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microsoft careers in India

It’s time to launch your career and use your skills in the real world now that you’ve completed your coursework and you are graduated. Do you wish to make a significant contribution to a high-tech industry leader’s commercial success? Would you like to participate in an inspiring programme of the highest calibre? Are you prepared to begin your journey with Microsoft? Microsoft provides full-time graduate positions in a range of business and engineering sectors where you may start putting your abilities to use. To know more about Microsoft careers in India, keep reading this blog.

About Microsoft

Microsoft India is a well-known international technology firm that frequently hires IT specialists in India for a range of employment categories. Knowing the qualifying requirements, educational requirements, and hiring procedure of Microsoft is crucial if you are a new graduate interested in working there. You can discover fascinating employment at Microsoft India in a variety of fields, including research, worldwide delivery, technical support, cloud services and solutions, product development, and everything in between. Microsoft has offices in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Noida, among other places. Come join forces with those who are inspiring others to accomplish more. 

What Will You Do?

Microsoft Careers in India will make sure that employees experience all the things listed below:

  • Utilise the brightest brains at Microsoft to transform organisations and whole sectors. There is now no stronger relationship between technology and consulting.
  • Take the initiative from a distinct position in the market, where technology, domain knowledge, and digital innovation converge.
  • Help clients through their cloud transformation journey by working with a worldwide network of business and technical advisers.
  • Join forces with the 45,000+ devoted professionals that comprise the world’s largest network of Microsoft specialists.


All educational levels, including those with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, or PhD, are available for hire. For someone to qualify as a student or recent graduate, they require all the things listed below:

  • Enrolled or about to graduate within a year.
  • For Class X and Class XII, a score of at least 70% is necessary.
  • A minimum CGPA of 6 is necessary for postgraduate students, whereas a minimum of 70% is needed for undergraduate students.
  • There should be no academic gap longer than two years.
  • There should be no backlogs at the time of applying for the Microsoft hiring process.

Microsoft Careers in India

To proceed with making a Microsoft career in India, here are some best roles you can apply for:

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, your main duties will be to comprehend client requirements, assist with project planning, scoping, and prioritisation, provide estimates, create straightforward, flexible, and comprehensive designs, write high-quality code from the source, create validation tests, and promptly address issues.

Program Manager

You will be the internal spokesman for the millions of users of Microsoft products across the world as a program manager. You will be responsible for next-generation software solutions’ technical vision, design, execution, and commercial success. By developing the product through storyboarding, designing, iteration with engineering, and communicating with customers to promote the product and get feedback, you will be establishing and executing the product strategy and roadmap.

UX Designer

Working collaboratively with product managers and engineers, a UX designer will take a design from conception to completion. You’ll understand that design is an ongoing process that starts with the idea for the product and iterates throughout the release cycle, not just a finishing touch. You will have unwavering design principles, the ability to solve problems, a focus on the big picture, and leadership skills.

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Solution Sales Specialist

You will be responsible for collaborating with business decision-makers to comprehend their specific business needs in your capacity as a Modern Workplace Solution Sales Specialist (SSP). Additionally, you’ll be prepared to lead a sizable virtual team with expertise in Security & Compliance, Collaboration, Analytics, and Modern Desktop to construct a solution that will give their employees more agency by establishing a Secure Productive Enterprise.

Microsoft Careers in India: Advantages

Microsoft offers employees and their qualified family members a wide choice of high-quality, professional counselling and support services.

Improving Lives While Working

As the brightest minds in the world, our employees at Microsoft India GTSC are entitled to nothing less than the best treatment possible from us. As a result, they receive the best benefits to improve their working environment and keep them rested every day!

Healthcare Program 

Microsoft pays for medical costs for employees and their families who qualify.

Employee Assistance Program

For employees and their qualifying family members, the Employee Assistance Program offers a full range of high-quality, professional counselling and support services.

Fitness Program

The Microsoft fitness centre is open to all employees, and the company’s fitness programme also encourages them to join other gyms to help them lead healthier lifestyles.

Child Care Benefits

In accordance with this scheme, new parents are given financial support so they can enrol their children in the best daycare centres.

Microsoft Careers in India Skills Required 

Here are some primary skills that employees must acquire in order to work at Microsoft:

  • Excellent communication skills are required.
  • Must be prepared to work a range of shifts and locations.
  • Technical topics ought to be thoroughly understood.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with others.

Recruitment Procedure

To make a career at Microsoft India candidate has to go through the following recruitment process:

  • Microsoft conducts 4-5 rounds of interviews.
  • There will be an Online Coding Test.
  • The candidates who qualify for the online coding test will be updated for the next round which includes, the written round.
  • The candidate will have to appear for the 3 Technical Rounds that will be conducted.
  • Lastly, the final round will be with HR.

Microsoft Careers in India: Tips to Prepare for an Interview

  • At Microsoft, there is no standard interview format or procedure. Depending on the teams or product categories, it varies. Four to five rounds of questioning are included in an interview process, with each round focusing on a candidate’s analytical, problem-solving, designing, coding, and testing skills.
  • Do some research on the organization’s history. What is the company doing at the moment? What is the state of the market or the technologies they are developing? That shows your interest in the company, and it’s a great way to gauge a candidate’s enthusiasm for the organisation.
  • When an interviewer asks if you’re on the correct track, don’t expect a yes or no response because they’re trained not to do so.
  • The interviewer will double-check to see if you implemented the code using the appropriate data structures and algorithms.
  • Interviewers will take notice of the strategy you utilised to optimise the answer, your knowledge of programming languages, your coding speed, any corners you overlooked, and how you looked at time and space complexity.
  • They’ll examine the way in which you presented your reasoning for solving a particular issue. Additionally, they’ll check to see if you were able to recognise the hint and proceed with the solution.

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Q1. Which Job role provides the highest salary at Microsoft?

Ans. Researchers and Software Engineers are provided with the highest salaries at Microsoft.

Q2. Does Microsoft India pay well?

Ans. Average salaries for Microsoft India range from 6.4 Lakhs to 3.8 Crores.

Q3. Which Job role has the highest salary in Microsoft India?

Ans. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is paid around 2.6 Lakhs.

We have covered everything about careers in Microsoft India. We hope this blog post was helpful to provide information regarding Microsoft Careers in India. If you need any help for career prospects you can contact our Leverage Edu experts for assistance. Call us immediately at 1800572000 for a 30-minute free counselling session.

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