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Brand Management Courses

Lisa Gangsky has rightly said, “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir”. How do you differentiate a bottle of Coca-Cola from other aerated drinks? Or Why do you see Maggi in all instant noodles packets? One single answer to this is Brand Management. The technique to make a product or series of products produced by a company, stand out using logos, slogans, advertisements, symbols, etc is popularly known as Brand Management. In recent years, due to digitalisation and emergence of young entrepreneurs, the pre-existing marketing trends have completely changed, giving rise to new career disciplines. Brand Management courses are gaining momentum among the youth of today, upsurging to various career opportunities. In this blog, we will be addressing diverse Brand Management courses offered by the top universities and their career aspects. 

What is Brand Management?  

Brand Management can be defined as a special function of Marketing which deals with techniques used to uplift the value of a product or a product line using effective strategies. Brand Managers are expected to develop strategic plans to ensure the brand equity is maintained as well as further value is gained in markets. This requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the specific brand and the vision of the company. Taking care of the target audience and ensuring a good competition to the rival companies are included amongst the numerous responsibilities under Brand Management. This new age Management subdivision is becoming a popular career choice for many. As a result, top universities all over the world offer excellent job opportunities to students who go for Brand Management courses. 

MBA in Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing Jobs

Courses and Colleges for Brand Management Courses

Numerous colleges around the world offer different Brand Management courses that offer varied curriculum and area of specialization to individuals. Based on the futuristic goals, one can signup for a Brand Management course that suits them the most. Listed below are some popular ones:

Nottingham Trent University, UK

Masters Degree in Luxury Fashion Brand Management ( MA)

University of Southampton, UK

Masters Degree in Luxury Brand Management (MA) 

Coventry University, UK

Masters Degree in Brand Management (MA) 

Birmingham City University, UK

Luxury Brand Management (MA) 

Northumbria University, Newcastle-

  • Masters Degree in Luxury Brand Management (MA – London Campus)
  • Masters Degree in Luxury Brand Management with Advanced Practice (MA) 

Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Buying and Brand Management (BA Hons)

Brunel University London, UK

Masters Degree in Corporate Management (MSc)

University of Huddersfield, UK

  • Masters Degree in Marketing with Brand Management (MSc)
  • Masters Degree in Marketing with Brand Management (Professional Practice) (MSc)

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Masters in Marketing and Brand Management (MSc)

George Washington University, USA

Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Brand Management 

University of South Australia, Australia

  • Master of Management (Advertising and Brand Management)
  • International Master of Business Administration (Advertising and Brand Management)

University of West London, UK

Masters Degree in Luxury Design Innovation and Brand Management (MA)

These were some of the choicest Brand Management courses offered by top universities across the world. One must check the course content of a degree before applying for the same. After completion of the course, students can also look for career opportunities in Luxury Brand Management.

Topics Covered in Brand Management Courses

Brand Management is a broad category that includes numerous topics which further lead to different specialisations. All Brand Management courses cover the following subjects:

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  • Market Research 
  • Analysis of the Market Trends 
  • Brand Research 
  • Brand Launch and USP
  • Brand Promotion
  • Principles of Brand Management 
  • Consumer Demand 
  • Distribution, Packaging and Marketing of a Brand 
  • Advertisement and Marketing 

These topics cover the development of most of basic skills and training required by brand managers. Apart from the knowledge gained from different Brand Management courses, candidates are also expected to have certain personality traits which further help their careers move forward. Some of the traits include: 

  • Multi-Tasking Ability
  • Excellent Marketing Skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Pressure handling Skills 
  • Organised and Methodical 
  • Good Presentation Skills 
  • Energetic Personality

These traits become essential while dealing with customers in terms of market research or when handling clients to pitch ideas or similar tasks. 

Masters Degree in Marketing Management 

Hopefully, this blog helped you map a perfect Brand Management course as per your requirements. To further know about the application process to study in top universities of the world, get in touch with Leverage Edu experts, who will, in turn, make the whole process a cakewalk for you.  

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