The University of Adelaide

Public University

Adelaide, Australia

The Adelaide University is a leading research-intensive university of Australia which keeps on ranking into the names of top 5 universities across the globe. It was established in 1874; it is the third oldest university in Australia, which is having an excellent reputation for teaching and research Read more


Highlights of The University of Adelaide

  • The students of Adelaide University learn with proper support and guidance of academic faculty.
  • Adelaide University is the third largest and oldest university of Australia.
  • It is home to a total of 21,015 students as of now.
  • The graduates of this university are known for innovative problem-solving skills.
  • The university also offers several opportunities which include counseling, career services, industry internships, mentoring, and sporting clubs.
  • The accommodation in Adelaide University is affordable than any other Australian University.
  • Famous Alumni
    John Robin Warren

    Australian Pathologist

    Penny Wong

    Australian Senator

    Julia Gillard

    Former Prime Minister

    Christopher Pyne


    Basil Hetzel

    Australian Researcher

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