Free Visa for Indians

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Free Visa for Indian

Lengthy application forms, tricky personal interviews, and long waiting duration; arent visa formalities the most tedious tasks related to visiting abroad? Almost every country requires foreign nationals to have a pre-approved visa before they allow them to enter their borders for business, overseas education or tourism. But do you know there are many countries in popular continents like Asia, Africa along with Oceania and the Caribbean that allow free visa for Indian nationals! Yes, you read it right, being an Indian passport holder, you can travel without any visa to a few countries. Let’s go through this blog and take a look at the countries offering free visas for Indians.  

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Different Types of Visas Indians Can Avail

Following are the types of visas Indians can avail themselves:

Type of Visa What Does it Imply?
Visa-free The advantage of being able to travel to a nation without needing a visa is known as visa-free travel. This is relevant if the two concerned nations have an agreement to that effect or if the nation one is visiting has unilaterally opened its borders to foreign nationals.
Visa on Arrival These are issued to a tourist at the port of entry and are also known as on-arrival visas. Government officials at the port of entry start and finish the full visa-issuing process.
e-Visa E-Visas are, in essence, official documents issued online by a country’s immigration official that grant visitors with permission to enter it. These serve as an alternative to conventional paper-based visas granted by embassies.
Entry Permit In place of visas, nations provide visitors entrance permits. These entrance permits are legal documents that grant visitors the right to enter and remain in the nation for a specific amount of time.

Countries Offering Free Visa to Indians

Tabulated below are countries that allow free visas for Indians to travel and visit them. There are 130 countries which make it mandatory for Indians to have a visa, whereas only 21 countries have opened their borders to Indian nationals without any visa. For all the Indian passport holders here is a list of countries that you can visit without any visa, but make sure that you have your travel insurance before you go onboard- 

Continents  Countries 
Asia  Bhutan
Palestine Territories
Africa Mauritius
Oceania  Fiji 
Caribbean  Dominica 
Saint Kitts and Nevis 
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
Trinidad and Tobago
America Ecuador El Salvador

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Now that we have been through the list of countries that have a free visa for Indians, let us now take a detailed look at what all are the necessary requirements that one must keep in mind before visiting the nations. 


There are 6 spectacular countries falling within the Asian continent that offer free visa for Indians. Here are the details pertaining to them- 

  • Bhutan: Indians need to register at the time of visiting Bhutan along with providing necessary documents such as a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • Nepal: The country does not demand Indians to possess any sort of special document for visiting Nepal. 
  • Indonesia: To enter Indonesia without any Visa it is necessary for one to only visit tourist related places or family and not carry out any sort of business.
  • Qatar: To visit Qatar, it is absolutely necessary for Indians to have a valid passport with at least six months of extended validity along with a confirmed return ticket. 


Scenic countries in African borders also have a free visa for Indians policy. Let us take a look at a few details: 

  • Mauritius: If you have a valid Indian passport, confirm accommodation booking along with a confirmed return or onwards ticket, you fall under the category of free visa for Indians in Mauritius. 
  • Senegal: Senegal offers a Visa free stay to the citizens of 55 countries including India if they have a valid passport, return ticket and proof of hotel reservations.


Countries with free visa for Indians policy in Oceania are- 

  • Vanuatu: Being an Indian national if you have a valid passport, proof of funds for the trip along with return tickets you can freely visit Vanuatu. 
  • Fiji: Fiji allows Indian nationals to stay in the country and must have a valid passport, passport size photographs, return tickets along with proof of funds. 


There are 7 Caribbean countries that you can visit without seeking a visa. Mentioned below are the details that one must keep in mind before entering the borders- 

  • Dominica: The Dominican Republic allows free visa for Indian nationals if they have sufficient funds, confirmed accommodation and return tickets. 
  • Haiti: Along with an identity proof and valid passport, you all set to visit Haiti. 
  • Grenada: A valid passport with a minimum one blank Page, round trip flight tickets and yellow fever certificates are some of the mandatory requirements to fulfil for visiting Granada. 
  • Jamaica: Located in the Caribbean Island nation, Indian nationals can visit Jamaica without any Visa. 


Countries that Indians can visit in America without any Visa are- 

  • Ecuador: The immigration authorities of Ecuador allow free visa for Indian nationals, which means they can visit the country without any visa.
  • El Salvador: After collecting a valid tourist card upon arriving in the nation with a minimal fee of USD 10, International scan explore El Salvador. 

Maximum Duration of Stay 

Although it is free for Indian nationals to visit the above-mentioned countries, provided that they meet the basic requirements, it is important to note that the duration of stay without any Visa is for a limited period. The immigration authorities have made it mandatory for Indian nationals to return to their original-destination within the prescribed duration of time. For all the countries having a free visa for Indians policy, here are their valid durations:

Countries Validity
Bhutan 7 Days
Nepal No Validity
Indonesia 30 Days
Macau 30 Days
Palestinian Territories
Qatar 30 Days
Serbia 30 Days
Mauritius 60 Days
Senegal  30 Days
Tunisia  90 Days
Fiji 120 Days
Vanuatu 30 Days
Dominica  180 Days
Grenada 90 Days
Haiti 90 Days
Jamaica  30 Days
St. Kitts and Nevis 30 Days
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 30 Days
Trinidad and Tobago 90 Days
Ecuador 90 Days
El Salvador 90 Days


Is a visa on arrival offered at every airport in the nations that apply?

No, only a few ports and airports in the regions of the nations that provide them give visas on arrival.

Do most e-Visas allow for a single entrance into a country?

Yes, most e-Visas, particularly those obtained for travel, only allow for one entrance.

Are e-Visas valid for the same amount of time in every nation?

No, the length of an e-validity Visa’s depends on the issuing nation’s discretion.

We hope that through this block was helpful in making you well versed with the list of countries that offer free visa for Indians. Do you know that most of these nations are also counted among the leading study abroad destinations? Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and they will guide you in choosing the best study destination as per your career goals and budget. Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!

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