Humboldt University of Berlin

Public University

Berlin, Germany

Established more than two centuries ago, in 1810, Humboldt University of Berlin is a public university situated in Berlin. It is a well-reputed university nationally as well as globally, especially in the field of Arts & Humanities. This university is organised into nine faculties, namely Faculty of Read more


Highlights of Humboldt University of Berlin

  • Out of the 33,681 students currently enrolled in the university, 5,020 are non-German.
  • As of 2019, the Times Higher Education places this university at 67th place globally.
  • International students make up 17% of the total student population of this university.
  • The college has 32,553 understudies and more than 420 employees.
  • 16% of the understudies and 18% of the instructing staff are from remote nations.
  • Famous for his work 'The World as Will and Representation', Arthur Schopenhauer was an incredible German rationalist, who passed out as a graduate from the college.
  • Famous Alumni
    Karl Marx


    Friedrich Engels

    German philosopher

    social scientist
    Otto Eduard Leopold

    Prince of Bismarck

    William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

    American sociologist

    Christian Johann Heinrich Heine

    German poet


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