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One of the most sought-after employers worldwide, particularly for tech lovers, is Google. Many engineers have a lifelong goal of working at Google at least once. It’s interesting to note that Google receives around 2 million job applications annually from all across the world. The hiring procedure is now more difficult because of this element. Being one of the biggest and best businesses in the world, joining this tech giant is not that simple. Let’s take a look at the most popular Google careers in detail.

Reasons to Work at Google

Mentioned below are the reasons to work at Google:

Salary Package

In general, the company pays its engineers more than any other company. The best earners make over $600k annually, with base incomes starting at $128k, plus bonuses.

Enthusiastic Environment

Google aims to transform the world, and its team members are thrilled to be a part of it. Additionally, the corporation encourages its workers to devote up to 20% of their time to side projects they are passionate about. Workers that receive daily motivation like this are typically quite content.

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Free Meals

Free meals are one of the perks that people get while working at Google. Free meals are all about wholesome, flavorful, gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and snacks (and even dinner for those who work late). Additionally, staff get unlimited access to coffee and juice bars throughout the day. In addition to saving time and money and helping workers eat better, this also fosters more interaction among coworkers during breaks.

Pet Friendly

For animal lovers, this is an additional perk. Not only this, though. Even your pets can go for a walk when you have a break.

Bizarre and Appealing Benefits

Are you one of the applicants that always consider what benefits the prospective employer would offer to its employees while applying? The finest employment alternatives for you are then with Google Careers.  Google is the seventh-best place to work in the US, according to Glassdoor. There are many things to do at Google if you want to take a break, like futuristic toilets, outdoor mini pools, and business slides. Even the corporation has its own bowling alley for workers!

Never-ending Possibilities for Learning

Google is renowned for investing a lot of time and effort in advancing the careers of its employees and ensuring that the most talented individuals stay at the company. This means ensuring that everyone remains keen and continues to learn, whether through routine tech talks or visiting experts from every possible industry.

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Top Highest Paying Google Careers

A global giant consistently looks for knowledgeable and experienced developers. Tech professionals with expertise in fields like machine learning (ML), data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) are eligible for higher pay packages from Google. Typically, the basic salary, target bonus, and sign-on bonus make up the salary package.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Director of Marketing$245,000 (INR 20 Cr)
Finance Director$247,000 (INR 20 Cr)
Global Creative Director$258,000 (INR 21 Cr)
Senior Director, Product Management$296,000 – $323,000 (INR 24 Cr- INR 26 Cr)
Director of Engineering$300,000 (INR 24 Cr)
Software Engineer$100,000 (INR 81.74 Lakh)
Network Engineer$81,500-$187,000 (INR 66.62 Lakh – INR 1.52 Cr)
User Experience Engineer$116,000- $206,000 (INR 94.82 Lakh – INR 16 Cr)

Tips to Get a Job at Google India

  1. Don’t apply as a fresh graduate
  2. Focus more and more on internships, referrals and campus recruitment.
  3. Get Professional experience
  4. Contact Google recruiters directly
  5. Don’t mention your low GPA in your resume
  6. Try to convince the recruiters about your passion towards technology and the company.


Ques: What is the Google’s highest paying job?

Ans: The highest-paying position at Google is research scientist, with an average annual income of $167,427 and an hourly rate of $80.49.

Ques: What is the salary of Google MD in India?

Ans: Managing Director salary at Google India ranges between ₹ 34.0 Lakhs to ₹ 200.0 Lakhs.

Ques: Is it tough to get a job at Google India?

Ans: It is without a doubt one of the most difficult interviews to get through. However, with the right research, the appropriate set of skills, and strong persuasion abilities, one can secure a dream position at Google India.

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