University of Ottawa

Public University

Ottawa, Canada

The University of Ottawa is known for the bilingual public research in Ottawa. The university was established in 1848. The main campus of the university is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The university offers various courses in the fields of administration, education, arts, law, medicine, and s Read more


Highlights of University of Ottawa

  • This university has a total student population of 35,140.
  • There are 1,648 faculty members employed at this university.
  • It has a campus that spans an area of around 105 acres.
  • The university is affiliated by AUCC, IAU, CIS and many more.
  • The university offers on-campus as well as off-campus housing facilities to the students.
  • The university is considered as world's largest bilingual university.
  • Famous Alumni
    John Manley

    President of the Business Council

    Lisa LaFlamme

    Canadian Journalist

    Alex Trebek

    Television Personality and Host

    Bob Chiarelli

    Former Mayor of Ottawa

    Paul Martin

    Former Prime Minister

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