Do MBBS in Russia and Be a Highly-Skilled Doctor At A Reasonable Cost


Russia is home to many international medical students. You know why? Well, for over the last 20 years, it has been observed in statistics that a voluminous amount of international students come to pursue MBBS in Russia. Moreover, the teaching methods in Russian universities are well developed and have high standards. Russia currently holds 30 positions out of 100 top ranking medical universities in the Directory of World Medical Schools of WHO.

Why You Should Do MBBS In Russia?

1. Affordable

As compared to the other parts of the world, it’s cheaper for you to study MBBS in Russia. On average, a student in Russia spends $3600-$4000 in a year. In addition to this, your living cost can be around $180-$320 per month. However, the cost of living may vary as per your lifestyle.

2. No Capitation or Donation Fees

Unlike private institutions in other parts of the world, Russian institutions don’t ask for the capitation or donation fees. In fact, the tuition fees for MBBS in Russia is very low as compared to other private institutions in other parts of the world.

3. No Entrance Test

Admission will be strictly decided on the basis of your performance in the previous institution. However, you are not expected to crack any entrance exam. Average students can also take admission in MBBS in Russian universities.

4. Strength of The Class

There will be a majority of Indian students in the class of MBBS in Russian universities. The strength of the batch is roughly around 10-18. That’s it. You will get the personal attention of the teachers that will definitely help you learn and grow better.

5. MCI Screening Test

Once you will opt for MBBS in Russian universities, you will be trained for the Medical Council of India Screening Test without any additional cost.

6. Networking

People come to Russian universities to pursue MBBS in Russia from various parts of the world. Thus students at Russian universities are most likely to have different ethnicity, culture, and backgrounds, giving you an opportunity to build relationships with a wide range of people.

7. Modern Infrastructure

MBBS universities consist of modern high-quality equipment in hospitals. The reason behind such advancement of MBBS in Russia can be its recognition which has been achieved from the MCI, European Council, WHO, and UNESCO.

8. Get Funding For Tuition

When it comes to getting funds as an international student to study MBBS from abroad, MBBS in Russia is a rare gem. Russian government offers thousands of scholarships for international students, so much so that your tuition can be completely free. Just keep a check on ongoing schemes!

9. Learn Russian

Now you may think that what’s the point of learning the Russian language when you opt to pursue MBBS in Russia? Well, let us clarify that more than 260 million people in the world speak the Russian language and on average, around 10.5 million foreigners are trying to learn it. So you will have a golden opportunity to learn Russian.

Russian universities offer various language programs that are included in summer schools, courses, and distance learning. International students can take a year-long course in the Russian language. Moreover, students who have enrolled in state-funded colleges to pursue MBBS in Russia can learn the language free of charge.

10. A Chance To Get Dual Diplomas

Many joint programs have been implemented by the Russian universities in which they establish connections with foreign universities so that they can issue dual diplomas to graduates. Thus, if you study MBBS in Russia, you can also receive a diploma from a European university as well.

11. Get Worldwide Recognition

Once you will be able to complete your MBBS in Russia, you will receive accreditation by EU, UNESCO, WHO, MCI and from many other authorized organizations.


What are the Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia?

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia are not that tough. Here’s what you need:

  1. Age: You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the year of admission.
  2. Marks: Student must have more than 50% marks in their 12th standard from science stream with subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry. The ISC/CBSE or any other equivalent board is required to pursue MBBS in Russia.
  3. Exam: MCI has taken a decision in accordance with the Delhi high court. MCI has declared that those Indian students who won’t appear in the NEET and aspire to enroll in Foreign Medical Universities in 2019 will have to get an Eligibility Certificate issued by MCI at the time of admission.

Documents You May Need For MBBS Admission in Any Russian University

You will be needing the following documents to pursue MBBS in Russia:

  1. Passport with a validity of at least 18 months.
  2. 10th Certificate and 12th Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. Four passport size photographs
  5. Letter of acceptance from the Medical University of Russia.
  6. Documents of your HIV test.
  7. Authorizations of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi).
  8. Proof of legalization of all of your documents from any Russian Embassy.
  9. Receipt of payment of the fees of visa.
  10. Receipt of university + 1st-year tuition fees

How To Get An Admission For MBBS in Russia?

