English Speech Topics for Students

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english speech topics for students

Writing an exciting and thoughtful speech requires selecting a good topic, researching it thoroughly, and forming individual opinions to express the same. School students are usually asked to speak on a contemporary topic to help them become good public speakers as well as learn the art of expressing oneself in front of an audience. While many speech competitions often allot topics beforehand, you might also have heard of extempore where topics are given on the spot for speech. This blog brings you a list of common English speech topics as well as some helpful tips and tricks that can assist you in effectively expressing your thoughts and opinions in front of an audience. Before starting, we would like to give you one piece of advice: you can also Humanize AI to humanize these topics for better readability and human touch, if required. Let’s begin!

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List of Best English Speech Topics for Students

Speeches are all about one’s thoughts. It should not be copied from somewhere. It is all about what the speaker thinks of any given topic. However, take a look at the following list of English Speech topics on different contemporary issues as well as concepts.

1-minute Speech Topics

  1. The Best Day of My Life
  2. My School
  3. Social Media: Bane or Boon?
  4. Pros and Cons of Online Learning
  5. Benefits of Yoga
  6. If I had a Superpower
  7. I wish I were ______
  8. Human Rights
  9. Environment Conservation
  10. Women Should Rule the World!
  11. The Best Lesson I Have Learned
  12. Paperbacks vs E-books
  13. How to Tackle a Bad Habit
  14. My Favorite Pastime/Hobby
  15. Why should every citizen vote?
  16. Books
  17. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Is it real or not?
  18. Importance of Reading
  19. Importance of Books in Our Life
  20. My Favorite Fictional Character
  21. Introverts vs Extroverts
  22. Lessons to Learn from Sports
  23. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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2-Minute Speech Topics

  1. Importance of Kindness
  2. Is there Value in Homework?
  3. Things I learned in Lockdown
  4. How can food be recycled?
  5. Should Art be a part of the school curriculum?
  6. Should schools teach sign language?
  7. Women make better presidents/prime ministers
  8. Why books are better than movies?
  9. Life was better when technology was simple
  10. Impact of technology on our health
  11. Should children’s reality shows be banned?
  12. Learning in the Wake of COVID-19
  13. Hard Work vs Smart Work
  14. What Makes Learning Fun?
  15. The Coolest Inventions You’ve Seen
  16. Nuclear Energy
  17. Importance of AI in Education
  18. Importance of Extracurricular Activities
  19. Should exams be banned?
  20. How to Tackle Bullying in Schools?
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3-Minute Speech Topics

  1. Speech about dreams
  2. Speech about life
  3. Speech on time
  4. Speech on discipline
  5. Speech on happiness
  6. Speech on kindness
  7. Speech on value of time
  8. Speech on health and fitness
  9. Speech on Doctor
  10. Speech on Nurse
  11. Graduation Day Speech
  12. World Health Day Speech
  13. Sex Education Speech

Easy Topics for Speech in English

  1. Importance of Education
  2. Is it beneficial to learn a Second Language?
  3. Music has healing power
  4. Federalism
  5. Success in life
  6. Fake news
  7. Self Confidence
  8. 18th birthday
  9. Love is more powerful than hate
  10. Social Impact of Covid-19
  11. How can Online Learning be Fun?
  12. Make Public Transport Free
  13. Should violent video games be banned?
  14. Speech on Learning

Exploring English Speech Topics? You must also take a look at Extempore Topics!

English Speech Topics on Environment

  1. Climate Change
  2. Ozone Layer Depletion
  3. Reducing Water Levels
  4. Deforestation
  5. Global Warming
  6. Waste Management
  7. Water-Saving Techniques
  8. Pollution
  9. Reducing the Green Cover of Earth
  10. Endangered species need protection
  11. Importance of fishing regulations
  12. Importance of investing in alternative fuels
  13. Impact of ocean acidification on marine organisms
  14. The misuse of the term “sustainable development” by environmentalists
  15. Microbial benefits
  16. E-Waste Management
  17. Natural Disasters and their impact on economic growth
  18. Energy alternatives – Only solution to the environmental damage
  19. Extinction of rare species
  20. World Environment Day
  21. Disaster Management
  22. Over and Improper Use of Natural Resources
  23. Air, Water and Soil Pollution
  24. Efficiency of Recycling

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English Speech Topics on Technology

  1. Technology and Mental Health
  2. Privacy in the Digital Age: Navigating the Challenges of Data Collection and Surveillance
  3. The Impact of Technology on Society
  4. Artificial Intelligence: The New Normal
  5. The Role of Social Media in Communication and Social Interactions
  6. Sustainable Technology: Innovations for a Greener Future
  7. The Rise of E-commerce
  8. Gaming Technology: Entertainment, ESports and Interactive Experiences
  9. The Digital Divide: Bridging the Gap for Equal Access to Technology
  10. The Ethical Dilemmas of Emerging Technologies

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English Speech Topics on Independence Day

  1. The Journey of Independence Day
  2. The Significance of Independence Day
  3. Indian Independence Day
  4. Remembering the Founding Fathers
  5. The Spirit of Independence
  6. Independence Day and Volunteering
  7. Independence Day Speeches
  8. India’s Road to Freedom
  9. Patriotism
  10. Independence Day and National Identity
  11. Independence Day in the Digital Age
  12. Independence Day and Women’s Empowerment

