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Renowned for its top-notch educational institutions all around the world, the USA is one of the prime locations for higher education. The country offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the subjects that one can choose to study here. These vast career opportunities bagged with quality education and excellent teaching facilities makes it the most developed nation in the world.  When it comes to choosing to study in USA, students often take the fall intake and it cannot be said that spring intake isn’t ideal for you. Through this blog, we’ll shed light on the different aspects of spring intake in USA.

About Intakes in USA

Spring intake in USA is also referred to as the January intake and is the second-preferred intake after the Fall Intake in USA, i.e. September admissions. Let’s take a look at the overview of spring, fall and summer intake in USA 2023:

Fall Intake [Primary]SeptemberSeptember to December
(or Early January)
Spring Intake [Secondary]JanuaryJanuary to May
Summer Intake [Lesser number
of courses]
MayMay to August

Spring Intake Universities in USA

There are several American colleges and universities that extend their applications to offer a broad category of courses in various disciplines and sub-disciplines. Here are the major Spring intake universities in USA:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Yale University
  3. University of Massachusetts
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  5. University of Illinois, Chicago
  6. University of Central Florida
  7. Washington State University
  8. University of Dayton
  9. Pace University 
  10. San Francisco State University 
  11. Nova Southeastern University 
  12. University of Colorado 
  13. Penn State Harrisburg 
  14. Temple University 
  15. San Jose State University 
  16. State University of New York 
  17. Rutgers University 
  18. George Mason University 
  19. University of North Florida
  20. Marquette University 
  21. University of Memphis
  22. University of Connecticut 
  23. University of Arkansas
  24. Eastern Washington University 
  25. University of Texas at Austin
  26. University of Maryland
  27. Auburn University 
  28. City University of New York 

Top 10 Business School for Spring Intake in USA

USA remains the no. 1 choice for pursuing an MBA. If you have missed your fall intake, here is the list of universities for spring intake in USA for MBA:

Spring Intake in USA 2023 Deadlines

Students start the preparation and application process a year before the intake season begins to avoid missing any important deadlines. Here are some of the university deadlines for the spring intake in USA 2022:

Upcoming Application Deadlines of Bachelor’s Courses

Universities Deadlines for Spring Intake 2023
University of DaytonDecember 13, 2023
Oregon State UniversityMarch 1, 2023
Suffolk University, BostonDecember 1, 2023
Adelphi UniversityDecember 14, 2023
Hofstra UniversityEarly Action I – November 15  Early Action II – December 15 (Rolling Admission)
University of Massachusetts, Boston January 6, 2023

Note: The dates may vary because of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. If we follow the trend from last year, we can safely predict that if any undesirable scenario emerges as a result of the increased number of cases or the additional constraints that may result, the deadlines will be extended. Last year, the dates were altered for the students’ convenience so that they could cope with the many limitations in place. Please revisit this page on a frequent basis for updates on the situation and any modifications to the deadlines.

Upcoming Application Deadlines of Master’s Courses

Universities Deadlines for Spring Intake 2023
University of Massachusetts, Boston December 16, 2023
Hofstra UniversityEarly Action I – November 15Early Action II – December 15(Rolling Admission)-
George Mason UniversityJanuary 4, 2023
Suffolk University, BostonDecember 1, 2023
Auburn UniversityDecember 7, 2023
Adelphi UniversityDecember 14, 2023
University of DaytonDecember 13, 2023
Arizona State UniversityApplication opens – February 1, 2023
Texas A & M Corpus ChristiThe deadlines vary

Note: The dates for master’s courses are also subject to change. There may be a revision in the deadline because of the growing uncertainty around the rising number of cases in the United States. However, no such notification has yet been made in this respect. As of now, the dates are set in stone, and any changes will be informed by the various universities. It’s also meant to be in sync with the US government and the governments of the various states. International students must submit several papers in order to obtain a master’s degree, and the lockdowns have disrupted the functioning of Indian colleges. So, after considering everything, final judgments will be made, but candidates must now adhere to these deadlines.

How to Apply for Spring Intake in USA?

  1. You need to start applying to universities by April, May because the admission process can take time, so you need to have enough time in hand. You should start shortlisting universities which offer spring admissions and choose the ones you wish to apply for and start researching on their admission processes, exams to prepare and documents needed.
  2. You will have to check the university page to see what tests you might have to sit for such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE. You should start registering for these tests by June and take them as soon as possible.
  3. During August and September, you should start applying to the colleges. check all the university pages, to understand the application process and all the documents that are needed. Many universities require SOPs and LORs, get in touch with our expert team at Leverage Edu for help writing your SOPs and LORs.
  4. By October, November, you will start receiving responses from universities, so make sure you reply as soon as possible. Once you get an acceptance letter, you might have to pay a non-refundable admission deposit.
  5. Towards the end of the year, you will have to apply for your visa and student loans which will be needed.
  6. Lastly, you will have to book your tickets by the end of January next year because its time to move to the US.

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Which Courses to Apply for Spring Intake in USA?

Spring intake in USA is most popular for masters and UG courses although if you want to apply for MS programs, it is better to opt for the fall intake when the top universities accept applications for MS in the USA. It is essential that you draft a strong and impressive application if you are applying for the spring intake in the USA especially to prominent universities in the USA. Other than masters, you will be able to find a few colleges and universities open for MBA and PhD admissions for spring intake in USA.

