University of Pittsburgh

Public University

Pittsburgh, United States

Originally founded in the year 1787, the University of Pittsburgh has seen decades of educational transformation in the country. The official name "University of Pittsburgh" was adopted in the year 1908. Since its collaboration with the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, the institution has re Read more


Highlights of University of Pittsburgh

  • Research and development programs are the top priorities of the institution which accounts to most of its $2 billion education budget.
  • The University of Pittsburgh has been accredited with international rankings every year and has been acclaimed as one of the top research universities.
  • The state government acknowledges and supports the institution with regular funding with its primary focus on health research.
  • Over 20,000 enrollments and semester-based curriculum make the university a highly effective workplace.
  • Affordable fee structure makes Pitt the go-to institution for anyone who is looking for quality education.
  • Vladimir Zworykin, father of television is an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Famous Alumni
    Joe Manganiello

    American film actor

    Bill Peduto


    August Wilson

    American playwright

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