international business, healthcare management, and hospitality management. It has a vibrant campus with expert faculty which prepares students for the challenges in management.

University of East London

Credits: University of East London

Experts at the University of East London have developed a unique MBA program emerging as a top-notch contemporary management course with a special feature for those looking to restart their careers. While assessing the applications of students, the university takes into consideration many years of life experience that a candidate may have. Candidates have an option to spend a year working as well. MBA is an all-around management course that tries to educate, instruct and gears you for a successful profession in management and consulting. It is highly diversifiable and at the same time highly personalisable. 

University of Bedfordshire

Credits: University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire is a public university in Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. It was established in 1882, but only became a university in 1992, and thus became known as the University of Luton after that. The University of Bedfordshire was founded in 2006 after the Privy Council approved the merger of the University of Luton and De Montfort University’s Bedford campus. However, the one-year MBA program blends core disciplines with creative subject areas, all of which are backed by the most recent studies in strategic management and leadership, in order to improve business expertise and enhance trust and reputation and the no work-experience criteria just act like a cherry on the cake.

MBA in UK Without Work Experience: Eligibility

  • For Indian students, a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognised university is a major requirement. 
  • Along with that, an English language certification score is also mandatory for admission. Also, universities that offer MBA in UK without work experience prefer an overall score of 6.5 on the IELTS.
  • Some universities also accept and ask for GMAT and GRE scores as well.

How to Apply For MBA in UK Without Work Experience

To apply for admission to a UK MBA program, students must send the following documents to the respective university(ies):

  • Completed application form
  • Statement of Purpose or SOP
  • Minimum 2 complete English essays for MBA 
  • Recommendation letters or LORs from school and/or college
  • Complete professional resume or CV
  • Visa 
  • Internship letters (if any)
  • At least 2 Passport-sized photographs 
  • All the past educational transcripts/mark sheet proof

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MBA in UK Without Work Experience: Specialisations

Many students who are pursuing an MBA in UK without work experience tend to pursue the General MBA. The benefit is that you are open to all aspects of the business. You cannot be certain about the speciality field you want to grow your career in if you have little to no work experience. Having said, different universities in the UK offer different specialisation. Here is a list of some common specialisation in MBA that universities have to offer to international students who are not having any work experience. 

  1. MBA in Marketing
  2. MBA in Finance
  3. MBA in Operations
  4. MBA in Hotel Management
  5. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  6. MBA in HR
  7. MBA in Strategy 
  8. MBA in International Business
  9. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  10. MBA Healthcare Management


Can I do an MBA without work experience?

Although work experience helps you get into a top MBA program, it is not needed. However, there are some good universities that deliver MBA programs to people who have no prior job experience.

How much work experience is required for MBA in UK?

Work experience is needed for admission to the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Most UK universities, in reality, require a minimum of two or three years of work experience. It is easier for a student to grasp the lessons taught in an MBA class if he or she has prior job experience.

What are the requirements to do MBA in UK?

A minimum of three years of full-time work experience is required.
A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required.
Scores of the GMAT or GRE.
A minimum IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 is needed.

Is 1 year experience enough for MBA?

The quick and easy answer is no. Your ability to obtain an MBA would not be hampered by a lack of work experience.

What is the best age to do an MBA?

There isn’t much variation when it comes to the perfect age to enroll in a top-ranked MBA program. The average age of the top 25 MBAs in the United States is exactly 28 years old.

Selection of a specialisation and a university is an extremely demanding task. We understand that matters regarding education can seem extremely confusing. We do not want you to feel confused or hold onto doubts at any point during this process, that is why the counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu are present at all hours. So nothing can come between you and your dreams and you can go out there and be a global leader.

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