Intakes in Germany

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Intakes in Germany

Being a hub of the automotive industry, IT companies, and several springing start-ups, Germany has turned out to be an ideal country for kickstarting a career abroad. Renowned for the remarkable research opportunities, high-end programs, world-class education, and scores of free universities, the European nation has etched its name in the list of best countries to study abroad! It is imperative to note that to study in Germany, you can choose from one of the two intakes the country offers. Let’s explore the intakes in Germany through this blog!

Types of Intakes in Germany

When it comes to pursuing higher education from leading private or public universities in Germany, you will be required to select the right intake for a specific program. The intakes in Germany offered by the academic institutions are majorly 2 types, Summer Intakes or what is also referred to as the April Intake and Winter Intake (September/ October). 

Winter Intakes

Out of both the intakes in Germany, the Winter Intakes are considered to be the primary ones. Almost all the esteemed institutions in the country accept entries for a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs during this intake, which usually commences in September/ October and ends in February or March. The application deadline for this intake is around mid-July. 

Summer Intakes

On the other hand, the Summer Intakes has comparatively has lesser courses on offer. Irrespective of the programs available through the intake, there is no difference in the academic session. Academically, the sessions beginning in either of the 2 Intakes in Germany are the same. Starting in April, the sessions end in July or August. The universities offering this intake have a deadline around mid-January. 

Why Are There Two Intakes in Germany? 

Although the time and deadlines for both the intakes in Germany may differ, there is no difference when it comes to the curriculum, research facilities, industry training opportunities, etc. The major reasons for which the universities in Germany offer two intakes can be:

  • With the option of pursuing free education in Germany, scores of students, every year, apply for varied courses. However, due to limited seats, it is not possible for the universities to accommodate all the students together. Thus, they offer admission twice.  
  • Often, students are unable to apply in the Winter Intakes. Hence, the entries are allowed twice a year. 

How to Choose an Intake? 

While shortlisting a semester or an intake, there are ample of points to ponder upon. As there are two intakes in Germany, here are some parameters which you should consider before choosing an intake:

  • Verify whether your chosen university offers degree courses during the selected intake or not. 
  • Target an intake while considering the acceptance rate of the university during that particular period. 
  • Research about the job fairs organized at the university. 

Applications Deadlines For German Universities

From Public Universities in Germany to the private ones, all of them have distinct deadlines for both the intakes in Germany. Let’s have a look at the top universities in Germany (As per QS Rankings 2021) and their application deadlines for Summer and Winter Intakes:

Name of the University Application Deadlines for Summer IntakesApplication Deadlines for Winter IntakesQS Rankings 2021
Technical University of MunichNovember 1st to December 31stApril 1st to May 31st1
Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichMid- January Mid-July2
Heidelberg UniversityDecember 1st to January 15thJune 1st to July 15th3
Humboldt Univerity of BerlinDecember 1st to January 15thJune 1st to July 15th4
Free University of BerlinMay 31st to June 30th5
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyDecember 1st to January 15thJune 1st to July 15th6
Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen  (RWTH Aachen University)March 1st to July 15thSeptember 1st to January 15th7
TU BerlinDecember 1st to January 15thMay 31st to June 30th8
Eberhard Karls Universitat TubingenMay 15th=9
University of FreiburgJune 1st =9

NOTE: The aforementioned dates of intakes in Germany are for indicative purposes and are subject to change without any prior notice. 

Unsure about which of the two intakes in Germany would be best for you? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and they will guide you about the best opportunities in Germany and will help you explore scholarship schemes too!

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    1. Hey Sravani!

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