Top BCG Careers in India for Freshers

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Top BCG Careers in India

Founded in 1963 Boston Consulting Group is an American management consulting group that has offices worldwide and provides its services around the globe. It is part of the top 3 consulting firms in the world, the other two being McKinsey, Bain & Company. Initially, it was part of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company but in 1974 the founder of BCG – Bruce Henderson arranged an employee stock ownership plan to make sure BCG becomes an independent company. The buyout of the shares was completed in 1979. Now it has around 100 offices in more than 50 countries. BCG provides excellent career opportunities to freshers, students, and graduates to kickstart their careers in consulting by offering associate and consultant positions through campus recruitments. Are you also interested in BCG careers? If the answer is yes, this blog will surely help you! 

Company Name Boston Consulting Group 
Industry Management Consulting 
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Founder Bruce Henderson 
No. of EmployeesAround 25,000 Worldwide

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Work Culture at BCG 

In 2022 Glassdoor made BCG part of its list of best places to work at. Comparably,  BCG’s employees rated BCG culture 4.8 out of 5 stars and gave an A+ rating. BCG is very serious when it comes to its values which include strategic perspective, integrity, diversity, respect for the individual, client-first, partnership, social impact, and expanding the art of possible. MIT’s Culture 500 asked BCG’s employees to submit reviews regarding their perspectives on BCG values. Following were the views of the employees:

  • Most of the employees talked about the value of collaboration at BCG because of which employees are able to work together with more productivity and at the same time it helps in the growth of the employees.
  • The negative point of BCG that came up in the reviews of the employees was agility as the employees react very quickly to changes in the market. 

Benefits Provided at BCG 

Pursuing a BCG career can help you get your hands on the various benefits and perks provided by BCG to employees. In 2022, Vault ranked BCG at 1 in the list of consulting firms for benefits. At Glassdoor employees of BCG have rated the company 4.8 out of 5 stars for the benefits provided by the company. Following are some of the general benefits provided to every employee at BCG: 

  • Alumni Benefits – BCG organizes various events where current and former employees of BCG can connect and network with each other. Around 250 former employees of BCG are leading Fortune 500 companies. The events act as an opportunity for BCG employees to grow professionally through career services, social media groups, and a global job board.
  • Flexibility Benefits – Employees at BCG can opt between hybrid and remote working options according to their convenience. Employees also get the benefit of some time off in between work to refresh which helps in boosting their productivity. 
  • Parental Benefits – Employees working at BCG get paternal leave, adoption, and fertility assistance to prospective parents at some of the BCG offices. At the central locations, there is a facility of backup childcare for the employees working at BCG who are parents. 
  • Other Benefits– At BCG employees get the benefits of an employee resource group, mental well-being services, healthy meals, and drinks. At some BCG offices employees also get the benefits of tuition and transportation reimbursement. 

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Comparing BCG with Other Top Companies 

The table below represents ratings of Comparably and Glassdoor for various Consulting companies which are based on the reviews submitted by the employees of these companies.

BCG Deloitte  McKinsey Bain 
Overall Culture
Perks & Benefits
Overall Score
Glassdoor Work/Life Balance3.2/53.3/53/53.2/5
Source: YouTube – Shatakshi Sharma

Internship Opportunities at BCG 

BCG provides internship opportunities to current students and undergraduates to help them in getting real industry experience. The internships offered by BCG help students in ensuring whether BCG will be a good fit for them. BCG typically offers internships in technology and consulting departments. Usually, the internship at BCG is around 2-3 months but it can last up to a year also depending upon the role. Following are the internship opportunities offered by BCG:

  • Consulting Internships – By working as an intern at Consulting department in BCG you will be able to work with real clients and gain invaluable experience that will help you further in your professional journey. These internships are open to undergraduate,  advanced degree programs, and MBA students.
  • Digital and Technology Internships – While working as a technology consulting intern you will get opportunities to work with data science, cyber security, software engineering, strategic design, etc. while brushing up on your engineering and analytical skills. 

Highest Paying BCG Careers 

While researching a company for a job, it is very important to know the salaries offered by the company so that you are able to negotiate better with the HR department at the same time it also helps you know which field offers a high salary. The table below represents some of the highest-paying BCG Careers:

Job PositionYears of ExperienceAverage Yearly Salary
Senior Knowledge Analyst 4 – 9 yrsINR 20.28 Lakh
Project Lead5 – 14 yrsINR 79.04 Lakh
Senior Analyst 4 – 13 yrsINR 20.55 Lakh
Senior Data Analyst4 – 9 yrsINR 18.92 Lakh
Analyst 1 – 6 yrsINR 14.69 Lakh
Research Analyst 2 – 7 yrsINR 11.69 Lakh
Research Associate 0 – 2 yrsINR 7.83 Lakh
Data Analyst 1 – 7 yrsINR 12.76 Lakh
Associate Consultant 1 – 3 yrsINR 26.94 Lakh
Management Consultant 2 – 9 yrsINR 34.13 Lakh
                                                        Source: AmbitionBox

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Interview Process at Boston Consulting Group 

If you are looking for a BCG career opportunity then be ready to go through a rigorous and highly competitive hiring process. At BCG there are two types of interviews:

  • Skills Interview – This interview is a kind of traditional interview where the company will gauge your skills and experience based on the job requirements of the position you have applied for. If you get an interview call from BCG, don’t reiterate your Resume/CV and instead confidently showcase your skills and personality. 
  • Problem-Solving Interview – During the problem-solving interview, your business knowledge, numerical skills, communication, and technical skills will be gauged through a case study given to you to work upon. 

Apart from the required technical skills and problem-solving abilities, BCG also looks for the following values in a candidate:

  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Integrity
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Creative Thinking
  • Drive


Q.1. Does BCG hire freshers?

Ans: Boston Consulting Group hires freshers for various associate and consulting positions. To help students, freshers, and graduates gain experience in the industry, BCG offers summer internships. For hiring purposes, it usually opts for top undergraduate colleges, B-Schools, and advanced degree programs.

Q.2. Is it easy to get a job at BCG?

Ans: Part of the top 3 consulting firms, Boston Consulting Group makes sure to hire the best candidates and for this purpose, it uses a quite challenging and difficult hiring process. 

Q.3. What are the career levels at BCG?

Ans: Following are the career levels at BCG in ascending order and each employee climbs up the ladder by taking up more responsibilities through leading the projects and communicating with clients.
Project Leader
Managing Director 

Q.4. How to get a job at BCG?

Ans: The first step of getting a job at BCG is to fill out an application form and with that, you need to attach your resume and provide your GMAT score and three BCG offices that you want to work at. Then the HR department will make a decision on your application. If your application gets selected you will be called for an interview. There are 4 interviews at BCG which entail two first rounds and two decision-round interviews. 

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