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Apart from being the largest country in the world by land area, Russia is also a popular choice for international students to study MBBS. With almost 57 medical universities, MBBS in Russia is a sought-after course. International students prefer studying here because they offer highly subsidised fees. It is much lesser as compared to other Western countries. Low cost combined with a very high quality of education makes MBBS in Russia a top choice for international students. All universities offering a course in MBBS are recognised by the Medical Council of leading countries such as the UK, the USA, the Middle East, and the WHO. 

The popularity of studying in Russia has increased so much recently that it has moved to the 8th spot in the top destinations for studying in the world. 

MBBS in Russia: Course Highlights

Let us quickly go through this table and understand all the important parameters related to pursuing MBBS in Russia-

Name of the CourseBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Duration of the Course6 Years 
Basic Eligibility Criteria Minimum 50% in 10+ 2 Examinations with BiPC Subjects
Requirement of NEETYes
Requirement of IELTS and TOEFLNo
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Popular Universities for MBBS in Russia Irkutsk University, Kazan State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, etc. 
Recognition of Medical UniversitiesMCI and WHO
IntakesSeptember & January

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

If you are in two minds about pursuing MBBS in Russia, here are a few reasons why you should go ahead with it.

  • Affordable
  • No donation fees
  • No entrance test
  • Get funding for tuition
  • Learn Russian
  • A chance to get dual diplomas
  • Get worldwide recognition

MBBS Student Life in Russia

There are various benefits of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students. We have mentioned them below for you for better understanding.

  •  Easy and straightforward admission procedure
  •  No entrance exam 
  •  Subsidised and low course fees
  •  European standard of living
  •  Degrees awarded by Russian medical universities are recognised worldwide
  •  100% visa guarantee
  •  All universities are recognised Government universities of Russia.

MBBS in Russia vs MBBS in India

Tabulated below is a comparison between the difference between doing and studying MBBS in Russia vs doing MBBS in India.

MBBS in Russia MBBS in India 
The cost of studying medicine in Russia is low as compared to that in other countries and India. The cost of studying medicine in India is high.
No requirement for donation.Specific colleges in India require donations for admission in the medical course.
An entrance test is not required.An entrance test is required. 
The duration of MBBS in Russia is eight years.The duration of MBBS in India is si years. 
The degree awarded is of MD in Medicine.The degree awarded is of MBBS in Medicine.

General Eligibility Criteria

Russia has always been a top preferred destination for MBBS courses for those who plan to study in abroad. Eligibility for Indian students is not that tough. Here’s what you need:

  • Age: You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the year of admission.
  • Marks: Student must have more than 50% marks in their 12th standard from the science stream with subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry. The ISC/ CBSE or any other equivalent board is required to pursue the course.
  • Exam: MCI has taken a decision in accordance with the Delhi high court. MCI has declared that those Indian students who won’t appear in the NEET and aspire to enroll in Foreign Medical Universities in 2019 will have to get an Eligibility Certificate issued by MCI at the time of admission.
  • Unlike other foreign countries, IELTS and TOEFL are not mandatory requirements to pursue studies in Russia.

Documents Required

You will be needing the following documents to pursue MBBS in Russia:

  • Passport with a validity of at least 18 months
  • 10th Certificate and 12th Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • Letter of acceptance from the Medical University of Russia
  • Documents of your HIV test
  • Authorizations of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • Proof of legalization of all of your documents from any Russian Embassy
  • Receipt of payment of the fees of visa
  • Receipt of university + 1st-year tuition fees

MBBS Admission in Russia

Getting admission for MBBS in a Russian university is totally straightforward and simple. Here is a step-by-step list for MBBS admission in Russia for Indian students:

  • First, fill the application carefully
  • You will receive an offer letter
  • Pay the enrollment charge
  • Once you paid MBBS fees in Russia, go and apply for the visa
  • That’s it. Get the visa and take off for Russia

MBBS Curriculum in Russia

The complete curriculum for MBBS in Russia is completed in a span of six to eight years. This is as per the United States and the European standards. 

  • In the first three years, the theoretical aspect of medicine is taught to the students
  • The basic understanding of human biology is taught in the first three years, along with physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and general pathology.
  • Each year is divided into two semesters
  • The last three years are the main years where students have to do internships or clerkship along with the study of surgery, Primary care medicine, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, gynecology and emergency medicine
  • The method used to teach students enrolled in MBBS in Russia are:
    • Seminars and small group discussions
    • Lecture-based
    • Assessments 
    • Practical and Laboratory Works.
    • Clinical training 

MBBS Intakes in Russia

The complete timetable for MBBS in Russia intake is mentioned below:

Events Tentative Time Frame 
Starting of RegistrationApril
Last Date of RegistrationMay
Starting of AdmissionJune
Last Date of AdmissionJuly
Visa ProcessJuly – August
Invitation July – August

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MBBS in Russia Duration

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students brings to the table high-class education imparted by highly skilled professors. As far as duration is concerned, candidates don’t have to attend the one-year preparatory course in Russia since you are opting for an English-taught MBBS program. The Russian MBBS program lasts for 6 years including practical training. In this course of 6 years, a candidate will study the Russian language for 6 semesters and physical training for 10 semesters.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS in Russia 

Russia is considered to be one of the cheapest study destinations when it comes to pursuing courses in medical fields like MBBS, BDS, etc. Since a majority of universities in Russia have started to offer education in English. Russian universities ask international students to submit their course fees semester wise. The MBBS fees in Russia for Indian students per semester is around Rubles 2,60,520 to 6,56,000 (INR 2,60,000 to 6,30,000). The tuition fee when combined with hostel fee, gives an estimated cost of around Ruble 18,88,000 to 25,85,000 (INR 18,11,000 to 24,80,000). 

