Harvard University

Private University

Cambridge, United States

On account of wisdom and history, Harvard University is considered as the most prestigious educational institution with a large number of enrolled students. Established in 1636, Harvard University is one of the oldest and is among the top institutions across the world, not just in the United States. Read more


Highlights of Harvard University

  • In the United States, Harvard is considered as the oldest university for higher studies.
  • It was named after its first benefactor John Harvard.
  • It is governed by a chartered body Harvard Corporation since 1650.
  • The total number of international students enrolled at Harvard University is 9,468, while the campus area is 5,457 acres.
  • This university is also organized into 11 academic subunits.
  • The male-female ratio is 10:9, and the faculty-student ratio is 1:7.
  • This university is constantly ranked as 1st in the world with an endowment value of 37 billion USD.
  • The annual expense on hostel and food is INR 12.3 Lakhs per student.
  • This educational institute also provides residential facility to the students.
  • Famous Alumni
    Rahul Gandhi


    Jamie Dimon


    Bill Gates


    Ratan Tata

    Former Chairman

    Barack Obama

    Former US President

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