Getting admission for MBBS in Russian university is totally straightforward and simple. Here is a step-by-step list prepared by the Leverage Edu team for you:

  • First, fill the application carefully.
  • You will receive an offer letter.
  • Pay the enrollment charge.
  • Once you paid MBBS fees in Russia, go and apply for the visa.
  • That’s it. Get the visa and take off for Russia.

Do You Need A Russian Student Visa to Study MBBS in Russia?

There’s no visa-free entry for the EU students. And if you are a citizen from the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States), then you don’t need a visa to enter.

Step-By-Step Method To Get Visa

  1. Arrange Documents:
    Be sure to keep these documents in order before applying for Visa:

    1. A passport or ID which is valid for at least 18 months from the issue date of the visa.
    2. Passport size photographs.
    3. Letter of invitation from the GUVM.
    4. A medical certificate that shows you’re not affected by a disease like HIV.
    5. If you are below 18 then get a consent signed from your legal guardians or parents
  2. Invitation Letter To Study in Russia:
    Such invitation letters are generally issued by the Federal Migration Service of Russia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
  3. Check Your Financial Ability:
    Make sure that whether you can afford the course or not. You may also look out for scholarships to cut down some costs.
  4. Apply In Universities:
    You can apply to six Russian universities to study MBBS in Russia. But remember! First, you will have to pass an exam, face an interview, and deal with the competitive selection process. If you turned out as a winner, they will send you an invitation which will allow you to get a visa.
  5. Wait:
    Your visa will be issued within 2-5 weeks. If you want it to happen fast, you can pay an additional fee to boost up the process. However, the cost may vary depending on your geographical location. At last, contact visa center or Russian Embassy consulate to confirm your visa to study MBBS in Russia.

Top Universities to Get Enrolled for MBBS in Russia 

Pursue MBBS in Russia at Kazan State Medical University (KSMU)

KSMU is a public university which was established in 1814. It has turned as one of the flexible university in Russia. It gives flexibility in its course curriculum, events, conferences, academics, and fee structure. At present, the university has 9 faculties, 66 departments, and more than 1600 staff members. All the objectives of this university are based on ‘sustainable development’, thus making it a must-consider choice for MBBS in Russia. 

Pursue MBBS in Russia at Crimea Federal University

An ideal choice to pursue MBBS in Russia, Crime Federal University was formed in 1931 and at had no motive for profit. It was named in honor of Mikhail Frunze who was a Bolshevik leader and a world-famous public figure who served medical apprentice to students around the world. The university has earned several prestigious awards because of its medical work culture and professional ethics.

Pursue MBBS in Russia at First Moscow State University

Another option to consider for MBBS in Russia is the First Moscow State University. The presence of this university marks clinical, scientific, and largest medical complex in Russia. It’s the oldest medical school in Russia from the medical faculty of Moscow Imperial University (established in 1758). Moreover, it’s also an active member of WHO and has been authorized by the USA, UK, WHO, MCI and so many other prestigious countries. Currently, there are 8 faculties:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Medicine
  4. Paediatrics
  5. Preventive Medicine
  6. Higher Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work.
  7. Physician
  8. Professional Education
Pursue MBBS in Russia at Tver State Medical University

It is one of the leading and oldest educational institutions in the nation. This public university was formed in 1936 and is a common choice for students willing to pursue MBBS in Russia. It’s well known because of its brilliant teaching staff and extensive laboratory and clinical base. This university has almost 6000 beds in 10 various hospitals that include specialized hospitals for sexually transmitted disease, skin, infectious, tuberculosis, and oncology. These are the faculties of the university:

  1. General Medicine
  2. Dental Medicine
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Advanced Nursing Education
  6. Postgraduate Studies
Pursue MBBS in Russia at Volgograd State Medical University

