How To Prepare For Upcoming MBA Exams?

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How To Prepare For Upcoming MBA Exams (1)

The road to MBA preparation begins in the final year of graduation. Since it takes many months to adequately study for MBA entrance tests, the majority of management aspirants start their preparation as soon as they enter their third year of their bachelor’s degree programme. However, preparation for an MBA entrance exam presents a number of difficulties, such as the extensive syllabus, the complexity of the questions, and the level of competitiveness. 

MBA Entrance Exams

In India, there are more than 50 MBA admission tests, some of which are offered at the national, state, and university/institute levels. The CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, ATMA, NMAT, and GMAT are the most well-liked national-level MBA entry tests. The IIFT, SNAP, IBSAT, IRMASAT, and MICAT are the most well-liked entrance exams for universities and academic institutions. The KMAT, Karnataka PGCET, TSICET, TANCET, MAH CET, APICET, and Kerala KMAT are the most well-liked state-level MBA entrance exams.

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Tips To Prepare For MBA Exams

Before starting the preparation, it’s crucial to think through every facet of the exam and develop a winning approach. Listed below are some tips to crack the MBA entrance exams. 

Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability

Here is some top advice for tackling the verbal ability section of MBA entrance exams.

  • Read grammar-related texts written for high school students. You have to be able to recognise the various parts of speech in a phrase and spot any grammar mistakes.
  • Make reading a habit. This part will load more quickly for you if you can read it more quickly and accurately. 
  • By examining question papers from prior exams, you can determine the kinds of questions that will be asked. In many cases, answering questions rather than merely learning makes topics much clearer.
  • Use English more frequently on a daily basis. The language can be understood much better by altering tiny behaviours like texting in proper English, listening to English music, and viewing English movies. 

Preparation Tips for Reasoning Ability

Here are some pointers for preparing for the reasoning portion of the MBA entrance exams.

  • When it comes to this portion, practice is essential. Your ability to recognise important information and to develop the necessary aptitude to solve these problems improves as you answer more questions.
  • Develop your own workarounds: Many candidates come up with their own techniques for creating diagrams or codes that work well for answering these questions.
  • Work out puzzles: Your ability to think creatively and analytically is enhanced when you solve riddles. Your speed and accuracy in this part will improve if you make it a daily habit to solve puzzles.
  • There is a topic in the reasoning segment that proves to be particularly challenging for each candidate. Such exam questions are better avoided in favour of devoting the time saved to other problems.

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Preparation Tips for Quantitative Ability

The following advice will help you get ready for the quantitative ability portion of the MBA examinations.

  • Limit your calculations: Long or challenging numbers are frequently added to questions in this section to create confusion. However, there are numerous strategies that enable a candidate to answer questions devoid of mathematical calculations.
  • Practice your mental math: There are some questions where using calculations is simply unavoidable. Although some exams have a simple on-screen calculator, it is almost always easier to complete the calculations in your head.
  • Use modern techniques only: In exams for MBA entry, the typical approaches taught in schools to handle these problems frequently fall short. Use different approaches that will enable you to get to the answer more quickly.
  • Cover the whole course syllabus:  It is simple to change questions so that even the finest applicants fail, regardless of how well-versed you are in a subject. As a result, it is very crucial to learn every subject in the Quantitative Ability portion since it expands your options.

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How to Prepare for MBA Entrance Exam at Home?

The following are the tips to prepare for your MBA entrance exams:

  • For the verbal section, study the basic rules of grammar and writing to understand the structure of the language
  • Students should practice a lot of sample paper and mock tests to improve their quantitative skills
  • Prepare a timetable and stick to it
  • Take proper rest, students should not over-stress themselves


What are the popular entrance exams for MBA:

The following are the most popular entrance exams for MBA:

Why should I pursue MBA?

Many people choose to pursue MBA to expand their career growth and diversify their professional profile. Pursuing an MBA can get you lucrative salary packages and help you excel in the cutting-edge world.

What are the tips to prepare for the quantitative section of an MBA exam?

The following advice will help you get ready for the quantitative ability portion of the MBA examinations.
Limit your calculations
Practice your mental math
Use modern techniques only
Cover the whole course syllabus

Candidates that choose a clever study plan ace the competitive tests rather than trying to outperform their rivals. To know more about such interesting updates, check out MBA entrance exams in India and Abroad at Leverage Edu.

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