Career Goals for MBA Aspirant in 150 Words

Career Goals for MBA Aspirant in 150 Words

If you are someone who is planning to apply for MBA, you must be well versed with the fact that you will be expected to produce certain essays that help the university understand your motivations for pursuing that degree. Most universities will expect you to begin your essay with your career goals in 150 words, and while this might seem like an easy task for some, it can be extremely daunting for others and there are a number of things that everyone needs to keep in mind. The career goals you provide will help those reading your application assess if you are motivated enough to pursue the degree and if you have what it takes to successfully pursue it. So, while presenting your career goals for MBA aspirant in 150 words, it is important that those 150 words are impactful and as precise as possible. It is normal to feel uncertain about how to make a statement in as little as 150 words so here is all the information you will need while attempting to answer this question. 

How to tackle Career Goals for MBA Aspirant in 150 Words 

There are numerous different ways in which you can approach this question. You can choose to be course-specific, industry-specific or position-specific. The trick with every way that you approach the question is that you build your answer in a way that supports your argument of how the specific thing will help you achieve your long-term goals. 

If you are writing with the specific course you wish to study in mind, it is important to let the university know how that course from their university will help you achieve your goals. You can also choose to mention how a specific faculty member from the university can be instrumental in your growth.

If you are being industry-specific or position-specific, it is important that those 150 words comprise of why you wish to work in that specific industry or at that specific position and how the college you are choosing will aid that development and how, in the end, all of this will add up to your professional growth and trajectory.

It is always easier to understand how to go about a specific thing by looking at examples of it. Here are two examples of Career goals for MBA Aspirants in 150 words:

Example 1 for Career Goals for MBA Aspirant in 150 Words

My long-term goal is to secure the position of a senior (job position) manager in a company that caters to the (industry needs). My aspiration is to create a significant impact in a dynamic and ever-changing industry and to advance the development and growth of such a corporation. I strongly believe that pursuing an MBA degree in (specialization if any) from your university will help me develop a skill set that will be instrumental in both my personal and professional growth. I believe that through the duration of the course I will be provided with ample opportunities to strengthen my leadership and administrative skills and they will help me contribute to the industry. I also believe that pursuing this course from your university will help me realize my long-term goals and over time help me contribute to society’s development as a whole. 

Example 2 for Career Goals for MBA Aspirant in 150 Words

I wish to pursue an MBA in (specialization) from your esteemed institution because I strongly believe that the course taught by (the specific professor) will give me a dynamic learning experience, which will help me become well versed with the fundamentals emphasized in the course offered by your university. This comprehensive course offered by your university is well known for providing the essential skill set that will help me become a global leader in the industry. I strongly believe that my previous experience as (job experience) in the industry has equipped me well for pursuing this course and that the environment and exposure provided by your university will help me multiply my network and magnify my potential. My long-term goal is to create a sustainable mark in the industry that aids the overall development of society and that admittance to your university will be a major step on that journey.

Alternatively, you could also build up a story of how you came about this decision and why it is so important for you to pursue the course. As long as you keep it as concise and relevant as possible. While we’ve given you an insight on how to go about it, it is normal to feel apprehensive about whether or not what you have written will guarantee you a place in your desired college. But you don’t have to be uncertain about such an important aspect of your application. With the help of the mentors at Leverage Edu, you can write an essay that will meet the university expectations and give you an edge over other applicants.

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