Benefits of Spring Intake in USA

While making a career choice, it is important to analyse the pros and cons of your decision. Besides beautiful weather, summer vacation, spring intake in USA offers great benefits. Let us take a look at several advantages:

  • The spring intake gives the student extra time to consider their choices and to explore what are the various options available to them after the completion of their previous course. 
  • It also gives them the much-needed space to revisit their decision, take a buffer period and analyze things in a new light. 
  • One can also utilize this time to make the necessary preparations that are required in case of relocation for International students. So, you can apply for visa and other mandates in this period. 
  • Though the number of top universities that offer admissions in the spring intake is less, nevertheless it gives you the opportunity to save a year and get yourself enrolled in an accredited institution. 
  • The Spring intake offers scholarly students the chance to complete their degree in a lesser time span and hence get ahead towards their goals as compared to others. 
  • Since the class size is smaller in the Spring intake in USA, the student-teacher ratio provides the scope for class discussion and improved learning.
  • The students in the spring intake are grouped together with those in the fall intake exposing them to relatively older and experienced students in the institution. Hence, the opportunity to learn and grow are numerous depending upon the mindset of the candidate.

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Document Checklists

The spring intake in USA is best for all those who missed out on the fall intake deadlines. With the season beginning in January and ending around early May, it is important to note that the deadlines of different institutions vary as per the specific university. Usually, all your deadlines will be between July-September. So, it is important for applicants to be cautious about the deadlines other than the essential documents to be prepared. Take a look at the documents required to apply for spring intake in USA:

  • The attested marksheets of class 10th and 12th 
  • Transcripts of the previous qualifying examination
  • Degree of the previous qualification (in some cases, Provisional Certificate would work)
  • GRE or GMAT scores 
  • IELTS, TOEFL or PTE score sheet
  • 2-3 LORs
  • SOP and essay
  • Resume/CV 
  • Valid passport
  • Latest passport-sized photographs
  • Certificates of extracurricular activities, internships, apprenticeships, etc (if there are any) 
  • Work experience (if there is any)

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Which Intake to Choose: Fall vs Spring Intake in USA

Fall IntakeSpring Intake
You can get more opportunities in terms of scholarships and better networking options with other students as the academic year begins during this time. Fewer opportunities are made available at the beginning of the academic year as most of the scholarships and funding have been available at the start of the year. 
Universities offer a wide range of options for courses to select in the fall intake In spring, universities offer a comparatively limited number of courses.  
More on-campus opportunities, more research or teacher assistant jobs are available during fall intake.The opportunities to work on campus and as a researcher are slightly less, as you may begin in the middle of the year. 
Since the entire social group has been formed since the beginning of the year it is easier for a fall student to lead that specific group. It would be difficult to demonstrate your real potential as a leader in the spring semester, as a social group is already made. 
Fall students can easily apply for internship opportunities because before applying, they easily meet the 9-month criteria. Spring students face the problem of eligibility for 9 months of intern enrollment with any company as an intern.
With a fall student, more job options are available as the university placement drive begins during that time. As most of the fall candidates have already been employed by companies, a limited number of job options are available.

Myths about Spring Intake in USA

There are various misbeliefs when it comes while planning to study abroad prospectus, sometimes it’s the myths about IELTS and even about the intake season. We are busting myths about the spring intake in USA:

  • Less Ranked Courses – This is just a misconception about the spring intake in USA. The courses available spring are slightly less as compared to the fall but the courses offered are taught by the best faculty. The education system of USA is built in a way that if students studies in spring, winter, or summer intake the course curriculum offered remains the same.
  • Difficult to get admission – Another myth about the spring intake in USA is that it is extremely hard to get admission in spring intake. The course availability, entry requirements, and other related things are the same. The level of difficulty remains the same in all intakes in USA.
  • No Internships – Internship opportunities play an important role in the course curriculum. Another misconception is that there are lesser internships opportunities available to spring intake in USA students. Students can opt for various internships however, there are slightly fewer as compared to the fall intake.
  • Visa Issues – This remains the biggest myth about the spring intake in USA that is nearly impossible to get an F-1 visa spring intake. The visa is provided on the applicant’s qualification and eligibility. This is just another misconception that it is difficult to acquire an F-1 visa in spring intakes.

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What is spring intake in USA?

There are various intake seasons in the USA. The spring intake in USA starts in January and end in early May.

Can you start your Master in the spring intake in USA?

Yes, you can pursue various postgraduate programs in the spring intake in USA

Which admission is better fall or spring?

Every intake has its own pros and cons. There are various key points to consider before selecting the intake season. Class size of Fall Intake is large as compared to other intakes, this means more chances of getting admission. On the other hand, an applicant with an excellent academic record and other qualifications also have a higher chance of admission in spring intake in USA.

How much IELTS score is required for spring intake in USA?

The IELTS requirement is different for each university, the IELTS score between 7.5 – 8.5 is considered good for admission

What colleges do spring admissions?

Top Universities includes Harvard, Yale, Columbia University in the USA

Can you start a PhD in the spring?

Yes, you can start a PhD course in the spring intake in USA.

It is the time when thousands of students apply for MS and MBA programs abroad. Whether planning to apply for fall or spring intake in USA, it is advisable to prepare beforehand. For complete assistance on the application process, LORs and SOPs, take the help of the industry’s leading experts at Leverage Edu. For complete career guidance, book your 30-minutes counselling session with us now!

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  1. After reading all the instructions under spring intake and fall intake in USA,I simply choose to apply for fall intake because it has many chances of getting admissions

  2. actually, I got the total idea about spring intake in the USA and I resole all my myth concepts. greatest thank for this site

  1. After reading all the instructions under spring intake and fall intake in USA,I simply choose to apply for fall intake because it has many chances of getting admissions

  2. actually, I got the total idea about spring intake in the USA and I resole all my myth concepts. greatest thank for this site