Apart from this, the major expense will go into living in the country. You will have also have to manage the cost of MBBS in Russia for Indian students for monthly rent, food, internet charges, transportation and other utilities. To manage all this you will be needing around Ruble 31,262 to 52,104 (INR 30,000 to 50,000).

Average MBBS Tuition FeesRubles 2,60,520 to 6,56,000 (INR 2.6 Lakh to 6.3 Lakh) per semester
Tuition Fees with Hostel & Mess charges18,88,000 to 25,85,000 (INR 18 Lakh to INR 24 Lakh). 
Cost of Living in RussiaRuble 31,262 to 52,104 (INR 30,000 to INR 50,000) monthly
YouTube: REET Vlogs

Top MCI Recognised MBBS Universities in Russia

We have tabulated together a list of the top MCI-recognized MBBS colleges in Russia for Indian Students along with their tuition fees:

UniversityMedium of TeachingHostel Fees Tuition Fees Per YearAnnual Fees
Perm State Medical UniversityRussian Rs. 70,000Rs. 3,15,000Rs. 3,85,000
Bashkir State Medical UniversityRussianRs. 70,000Rs. 2,45,000/-Rs 3,15,000
Orenburg State Medical UniversityRussianRs. 84,000Rs. 4,20,000Rs. 5,04,000
Tver State Medical UniversityBilingual Rs. 24,500Rs.4,48,000Rs. 4,72,500
Kursk State Medical UniversityBilingual Rs. 84,000Rs. 4,58,500Rs. 5,35,500
Smolensk State Medical UniversityBilingual Rs. 40,000Rs. 3,85,000Rs. 4,25,000
Ryazan State Medical UniversityEnglishRs.35,000Rs.3,15,000Rs. 3,50,000
St. Petersburg Medical UniversityEnglishRs.1,12,000Rs. 3,85,000Rs. 4,97,000
Kazan State Medical University EnglishRs. 84,000Rs. 4,37,500Rs. 5,21,500
Peoples Friendship UniversityBilingualRs. 84,000Rs. 4,90,000Rs. 5,74,000

MBBS Scholarship in Russia 

Russia is the profound destination for candidates who choose to pursue their MBBS. Here’s an available list of MBBS scholarships in Russia for Indian students: 

  • The Government of Russian Federation Scholarships: It is the state-level scholarship that is provided to students to study MBBS in Russia. The scholarship will cover their tuition fees, accommodation costs including the maintenance allowance amounting to around 1300 Rubles – 1500 Rubles. 
  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships: Overseas students who opt to study MBBS in Russia can apply for the scholarship. 
  • Medical Educational Grants: Educational grants offered by the Russian Medical Colleges are available to International students who have excellent academic records. 

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS): This scholarship is structured for US candidates who will pursue an MBBS course in Russia.

Student Visa to Study MBBS in Russia

There’s no visa-free entry for EU students. And if you are a citizen from the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States), then you don’t need a visa to enter.

Step-By-Step Method To Get Visa

  • Arrange Documents:
    Be sure to keep these documents in order before applying for Visa:
    • A passport or ID which is valid for at least 18 months from the issue date of the visa.
    • Passport size photographs.
    • Letter of invitation from the GUVM.
    • A medical certificate that shows you’re not affected by a disease like HIV.
    • If you are below 18 then get a consent signed from your legal guardians or parents
  • Invitation Letter to Study in Russia:
    Such invitation letters are generally issued by the Federal Migration Service of Russia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
  • Check Your Financial Ability:
    Make sure that whether you can afford the course or not. You may also look out for scholarships to cut down some costs.
  • Apply In Universities:
    You can apply to six Russian universities, but remember! First, you will have to pass an exam, face an interview, and deal with the competitive selection process. If you turned out as a winner, they will send you an invitation which will allow you to get a visa.
  • Wait for VISA:
    Your visa will be issued within 2-5 weeks. If you want it to happen fast, you can pay an additional fee to boost up the process. However, the cost may vary depending on your geographical location. At last, contact visa centre or Russian Embassy consulate to confirm your visa to study MBBS in Russia.


How much does it cost to study MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is very cost-efficient. The average cost of studying MBBS in Russia is around 4000 USD per year. That roughly translates to 2,75,000 Rupees for a course that is 6 years long. Along with that, you do not have to pay any capitalisation fee and there are many scholarships available as well.

Is MBBS in Russia a good idea for Indian medical students?

The curriculum of MBBS in Russia is designed to provide the very best education and practice at an affordable rate. They provide world-class facilities with modern infrastructure and equipment. One doesn’t have to give any entrance test and can get financial aid very easily. The class strength for an MBBS in Russia is 12-15 students which ensure a great standard of education and attention. 

Is NEET required for MBBS in Russia?

The Health Ministry of India has released a statement that any Indian candidate wishing to pursue medical education from any foreign destination will have to appear and qualify for the NEET entrance exam. They made it mandatory after May 2018. 

How many years is MBBS in Russia?

The duration of an MBBS in Russia for Indian students is 6 years. International students who opt to study MBBS in Russia with the medium of instruction as English are not required to undergo a one year of preparatory course prior to starting the MBBS course.

Are You Ready To Be A Highly-Skilled Doctor? The teaching methods in Russian universities will leave an auspicious mark on your career as a doctor. There are very few places that let you earn an MBBS degree at economic costs- Russia is one of them. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to study abroad with Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 today and take the first step towards your career.

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