Volgograd State Medical University has experience of 84 years. It’s located in near the Volga river. In earlier times, they used to call it Stalingrad medical institute. However, It offers elongated scope and dense ethnicity in medicine and this can be the cause behind its popularity as it is known for providing rich education on international as well as national level. Moreover, It also has highly experienced researchers, scientists, teachers, and physicians who are considered as an expert in their fields. The university aims to teach students through English medium. A must-consider choice for MBBS in Russia, the university consist of these 9 departments:

  1. Dentistry
  2. General Medicine
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Medical Biochemistry
  5. Pharmacy
  6. International Students
  7. Foundation Course
  8. Clinical Philosophy & Social Work
  9. Postgraduate and Continous Education
Pursue MBBS in Russia at Bashkir State University

This classical public university was formed in 1909 in Bashkortostan. It offers high-level education to medical students willing to study MBBS in Russia. It is known as the largest center of postgraduate study. Moreover, the university also has faculties that are lined up with the current trends. University has 8 major doctoral programs and 56 scientific major post-graduate programs.

Pursue MBBS in Russia at People’s Friendship University

This research institute was founded in 1960 in Moscow. It aims to provide excellent research universities, career, and education throughout the world. If we talk about the post-graduation, it offers competitive study to the students which enable them to crack and study higher programs anywhere in the world. The thing that separates this university from the other ones is its unification. It has been united with more than 150 countries annually. We don’t think any other university will be able to do so when you decide to pursue MBBS in Russia. It consists of these departments & faculties:

  • Institute of medicine
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Biomedical Problems
Pursue MBBS in Russia at Mari State Medical University

This public university took birth in 1972. In its initial period, the university started with a few departments but as time passed by, it has expanded the courses. In 1974, botany, anatomy, physiology, human and animal departments were introduced. It accommodates a large number of international students who want to pursue MBBS in Russia. Such attraction comes from the affordability of the university. Being affordable, it still offers a wide range of facilities like:

  • Labs: Research centers, academic regions, and the labs, all have the modern amenities that are required for perfect education. The university intensively takes care of all the equipment and materials so that students won’t feel that they are lacking something.
  • Hostel: These are available for every student. And still, if someone faces a problem, university help in the accommodation around the university as well.
  • Library: Get course-related books free of cost. Moreover, you will also find journals, electronic databases, and research papers.
Pursue MBBS in Russia at North State Medical University (NSMU)

The university was founded in 1936. It is located in the wonderful landscapes of Arkhangelsk. North State Medical University has received accreditation from the major international organizations like WHO, ECFMG, and MCI. Apart from these, the university is also an active member of AMSE.

Right now, there are almost 55 different departments at the university. Out of these 55 departments, 27 are clinical. The university organizes a variety of annual events under extracurricular activities because it puts emphasis on the overall development of the students.

FAQs for Studying MBBS in Russia

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is very cost-efficient. The average cost of studying MBBS in Russia is around 4000 USD per year. That roughly translates to 2,75,000 Rupees for a course that is 6 years long. Along with that, you do not have to pay any capitalisation fee and there are many scholarships available as well.

Is MBB in Russia a good idea for Indian medical students?

The curriculum of MBBS in Russia is designed to provide the very best education and practise at an affordable rate. They provide world-class facilities with modern infrastructure and equipment. One doesn’t have to give any entrance test and can get financial aid very easily. The class strength for an MBBS in Russia is 12-15 students which ensure a great standard of education and attention. 

Is NEET required for MBBS in Russia?

The Health Ministry of India has released a statement that any Indian candidate wishing to pursue medical education from any foreign destination will have to appear and qualify the NEET entrance exam. They made it mandatory after May 2018. 

How many years is MBBS in Russia?

The duration of an MBBS in Russia is 6 years. International students who opt to study MBBS in Russia with the medium of instruction as English are not required to undergo a one year of preparatory course prior to starting the MBBS course.

Are You Ready To Be A Highly-Skilled Doctor?

The teaching methods in the Russian universities will leave an auspicious mark on your career as a doctor. There are very few places that let you earn an MBBS degree at economical costs- Russia is one of them. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 today and take the first step towards your career.

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