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Harvard MBA

Ranked #3 in the overall QS world ranking 2020 and #1 in the QS World Ranking 2020 for Social Science and Management, Harvard University provides excellent MBA programmes to Business aspirants. It is known for the vibrant campus, state of the art educational infrastructure, multidisciplinary courses, outstanding alumni record and professional mentorship. Considering the charms of the University, an Harvard MBA can be daunting. If you are wondering how to get into Harvard Business schools then you have arrived at the right place. Read this exclusive blog to know everything about the Harvard MBA and its application process. 


Harvard University has 37% of international students coming from 69 different countries. Studying in such a vibrant space can improve dynamic skills in your personality. A course like MBA enhances students vision towards the case of methodology and leadership qualities. MBA students at Harvard possess a combination of expertise in the field along with practical experience. Generally, the Harvard MBA is a 2 year-long programme but there are some integrated MBA programmes at Harvard which span over 4 years as well. MBA at Harvard is a blend of field projects, case method courses, exercises that enhance leadership skills and multimedia simulations.

Harvard Business School Rankings

Rankings can be helpful in determining how good and prestigious the college or school is. Hence, let us first check out the world rankings before delving any further into the details about Harvard Business School. 

Ranking by Rank
US and World Report  #5
Times Higher Education (THE) #5
QS World Ranking #1

Harvard MBA Courses

Harvard MBA is offered with different variants. To have a better understanding of the same, read the following course descriptions:

It is a 4-year degree program which offers a comprehensive curriculum of Harvard Business school and Harvard Law School. In the course duration, you will have an array of opportunities to read electives at both the schools, apart from complete the core curriculum. Students get a chance to select their electives from both the schools, whereas the core subjects for the initial years are specific to HBS. HLS elective curriculum courses are taught in 3rd & 4th year respectively. 

Have a look at the list of online MBA courses!

The main objective of the course curriculum is to comprehensively understand the core strategies related to Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations etc.  It includes the core curriculum in the field of science such as oral medicines and related studies. The Harvard School of Dental Medicines offers it. 

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A joint venture of Harvard Business school and Harvard Kennedy Schoool offers a Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Policy (MBA/MPP) and a Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Administration-International Development (MBA/MPA-ID) to the students. The course duration for both is 3 years. You will learn things like- markets and failure, quantitative analysis & empirical methods, fundamentals of negotiation analysis, responsibilities of public action etc. 

Admission Process

Application is your very first step towards your dream university, thus, it is essential that you get it right. For a B-school like Harvard, you would need application assistance from experts. Get in touch with Leverage Edu, and we will make the entire process simple and clear for you. Ranging from helping you write MBA specific essays, to sending your application, we will be right there with you at every step! Let us get a general idea of how to apply for Harvard MBA from the enlisted points:

Step 1: Submit Application
In order to pursue an MBA at Harvard, it is mandatory to have a 4-year undergraduate degree or equivalent, along with GMAT or GRE scores. Language proficiency tests include TOEFL, IELTS, SOP, LORs, Essays and resume are also required for the application part. A nonrefundable application fee of 250 USD has to be paid to submit the application.

Step 2: Interview
Next step towards your admission to Harvard MBA is Interview. Generally, the interview process stretches for half an hour and is conducted by MBA admission Board members.

Step 3: Post Interview Reflection
Once you are done with the interview process, it is mandatory to submit a written reflection via online application mode within 24 hours. The admission committee will get back to you shortly.

Careers & Salary after Harvard MBA 

Students passing out from Harvard go on to have very fulfilling careers and high salary packages as they are very well sought after in the industry. This is due to the fact that Harvard MBA is considered a very prestigious B-school. Following are some of the professions that students can choose from:

Career Paths Average Salary
Finance $144,180 (INR 114.12 Lakhs)
General Management $111,043 (INR 87.89 Lakhs)
Marketing $142,170 (INR 11253 Lakhs)
Business Development $135,272 (INR 107.07 Lakhs)


How expensive is Harvard Business School?

The current tuition fees for Harvard’s MBA program is $73,440 per year. However, about half of students get a need-based scholarship.

Why is Harvard Business School so famous?

Harvard University Business School is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The school offers a number of opportunities. The large student body means you get to interact with a diverse group of classmates from around the world. Moreover, graduates from HBS are very sought after in the industry.

Hope you are clear with this comprehensive blog on Harvard MBA. Certainly, it needs a meticulous preparation, decisive strategy getting into Harvard. Worried about getting into the university? Let the experts at Leverage Edu guide, book your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team now!

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