University of Saskatchewan

Public University

Saskatchewan, Canada

This university was established in 1907. The university is considered as grizzled universities in Canada. The University of Saskatchewan is a member of the U15 group of Canadian research universities. The university is considered as among those universities which hold multiple research chairs. The u Read more


Highlights of University of Saskatchewan

  • This university has a total student population of 16,536.
  • There are more than 1,000 students enrolled in doctoral degree programmes in the university.
  • The campus of the university is designed in Urban style.
  • There are 1,398 faculty members emloyed in this university.
  • The university is affiliated by many international universities and bodies.
  • Many teachers of the university have international and national scholarly reputation.
  • Famous Alumni
    Rahul Sharma


    Steven Gregory Woods


    Douglas Barber


    Deborah Theaker

    Canadian Actress

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