University of Melbourne: A Review

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University of Melbourne Review- Leverage Edu
University of Melbourne: A Review- Leverage Edu

When it comes to the oldest varsities in Australia, there’s little chance that you won’t hear the name of ‘University of Melbourne’. Founded in 1853, it is a public research university located in Melbourne Australia. Moreover, along with being one of the oldest university, it has been an international leader in learning, research and teaching for over 160 years now.

Whether it’s the former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard; famous Opera Singer, Nicole Car; or the famous writer, Anna Funder, they all have one thing in common, Melbourne University as their alma mater. Furthermore, it has 200,000+ alumni, of which, 35,000 live internationally in more than 140 countries.

Let us see what makes this university so special. Here is a University of Melbourne review for you.-

Programs Highlights

Instead of traditional specialized undergraduate degrees, UoM offers nine generalized three-year degrees. These are:

  1. Bachelor of Design
  2. Bachelor of Arts
  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  4. Bachelor of Biomedicine
  5. Bachelor of Oral Health
  6. Bachelor of Music
  7. Bachelor of Commerce
  8. Bachelor of Agriculture
  9. Bachelor of Science

Also, the university offers a plethora of options for the students who want to go for a Master’s degree. These are:

  1. Juris Doctor
  2. Doctor of Medicine
  3. Doctor of Dental Surgery
  4. Doctor of Optometry
  5. Doctor of Physiotherapy
  6. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  7. Master of Animal Science
  8. Master of Architecture
  9. Master of Applied Linguistics
  10. Master of Audiology
  11. Master of Landscape Architecture
  12. Master of Biotechnology
  13. Master of Engineering
  14. Master of Environment
  15. Master of Education
  16. Master of Forest Science
  17. Master of Nursing Science
  18. Master of Property and Construction
  19. Master of Public Policy and Management
  20. Master of Social Work
  21. Master of Speech Pathology
  22. Master of Teaching
  23. Master of Urban Horticulture
  24. Master of Urban Planning
  25. Master of Urban Design
  26. Master of Food Science
  • Each program, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, is research-intensive.
  • Also, the Melbourne Curriculum, launched in 2008, incorporates 11 undergraduate degrees in around 100 fields of study and around 270 professional graduate degrees.


  • The university boasts of having more than 40,000 students onboard.
  • Also, 15,000+ students are international who come from over 100 countries across the globe.
  • Moreover, the Female to Male ratio at the university is 55:45.
  • The staff count is a little over 8,000. Thus, this indicates that the number of students per staff member is 26.6
  • The university has 12 residential colleges in total. Furthermore, they aim to provide world class accommodation and education experience to its students.
  • Also, the library at the university sees around 3 million visitors every year. Moreover, its collection includes over 3.5 million items including books, slides and DVDs.
  • UoM also offers a gamut of galleries and museums exploring everything from classics and archaeology, music, contemporary art, medical and dental history and the sciences. 
  • The university has been ranked at #41 by the QS World University Rankings.
  • Also, specifically for Education and Training UoM has been given a rank #5 by the QS World University Rankings by subject.
  • Moreover, on the basis of graduate employability, the university has managed to be at the rank 7.


Whether you want to go for an undergraduate course, or a postgraduate course, want to pursue a major in Architecture, or Teaching, the University of Melbourne has it for you. Also, its hardcore research-intensive nature makes it one of the most sought after universities of the world. Yes, it will not be as easy as savouring your favourite cupcake to get in, but once you make it into UoM, the advantages will thus be much greater than your favourite cupcake will ever be able to provide you with.

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