Different MBA Streams

MBA Streams

In contemporary times with the advancement of technology and industries, there is plentiful scope for a business professional to carve a niche in different MBA streams. Day in and day out, the field of Business is touching new heights with a rapid pace of industrialization. Ranging from banks to the aviation sector,  an MBA pass-out can fit into any corporative space. If you are someone exploring the types of MBA specializations or streams then this blog is definitely going to help you find an ideal one that lines with your personality. 

General Overview

An MBA degree program can be 1 to 2 years long depending upon the course and university one picks. MBA degree produces well-equipped professionals with advanced knowledge in a relevant field. With the advancement of technology, various multinational companies and industries have come into existence, giving rise to different MBA streams. Depending upon the role one wants to perform in an organisation, a specific type of MBA can be selected by the student. 

Top 10 MBA Streams

An MBA aspirant can strike the chord with a wide range of specialization available in the relevant field. Here is a list of top 10 MBA streams:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • International Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Family Business

Overview of Different MBA Streams

The below-given information will present holistic understanding to aspirants to choose different MBA streams available: 

Different MBA StreamsDescription 
HR – Human Resource Students interested in managing resources of an organisation, making recruitment plans and employee-friendly schemes can be a part of this work profile. 
International Business Management It demands your in-depth understanding and to learn the organisational capabilities.
Operations Management It will make you familiarise with production and shop floor management. 
Information Technology Information and Technology professionals play a pivotal role in the business team be it hardware or software solutions to solve queries related to business.
It typically involves you to be skilful in tourism-related industries. 
Finance It is one of the major MBA streams and is
concerned with budgeting and capital management. If you show devotion towards this stream, you will get to try your luck in the big financial department. Mutual fund insurances, stock exchanges are some of the shining avenues for MBA aspirants. 
MarketingThis stream will assist students to accustomise yourself with market behaviour and client behaviour. 

Other MBA Streams 

Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are more different MBA streams that are provided by top universities across the globe. Written below are some of them:

What Subjects are Taught in an MBA?

The subjects taught in MBA streams might vary from course to course. However, one must know the major subjects they would be studying while pursuing this course. Given below is the list of some common MBA subjects

  • Principles of Management 
  • Communication Skill 
  • Business Laws 
  • Organisational Behaviour 
  • Economics
  • Taxation 
  • Finance Management
  • Project Work
  • Computer Application 
  • Retail Management 

Top Universities Offering Various MBA Streams

Best MBA Colleges in the WorldUniversityLocationQS 2021 Rankings
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessStanford UniversityUSA1
The Wharton SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaUSA2
MIT Sloan School of ManagementMassacheutes Institute of TechnologyUSA3
Harvard Business SchoolHarvard UniversityUSA4
HEC ParisFrance5
INSEADMultiple Campuses6
London Business SchoolUK7
Columbia Business SchoolColumbia UniversityUSA8
IESE Business SchoolUniversity of NavarraSpain9
UC Berkely (Haas)University of California, BerkleyUSA10

Required Skills

Below mentioned information will describe the skills which are essential in order to make your distinctive space in any of the MBA streams: 

  • Excellent business acumen 
  • Good command over the English Language
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Goal-oriented and able to handle the pressure
  • Strong mathematical skills 
  • Solve problem-based questions
  • Research-oriented

This was all pertaining to different MBA streams. With January intakes around the corner, seek guidance from Leverage Edu counsellors to reach new career heights. Our experts will help you sort the best management course that fits your requirements using the unique AI- tool. Don’t miss out MBA Admission for the upcoming intakes!

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