MBA Aspirants Looking Forward to Study Abroad in 2021

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MBA aspirants looking forward to study abroad in 2021

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) released its annual research report known as the Prospective Students Survey to analyse the career aspirations and plans of MBA students for the upcoming academic year. The 2021 report analysed over 2515 MBA aspirants across the world who wish to study abroad despite the ongoing pandemic. The report also released how demand for international MBA degrees continues to increase as concerns over the consequences of COVID-19 decline from 41% in July to 33% in December 2020. Read this article to know more about MBA aspirants looking forward to study abroad in 2021.

Diverse Pathways to Pursuing MBA in 2021

While MBA remains a top priority amongst international students, international candidates are also on the lookout for alternative paths to advance their careers, skills and qualifications. According to the 2021 GMAC’s Prospective Students Survey, female candidates showed more flexibility towards online learning than male candidates. Candidates also expressed interest in pursuing a domestic MBA rather than abandoning all plans for a management degree. 

Women Prefer Remote Learning More Than Men

Nearly 50% of women candidates were willing to complete their higher education through online learning and agreed that the career opportunities created by remote business degrees were the same as on-campus business degrees. This is a surprising revelation because the gendered impact of COVID- 19 that affected women was worse than men because of the increased workload. 

MBA Aspirants Prefer Domestic over Remote Learning

Candidates who showed interest in studying MBA in their home country also preferred remote learning to an extent. Over 70% of international MBA aspirants are not planning to change their career paths. They prefer on-campus alternatives that are closer to home than remote learning. 

Only 13% of candidates were willing to opt for remote learning due to the growing health concerns caused by the pandemic.

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MBA Aspirants on Skills Gap

Nearly 50% of candidates expressed concerns over the skill and qualification gap, the demand for an MBA also increased as candidates in the job market reportedly discovered a skill gap during the job application process. The lack of skills and qualifications has hindered candidates from securing lucrative job opportunities and increased the demand for MBA amongst prospective candidates by 37%. 

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US and UK Remain Top MBA Destinations

Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, candidates are still enthusiastic about their study abroad plans and future prospects. International students from countries like India, UK and Canada chose US as their go-to study abroad destination, closely followed by UK while international candidates from China chose UK as their preferred destination for higher education. 

Indian Aspirants on Study Abroad Plans

This was all about MBA aspirants looking forward to study abroad in 2021. As covid concerns wane, MBA aspirants have started making study abroad plans and see living and working in a foreign country as an important part of their MBA degree and future career plans. For more news updates and trending content, keep following Leverage Edu on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

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