PGDM vs MBA – An Unbiased Comparison


You must be thinking why are we talking about PGDM vs MBA. Aren’t they the same thing? If you do think that is the case, you’re in for a surprise! Let’s start with a little information about both the terms before we get into the mighty battle of PGDM vs MBA.


A PGDM stands for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a diploma that is offered by universities and institutes that are recognized by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). The institutes that offer PGDM are autonomous and are not affiliated. Accreditation by the Association of Indian Universities has made this course equivalent to an MBA in India. You must have heard that the IIMs offer a PGDM and not an MBA, and are still the best in India to get an MBA. This indicates how, in India, an MBA and PGDM may convey the same course. Up until 2017, IIMs used to offer a PGDM and just recently after the IIM bill they have started offering an MBA. PGDM is a more popular choice for people aiming at a corporate career or who are looking to either enter or advance in the job market. In India, PGDM is loosely used and can be easily substituted for an MBA for some selected top colleges. ISB Hyderabad still offers a PGDM but demands work experience. So you can say that the lines are blurred in India to conduct a PGDM vs MBA analysis.

Hyderabad still offers a PGDM but demands work experience. So you can say that the lines are blurred in India to conduct a PGDM vs MBA analysis.


You hear the term MBA everywhere but in India. Right? But there is little awareness about the fact that some schools provide PGDM and some provide MBA. People generally call the postgraduate degree an MBA without giving it a thought. But if you use these terms interchangeably, you’ll really confuse the other person. MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a degree offered by Government and Private Universities and colleges affiliated to these universities. If we talk about MBA in foreign schools, then they would define that this degree is aimed at a working professional who is looking for advancement in his/her career. They expect the students to have an ample amount of experience and expertise. Those professionals who want to aim management positions are more likely to consider an MBA abroad. In India, MBA is offered by many B-Schools to freshers as well and hence, is a substitute to the PGDM offered by many other B-Schools. 

PGDM vs MBA: The Difference

The major difference between an MBA and a PGDM is that a diploma is awarded in a PGDM and an MBA offers a degree upon completion. If we talk about the requirements, an MBA calls for a considerable amount of work experience that can be anywhere from 2-10 years. PGDM does not require work experience explicitly but having 1-3 years of experience is an advantage. You can aim for a MIM if you are looking for a management-related post-graduation with no experience abroad. MIM or Masters in Management is similar to a PGDM in India in the sense of curriculum and opportunities. If we do a PGDM vs MBA from a corporate view, the thing that stands out is that a company expects their junior-level employees or freshers to have a PGDM and an MBA is more suited to their middle or senior-level employees. An MBA abroad is for the very top level employees and is considered to be taken up after some amount of knowledge and experience. 

PGDM vs MBA: The Scope

The opportunities differ by a lot if we do a PGDM vs MBA analysis. PGDM is awarded majorly in India and opens up opportunities that are either entry-level or at a junior level in the hierarchy. A PGDM graduate can have a work experience of 2-3 years and hence may be able to enter the middle level in the organisation. An MBA is a degree that will lead to the top management level of the organisation. In India, an executive MBA performs the same function. If not the top of the company, them the division or branch manager is also on the cards. A PGDM focuses on theoretical knowledge of different verticals of management like Marketing, Finance, HR, Consulting, Strategic Planning, etc while an MBA is more focused on the implementation of the knowledge acquired while working.

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