What Can You Do If You Miss The Fall Intake Deadlines?

Fall Intake

Are you planning to study abroad but missed the Fall intake deadlines for the upcoming year? There are various alternatives to the fall admission deadlines that one can opt for in order to pursue overseas education. The admission process in international institution takes place in two sessions which are broadly categorised as Fall intake and Spring intake. The classes in the Fall intake begin around the month of September while the classes in Spring intake begin around the month of January. Through this blog, we aim to bring you a complete guide on what the fall intake means, its significance, the usual deadlines for global academic institutions for different intakes as well as the steps you need to take if you missed the fall intake for the next year.

Why Fall Intake is Preferred? 

Amongst the three types of admission intakes, the fall intake is relatively preferred majorly by aspirants for the following reasons:

  • The biggest advantage of the Fall intake is the plethora of courses that are available. Most colleges offer a myriad number of courses in fall, a comparatively smaller number of courses during the Spring semester.
  • If a student is accepted during the Fall Intakes, then he/she can be involved in a student organization of the institution especially as the leaders are always elected at the end of the Spring Semester. If a student joins during that time then he/she will not have much time to show their real potential and capability to other student voters.
  • Scholarships and financial aid are granted mainly to early applicants opting for the fall intake sessions. Usually, these scholarship opportunities are lesser, when it comes to the next sessions, thus making it difficult for one to get the requisite financial aid. 
  • For the fall intake, the college session would begin around September which is approximately 2-3 months after the usual completion of one’s previous degree. This means that you wouldn’t be wasting any time between degrees.

Hence, if you do not want to end up missing the deadline for the Fall intake, then, make sure you keep checking the official website of your chosen university for admission dates. To give you a rough idea of the deadlines of various intakes for study abroad programs, here is a table that enlists the different application phases for varied intakes:

Fall Intake (September)All ProgrammesVaries between November
till January
Winter Intake (January) Selective ProgrammesVaries between September
and December
Summer Intake Short Term ProgrammesLate April

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Options to Consider

In foreign universities, thousands of aspirants send their applications which makes it quite a competitive feat to highlight oneself from the crowd. Other than having a stronger academic record, you also need to create an impressive SOP as well as carefully drafted LORs. Soaring above from the pile of applications might be a hard thing to achieve during Fall intakes and that’s why you can opt to apply for other sessions like winter and summer intakes.

Summer Intakes 

Summer Intakes are usually available for limited programs in few colleges. You may consider getting enrolled into some short-term (diploma and certificate) courses in Summer Intakes and then apply for a fall intake in top colleges for higher chances for getting selected and adding something to your resume. Apart from these programs, you may also consider taking admission in some distinct undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well. Here are some of the Institutions that offer Summer Intake courses: 

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Winter Intakes 

The applications for admissions in universities abroad do not open just once a year. In many academic institutions around the world, you can still apply to a plethora of courses in the winter intake if you have missed the fall intake deadlines. The number of courses they offer is finite but the application process is relatively easier and less competitive. So, if you have your application, and your documents ready and have already cleared the entrance requirements mentioned on the particular university’s website, then, you should definitely go for winter intake admissions. Below we have listed some of the major institutions that you can open for applications for winter sessions:

Note: It is advisable that if you have already appeared for IELTS, TOEFL and other relevant entrance tests for the courses that you are applying for, then applying during the Winter intake is the best way to move forward. Otherwise, you would need time to prepare for the entrance tests and other eligibility requirements if you are thinking to wait till the fall intakes begin. 

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Rolling Admissions 

Rolling Admissions are present in some global academic institutions that offer admissions around the year. That doesn’t take the pressure off completely as the applications will be open only until all spots have been filled. Most of these universities are known for their flexible application acceptance policy that makes it easier for the students to apply for various courses without worrying about the intake session. Some of these institutions include:

Intakes of Top Study Destinations

If you are planning to pursue a certain program in a country abroad, the intakes can also differ as per the country and its various universities. Check out the following blogs on the intakes of top study destinations:

We hope that you do not miss out on these remarkable opportunities to give your career a boost and do not let the deadlines puzzle you, be it fall intake, spring or winter admission session. If you find yourself stuck at any point of the application process, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll assist you throughout the admission procedure to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted into your dream course and university.

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