How to write SOP for MBA

How to write SOP for MBA

As an aspiring MBA applicant, you must have realized that the SOP plays an integral role in your admittance to any B-school. A good SOP can help you make your mark and stand out from the sea of applicants. It can also help the university understand how passionate you are about your course. Many students thus face a difficult situation because they do not know how to write SOP for MBA. They are unclear on what they have to mention and what they can omit. We understand that the admissions process can seem like an extremely stressful time and you can be confused about how to approach writing your SOP. However, you don’t need to worry! Here is all the information you will need about how to write SOP for MBA. 

How to write SOP for MBA – WHAT IS A SOP FOR MBA?

An SOP or Statement of Purpose is essentially a document that lets the university understand your motivation for applying to that particular course in their university. It also shows that you have what it takes to pursue a course from that specific university. The SOP is like a window to who you are as a person and what makes you unique. A good SOP mentions your goals and aspirations while also talking about the relevant experiences and achievements that make you a good candidate.

How to write SOP for MBA – The Format 

While there is no prescribed format a Statement of Purpose for MBA application has to follow, some universities tend to give certain guidelines on how to approach it. That said, the majority of universities allow you to present your story in any way you like. The SOP is how you will be perceived by the university, so it is important that you present yourself in a structured and coherent manner. 

Your MBA SOP should flow clearly and you should make sure that all your paragraphs fall in the right place. In simple terms, this means that you have to tell a story that highlights your logical talking points and views for the university admissions committee. Now let’s take a closer look at how to write SOP for MBA: 

The SOP can be broken down into 3-4 paragraphs with each paragraph having a clear intent. The first paragraph usually answers the question of how you came around to the decision of pursuing an MBA. It also needs to include your main motivation for pursuing this course. This paragraph is the introduction portion of your SOP and it is crucial in terms of making a good impression on the university. Try to be as evocative, innovative and witty in this part of your SOP as possible.

The second paragraph will discuss your background, your academic and professional achievements and your goals with the university. When you’re talking about your goals, make sure to differentiate between your short-term goals and your long-term goals with topics like where you see yourself professionally in the coming few years and what plans you have in order to achieve these goals.

The third and fourth paragraphs must revolve around why you wish to pursue an MBA at this point in your life and how the chosen university will help you reach your goals and fulfill your ambitions. You can also mention how a specific professor in the university’s faculty can help you get the most comprehensive learning experience and how this can be instrumental to your growth. 

Your conclusion on the SOP should be powerful and impactful. It can include how you plan to contribute to the university and how your experiences so far will dynamically influence your peers for the overall benefit of the university. In other words, your SOP must prove that you will be an asset to the university.

How to write SOP for MBA – WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND 

The SOP is extremely integral to your application process and therefore you must not leave it until the last minute. Plan in advance about what you want to mention and how you will structure it.

It cannot be emphasized enough that your essay must not be plagiarized. The universities are rightly focused on this aspect of the application and will disqualify your application if they find it to be unoriginal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write something that no one has ever written before. You just have to be truthful to the university and be honest with yourself. The SOP is the communication bridge between you and the university so it must tell your story and reflect who you are and that is only possible if it is written by you.

Always go back to the essay, revise, rewrite and edit it again and again. This will ensure that you submit the best possible version of the essay.

While we have given you all the required information about how to write SOP for MBA, we understand that you may still have apprehensions about how to write it and whether what you have written will ensure your admission. The experts at Leverage Edu can help you with the application process so you don’t have to doubt yourself and can get the chance to study at your dream college.

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