High-Paying Amazon Jobs in India

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Amazon jobs in India

Amazon is one of the most popular companies in the world, if not one of the most successful. Many students from India aim to work at Amazon and earn great salary packages to help them sustain their future. Depending on the educational major they choose, and the work experience they attain, are they able to land in the particular field of their choice at Amazon? As it stands, students and individuals, otherwise, aim to look for no less than high-paying Amazon jobs in India. Well, to get a better understanding of the high-paying jobs Amazon jobs that are available in India, we urge you to read this blog till the end! 

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Top High-Paying Amazon Jobs

 Listed below, in detail, are the high-paying Amazon jobs in India. 

Software Development Engineer II (SDE)

The job of Software Development Engineer (SDE) is one of the most relevant ones at Amazon. Overlooking some of the core features of the product, an SDE shall be responsible for leading, and planning the architecture, design, development, and launch of those products. 

Moreover, an SDE also has a significant influence on the defined strategies, as well impact on the development of products. Driving the system architecture, and coming up with the best practices that can be used to deliver high-quality products are some of the pointers that an SDE shall make a note of. 

Furthermore, the employee shall be responsible for handling a number of complex projects in accordance with business rules and requirements. At the same time, they create secure and scalable product solutions for customers. 

The average annual salary is mentioned below. 

Average Pay INR 31 lakh 

Software Engineer 

Software Engineers at Amazon have their work aligned with programmers, coders, and software design teams. They are required to fulfil their responsibilities as they coordinate with the aforementioned teams and improve efficiency. At Amazon, certain positions based on experience under this category are laid out, such as Software Engineer I and Software Engineer III.

Now, as the name suggests, the essential aspect of Software Engineer jobs is that they shall program and engineer well-designed, testable and efficient code, with developing documentation and charts that can identify requirements and work on solutions. 

The software engineer shall be well-versed in developing and engineering software in Java, C++ or other programming languages. 

Average Pay INR 29 lakh 

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Program Manager

For a program manager to navigate the customer experience and build systems and programs to maximise their satisfaction, they need to be passionate about Operations and have had experience leading multi-organisational projects. 

Minimising risk and protecting all aspects of customer experience is another responsibility of a program manager. Furthermore, they need to coordinate and work closely with other departments such as the workflow management team, quality team, capacity planning team, and product team. 

As a program manager, the employee shall also be the central point of contact (POC) in all the aforementioned departments, where you work to drive improvements, resource planning, process efficiency, and decision quality. 

Average Pay INR 17.4 lakh 

Software Developer 

A Software Developer at Amazon in India shall be required to thrive to solve highly complex problems and impact millions of people all around the world. They work towards making things more efficient and cost-effective. The role also includes the prediction of understanding and refining the scope of upcoming projects, along with mentoring junior developers in their career growth. 

The core responsibilities shall include the following:

  • Working with a range of engineering teams (internal and external) to understand their needs and respond to the same. 
  • Working on designing and implementing high-performance SDKs for different Amazon devices that are reliable as well as have high quality in terms of customer experience. Examples of these Amazon devices are Amazon Echo, FireTV, etc. 
  • Participating in prototyping and building solutions. 
  • Organising and participating in different kinds of workshops and learning sessions. 
Average Pay INR 15 lakh 

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Business Analyst 

The role of Business Analysts, simply put, is to do with the business of the company.  Business analysts need to work on driving and generating actionable insights through key metrics. Further, they shall look for the deep root cause through a thorough analysis of data, designing effective solutions. 

Next, they shall also be responsible for devising mechanisms for performance monitoring and reporting to internal stakeholders. Initiatives regarding investigating cost/benefit analysis, and coming up with potential solutions for business plans shall be undertaken by business analysts. 

Average Pay INR 12.5 lakh 

Top Departments at Amazon 

Some of the top departments at Amazon, as per ambitionbox.com, are shared below. 


What is the highest-paying job at Amazon India?

The highest paying job at Amazon is that of CEO, or Managing Director, with a salary of INR 210 lakh per annum.

Which Amazon jobs pay the most?

Technical and Information Technology jobs such as software engineers, software developers, and data engineers, are some of the Amazon jobs that pay the most. 

What is Amazon Level 3 salary in India?

The typical average Amazon Level 2 salary in India can range from INR 10 lakh to INR 13 lakh. 

This was all about high-paying Amazon Jobs in India. Stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu for more such informative blogs. 

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