MBA Career Options

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MBA Career Options

MBA or Master in Business Administration is a postgraduate course that aims to acculturate students with the ins and outs of running a business. It puts a student in the driving seat of business. It has soared in huge popularity due to its attractiveness in terms of new career paths, professional development opportunities, and increased financial benefits. A variety of career options await an MBA degree holder. In this blog, we will explore what exactly is an MBA program and what are major MBA career options you can explore after completing this course. 

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MBA Career Options: Overview of MBA

Master in Business Administration (MBA), as discussed is a postgraduate degree programme which teaches students to deal with the major functions of a business. This may include finance, marketing, human resources, operations, technology management and much more.

An MBA program is typical of two kinds: General MBA and Specialised MBA. General MBA is where all disciplines are equally focused upon and students gain important insights into all aspects of a business. A specialised MBA gives a basic understanding of all facets of business management along with focusing on a specific field. A Specialised MBA program, focusing on core disciplines like marketing, human resources, operations, strategy, and finance affords students the to become experts in their field of choice. 

Both the General MBA and Specialised MBA are designed to suit the needs and requirements of different kinds of management students and professionals.

Here are the popular specializations people take after MBA:


This is the most opted-for specialisation for pursuing a Specialised MBA. It deals with the tools and techniques that are used in the financial world. Students are taught investment management, derivatives, behavioural finance and much more.


Marketing is how companies tell about their products to their prospective customers. It is a discipline that has evolved over the years with continuous innovations in the business industry.

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The recent decades witnessed a large number of companies and businesses being born and shut down. Entrepreneurship studies deal with how companies can be better sustained in the long run.

These are some other popular specialisations for pursuing an MBA program: 

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MBA Career Options: Top Universities for Pursuing MBA

There are various renowned universities around the world that offer some of the best MBA degree programmes. Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, London Business School, INSEAD, Stanford University, Stern School of Management, and New York University are among the world-renowned business schools for pursuing MBA. 

Harvard Business School, Harvard University, USA

Studying MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS) offers you an immense understanding of the facets of management along with world-class opportunities and exposure. Being one of the world’s most innovative business schools, the case study method of teaching at Harvard Business School has been adopted by a host of other institutions. It also offers joint degree programmes in association with other disciplines like Public Policy, Medicine, Law, Engineering and Biotechnology.

All you wanted to know about ‘Harvard Business School’

Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The Sloan School’s MBA is a two-year program is geared towards finding creative solutions to challenging problems of the world. This program has three tracks, namely, the finance track, the entrepreneurship and innovation track and the enterprise management track. Furthermore, it provides students with a chance to customise their course after they complete the core first semester.

London Business School, UK

Based in the heart of London, London Business School has the most comprehensive MBA programmes in the world. The curriculum of these programs is hugely customisable to suit one’s interests and inclinations. Depending on your choice, it can be completed in 15, 18 or 21 months. It offers global business experiences and international exchange as well. 

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Entry Requirements for MBA

The most essential element of entry requirements is that applicants are generally required to have at least 2 years of work experience in order to get into top schools. A good score on the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), a consistently high GPA and a strong statement of purpose form the other prerequisites.

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MBA Career Options: Certifications

During or after an MBA, students can choose to pair their degrees with international certification. Prevalent certifications that help in expanding MBA career options are Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Management (FRM), Chartered Public Accountant (CPA), etc.

There are immense career options to pursue after completing an MBA in your chosen field of interest. Here we listed all the popular career choices to explore after MBA:


What type of job we can get after MBA?

This specialisation can lead to positions such as Brand Manager, Sales Manager, B2B Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and so on. Finance jobs make decisions in a company in areas such as investment banking, risk management, budgeting, financial planning, and many others.

Which field of MBA is best?

Here are seven of the best MBA specializations to consider pursuing.
MBA in Accounting.
MBA in Analytics Intelligence.
MBA in Healthcare Management.
MBA in Human Resources Management.
MBA in Finance.
MBA in Management.
MBA in Marketing.

Can I get a job easily after my MBA?

Based on your interests and MBA specialisation, you can work in the following sectors after graduation: banking and finance, consulting, marketing, manufacturing and technology, IT Manager, HR Manager, Business Development Manager, and project manager.

Hence, there are various MBA career options to pursue after studying for this renowned degree in management and business administration. With the rise in disciplines, courses offered and universities to choose from, applicants need to meticulously judge and evaluate programs that suit their interests. Let our Leverage Edu experts assist you to find an ideal MBA program in your field of interest along with guiding you to get shortlisted in the college of your choice. 

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