Washington State University

Public University

Pullman, United States

Earlier established as an Agricultural College, Washington State University has cemented its name amongst the renowned institutions of research, innovation and diversity. The university was established in the year 1890. In order to increase its presence in other locations, the university established Read more




Highlights of Washington State University

  • Washington State University was placed at the 106th spot in the list of ‘Best Value Schools’ by the 2020 US News Best Colleges Rankings.
  • A respectable 44.6% alumni participation rate.
  • Washington State University  has a 72% acceptance rate.
  • The student body of the university comprises of 7% international students.
  • According to the USN Rankings 2020, Washington State University is ranked at 166 for Best National Universities. 
  • Famous Alumni
    Gary Larson

    American cartoonist

    Sherman Alexie

    American novelist

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