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Spring Semester

Based on seasonal changes, universities offer semester-based course curriculum throughout the year. Sounds interesting, right? So, when you plan to study abroad, which semester would you prefer being enrolled in? Is it just a myth or choosing a particular type of intake actually benefits you? There have been many questions and debates pertaining to choose the right semester. So, let us look into the details associated with fall semester vs spring semester through this blog!

Duration of the Intake

Most of the international universities take up two sets of admissions throughout the year, where they accept students into different courses. Fall semester starts in late August and ends in late December or early January. Whereas, the spring semester commences in January and ends in early May, depending upon the universities and their seats. 

Difference Between Fall Semester and Spring Semester

Amidst the endless queries about the two-seasonal intakes, here we have listed a few details to understand how the fall semester is different from the spring semester:

Most of the universities abroad have fall intake for a majority of the courses they offer.It is not easy to tell which universities have a spring intake, therefore students should do a thorough research on their target universities.
Acceptance Rate
Class size is much larger for the fall intake and thus, competition is very tough. Class size is generally small and also you would be sharing your class with students that you had fall classes with. This becomes easier to find a study group.
There are much more courses on offer during the fall intake due to the increasing incoming applicants.Due to comparatively few students applying for the spring semester, the courses offered by the college are also fewer in number.
These are pre-requisites for main programs offered in spring season, basically similar to your first semester during the undergraduate.The class schedule is fixed for the entire year and some courses will be taught in fall while others in spring. Thus, applying for spring will bring an unusual university class schedule.
Assistantships and Internships
Since most of the professors begin their research project during fall, there are a lot of opportunities to become a Research Assistant for the same.During the spring term, there is a stiffer competition and your profile needs to be better than the rest.
Employment Oppurtunities
In comparison to spring semester, the job opportunities are vast in this intake. This is due to the fact that an individual would have completed at least 3 semesters thus having a stronger profile. Having experience worth only two semesters, the opportunities are slightly less.
Scores of funding and financial assistance options are available during this semesterEven though available, the number of aids offered during spring semester are less in comparison to fall intake.
Transfer Programs
If you want to transfer to another university then this is the most suitable option.Here, the biggest disadvantage is that you would have to wait an entire summer before applying for transfers.

Financial aid is available for the entire year therefore, there will be no disadvantage if you apply for either of the two intakes. It is the responsibility of the admission officers to analyse your overall profile and the need for financial assistance.

Why is the Spring Semester Ideal for You?

Though most of the international students prefer fall more than the spring semester, it cannot be said that it isn’t ideal for you. Despite of the fact that most of the undergraduate students complete their graduation around June and July, very little time do they actually get to gear up for the next course and take up admission in the fall intake. That’s when spring semester comes as an alternative!

Owing to other commitments that the students have to fulfil right after completing their graduation such as jobs, internships, taking up a new vocational courses or simply a career break, spring term admission becomes the most ideal gateway to pursuing a post-graduation course

If your applications and other documentations are not ready by the fall semester, no need to hurry. Just start preparing more rigorously for entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. You have got ample time before the spring semester begins!

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Student Life

Fall semester comes with adventurers and excitement of being back on campus with your classmates and starting a new chapter in your life. Whereas, spring brings beautiful weather, a summer vacation attitude and vacations. Both the intakes offer students athletic events, campus happenings and parties. 

Hopefully, we have provided all the necessary information related to fall semester vs spring semester. January intake 2020 are round the corner, want to apply for MBA and MS programs abroad? Quickly book a free 30-minutes consultation with the experts at Leverage Edu and take an informed decision towards a fruitful career!

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