Carleton University

Public University

Ottawa, Canada

The Carleton University was founded in 1942 in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Initially, The university was named as Carleton college which is a private college to serve the people returning from World war 2. in 1957 with the public support the college was completely converted into the University under the Read more


Highlights of Carleton University

  • The library of the university holds an uncountable research collection of document and research papers.
  • As per the facts, the female students are more as compared to male students.
  • The university scholarship programs are also available for international students.
  • This university offers numerous variety of programmes for the students to choose from.
  • The campus area of the university is spread across 150 acres.
  • The university provides a multicultural environment by enrolling students from 100 different countries.
  • Famous Alumni
    Charles Chi


    Karim Rashid

    Industrial Designer

    Dan Aykroyd


    Norm Macdonald

    Canadian Stand

    Jim Watson


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