September Intake In USA

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September Intake in USA

The United States of America is considered one of the popular study destinations to pursue higher education. It is because of the highly renowned educational and research excellence that the Universities of USA. The month of September is just right for those students who need some more time in completing their education before they enter universities or are in the process of arranging their student visa before they begin to study in USA. We are here with this blog to give you all relevant information related to September intake in the USA. 

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Why Choose September Intake in the USA?

  • The September intake has a better chance of you getting admitted to the university. It generally has a high acceptance rate compared to other intakes due to the large class size compared to others.
  • In terms of the courses offered, the September intake in USA is also more beneficial. The USA’s universities offer more courses for the September intakes as it is the beginning of the academic cycle. 
  • More options of internships, career placements, and extracurricular activities are available as the USA’s September intake is the beginning of the academic year.
  • Since the September intakes’ academic session begins late in August to September, you can pursue your masters without wasting much time. It is the time around which the semesters of most courses are wrapped up. 
  • You have a better experience than students of January Intake. It increases your chance to take part in job fairs and campus recruitments.

Benefits of fall intake in US

Let’s start by examining why fall is regarded as the preferred admittance season before talking about the US fall intake schedule.

The Fall intake is the most popular and is regarded as the main intake at all significant US colleges. This is due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Since fall represents the start of the academic year, this is the season when most students apply to schools and institutions.
  • During the fall intake, universities offer a wide variety of their signature courses and programmes.
  • Students have more access to financial aid and scholarships in the fall.
  • Students generally have an easier time locating internship and employment opportunities in the USA in the fall.
  • For students interested in networking and other on-campus activities, the fall semester is preferable.

When To Apply?

The admission process for September intake in USA usually starts at the end of November/December of the previous year, i.e. 2020 closes by the end of July 2021. But do not wait till the last day as it is better to end your admission process to secure your seat as early as possible.

Application Essentials

If you wish to apply in the September intake in USA, then you must keep your documents ready beforehand. So here is a list of documents you need when you will fill your application form:

  • Marksheets of 10th and 12th standard. 
  • Transcripts of the previous qualifying examination (Undergraduate or graduate level, if applicable). Note that provisional certificates will be considered if the original ones haven’t been issued during the time of application. 
  • Letter of recommendations (2-3)
  • Statement of purpose, along with the College essay. 
  • Valid passport
  • Latest passport-size photographs
  • IELTS or TOEFL mark sheet as every University in the USA asks you to clear any of their Language proficiency tests before applying. 
  • As most courses consider GRE or GMAT scores for admission, you must have cleared these exams and acquired the scorecard. 
  • Other certificates which showcase your merits like internship certificates or participation certificates. 

Steps To Apply For September Intake

To get admission in the September intake in USA, you need to follow the admission process to study in USA. The steps for the same are mentioned below. 

  • Make a list of preferred universities to apply beforehand in a rank, highest being most preferred. Make sure you research about the university.
  • Universities ask for the English language proficiency test scores and GRE, GMAT test scores. Make sure you have given the required exams before the start of the application process. Remember that you need to score a minimum of a required test score, which is different for each university.
  • Try applying for universities from the start of November of the previous of joining. This will increase your chances of getting admitted. If you wait till May or June, there might be no seats available so apply as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that you keep checking the status of your application. Universities make confirmation regarding admissions within 8-10 weeks.
  • After getting the acceptance letter, immediately start applying for the visa. So, before the beginning of September intake, make sure you have a visa in your hand. 

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 Universities Taking September Intakes

There are certain universities in the USA which are well established and are popular amongst students, which are accepting September intake in the USA. They are mentioned below. 

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US deadlines and timeline

The deadline for study abroad applications for the US fall admission begins a full year in advance. This indicates that you should begin preparing in 2022 if you wish to start your degree in the fall of 2023. Now that you have a lot to accomplish, you could need the entire year of 2021 to prepare. You may easily navigate the MS admissions process by using the processes and the USA autumn intake timeline highlighted in this section!

It can take a very long time and be very laborious to apply to universities abroad. You must, however, exercise patience and caution as you complete each step of the admissions process.


What are some fall intake universities in USA?

Some fall intake universities in USA are:
Princeton University
Harvard University
Stanford University

What is the September intake in USA?

One of the most popular intakes among international students looking to study in the US is the fall intake in the US, also known as the September intake in the US, which begins in late August or early September.

What are the benefits of fall intake in US?

Fall intake has certain advantages in the US. Like access to a variety of majors and courses. Scholarships and financial aid and countless options for employment and internships.

This was all about universities accepting September intake in USA. We hope that you have all the essential details you needed to know better about it! Need help with preparing your application for September intake? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you through every step of the process. Sign up for a session now!

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