MBA after BA – Is It The Right Choice for You?

MBA after BA

After graduation, every student has one burning question on their mind, “What should I do next?” While different under-graduate students have different paths that they can take to further their educational journey, a popular universal choice among many students coming from different undergraduate streams is an MBA. MBA is basically a degree that teaches you skills in management and prepares you for the often intimidating corporate world. The only requirement to enroll oneself for an MBA is the specified aggregate total percentage in one’s under-graduation. Now, before moving on to the nitty-gritty of doing an MBA after BA, let’s take a closer look at BA. 

Bachelors in Arts

B.A. is an undergraduate degree in Humanities and Arts. One can choose any particular subject they want to major in like:

  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Religion
  • Communications
  • Philosophy
  • Education
  • International Studies
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Liberal Arts

Apart from these major subjects, there are other subjects in the course that are included and need to be studied like foreign languages, social sciences, natural science, etc. Candidates that do not want to be typecast in a particular career option and want an overall personality development opt for a degree in Bachelors of Arts. In this subject framework, skills like creative writing, journalism, etc. are explored and given the space to bloom. Budding theatre, music and media artists find better coursework and opportunities through this course.

MBA after BA – Is it the Right Choice?

There is a common notion that students can pursue an MBA only after the completion of an undergraduate degree in the fields that involve business or mathematics in their curriculum. However, it is a misconception that holds no truth to it. Students can pursue an MBA with any kind of undergraduate degree they possess. In fact, most of the companies prefer candidates who have a more well-rounded educational background, as compared to those who are educated in only a single working area. A career in the corporate world could use the boost that comes with an MBA after BA.

Taking up a stream that matches your individual career expectations and then working towards it, with proper internships is sure to move your career in the right direction. However, students of the fine arts section of the BA degree should carefully consider an MBA as a way to move forward. The subjects in both the degrees have very little in common with each other and the switch from one to the other will be a gradual one.

MBA after BA – Streams to Pursue

With the onset of digitalisation, many streams to do MBA in have opened up.  There is a good chance to take up specialisation in Human Resource or Marketing, or production or Internal Business as well when one opts to pursue an MBA after BA. There is no prerequisite to study International Business in MBA. MBA in Finance is a good option, as well. It is advised that this option should be taken if the student had mathematics in his/her curriculum. Other branches such as MBA in event management, insurance, and risk management, productions, rural management, brand management, business analytics, etc. are good branches to pursue an MBA in. Do remember to plan out your career choice, growth and requirements, before making a decision. It is advisable that the candidate not take up MBA in operations as a choice, because the student may be required to have a technical or science background to move forward with this. Eventually, whichever branch one chooses to do an MBA in, remember to put your 100% into it.

Colleges to Pursue MBA after BA

While there are many excellent colleges to pursue an MBA after BA, certain colleges are listed down below:

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologies Business School
  • International Institute for Management Development
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • IE Business School

Every path demands hard work to overcome the obstacles. It depends on the student on how he navigates and reaches his destination. You might fall, take a step back, have doubts or may feel like giving up, but always remember, nothing is permanent, neither your failures nor your problems. Here at Leverage Edu, we strive to make your obstacles vanish, before it even appears. Call us today!

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