University of Tuebingen

Public University

Tuebingen, Germany

Set up in 1477, University of Tuebingen has been providing the unique combination of learning and training for over five centuries. It is famous worldwide for its focus on research. The center resources of the University of Tuebingen incorporate Protestant Theology, Faculty of Humanities, Catholic T Read more


Highlights of University of Tuebingen

  • One of the most established colleges in Germany, Tuebingen is recognized comprehensively for the examination oriented learning framework.
  • The group of employees incorporates savvy individuals from the scholarly community just as specialists from separate fields.
  • The University of Tuebingen has teamed up with German Federal and state governments for 'Magnificence Initiative' examine structures.
  • Tuebingen has tied up with ventures for businesses to examine activities and innovation moves.
  • The University of Tuebingen isn't just a focal point of scholarly brilliance yet, in addition, a center point of extracurricular exercises.
  • International students make up 14% of the total student population of the university.
  • Famous Alumni
    Johannes Kepler

    German Mathematician

    Horst Köhler


    Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

    German Nobel Prize Winner

    Martin Bangemann

    Former leader

    Ferdinand Christian Baur

    Founder and leader

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