English Speech Topics on Diwali

  1. Diwali: The Festival of Lights and Its Significance in Hindu Culture
  2. Diwali and the Victory of Good Over Evil
  3. Diwali and the Art of Giving
  4. Diwali and the Spirit of Forgiveness
  5. Diwali and Cultural Exchanges
  6. Diwali and the Essence of Joy
  7. Diwali and Social Responsibility
  8. Diwali and Artistic Expressions
  9. The Rituals and Traditions of Diwali
  10. Diwali and the Symbolism of Light

English Speech Topics on Corruption

  1. Corruption
  2. The Economic Consequence of Corruption
  3. Corruption and International Aid
  4. Media and Corruption
  5. Fighting Corruption
  6. Corruption in Politics
  7. The Role of Transparency and Accountability in Curbing Corruption
  8. The Role of Technology in Combating Corruption
  9. Whistleblowing and Protecting Mechanism
  10. Corruption in Business and Corporate Practices

English Speech Topics on Feminism

  1. Understanding Feminism
  2. The Future of Feminism
  3. Feminism and Parenting
  4. Feminism and Online Activism
  5. Feminism and Environmental Activism
  6. Feminism and Reproductive Rights
  7. The Gender Pay Gap: Examining Inequalities in the Workplace
  8. Feminism and its Evolution
  9. Feminism and Body Positivity
  10. Feminism and Media Representation: Encouraging Authentic and Diverse Portrayals of Women

English Speech Topics on Mother’s Day

  1. Motherhood
  2. Expressing Gratitude and Love to Mothers
  3. The Influence of Mothers in Shaping Our Values and Beliefs
  4. Motherhood and Education
  5. Mother’s Day and Volunteerism
  6. Mother-Daughter Relationship
  7. The Role of Mothers in Shaping Society
  8. Mother’s Day Crafts and DIY Gifts
  9. Learned Lessons from Mothers
  10. Mother’s Day Around the World: Cultural Traditions and Celebrations

English Speaking Topics on Capitalism

  1. Capitalism: An Introduction to the Economic System and its Principles
  2. The Future of Capitalism
  3. Pros and Cons of Capitalism
  4. Capitalism and Globalisation
  5. Capitalism and Consumerism
  6. Capitalism and Financial Crisis: Undertaking the Risk and Mitigation Measures
  7. Capitalism and Environmental Sustainability
  8. Capitalism and the Role of Government
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility in Capitalism
  10. Capitalism and the Digital Economy

Engish Speech Topics on Gandhi Jayanti

  1. Mahatma Gandhi: The Father of the Nation and His Ideals
  2. Remembering Gandhi: Reflecting On His Life and Legacy
  3. Gandhi’s Influence on the Indian Independence Movement
  4. Satyagraha: The Power of Truth and Nonviolent Resistance
  5. Gandhi’s Philosophy of Swaraj
  6. The Role of Women in Gandhi’s Freedom Struggle
  7. Gandhi’s Teaching on Education and Moral Values
  8. Gandhi’s Lasting Legacy
  9. Gandhi’s Vision for a Just and Inclusive Society
  10. The Relevance of Gandhi’s Principles in Today’s World

English Speech Topics on Reading

  1. The Influence of Reading on Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  2. Reading and Mental Health
  3. Benefits of Reading
  4. Reading and Empowerment
  5. The Role of Reading in Academic Success and Lifelong Learning
  6. Promoting a Reading Culture: Encouraging Reading Habits in Society
  7. Reading Biographies and Memoirs
  8. Reading and Social Connections
  9. The Joy of Reading: Escaping Into the Different Worlds and Characters
  10. Reading and Personal Identity

English Speech Topics on Communism

  1. The Current State of Communism
  2. Communism: An Introduction to the Ideology and Its Historical Context
  3. The Evolution of Communist Movements
  4. The Role of the State in a Communist Society
  5. The Fall of Communist Regimes
  6. Communism and Religious Freedom
  7. Communism and Gender Equality
  8. Communism and Workers’ Rights
  9. The Current State of Communism
  10. The Criticisms of Communism

English Speech Topics on Deforestation

  1. Deforestation: Causes, Consequences and Global Impact
  2. Deforestation and Climate Change
  3. Deforestation and Carbon Sequestration
  4. Deforestation and Individual Actions
  5. Deforestation and Wildlife Trafficking
  6. Deforestation and Sustainable Development
  7. Deforestation and Indigenous Communities
  8. Deforestation and Biodiversity Loss
  9. Deforestation and Forest Fires
  10. The Importance of Forests

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English Speech Topics on Social Issues

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Equality
  3. Feminism
  4. Capitalism
  5. Communism
  6. Education of Girl Child
  7. Unemployment
  8. Corruption
  9. Casteism 
  10. Racism
  11. Reservation
  12. Importance of Maintaining Hygiene
  13. Child Labour
  14. Social Distancing
  15. Organ Donation
  16. Importance of the Right to Education
  17. Child Trafficking
  18. Cultural Diversity
  19. Struggles of Immigrants
  20. Impact of Globalisation
  21. Adult education

English Speech Topics on Important Days & Events

  1. Independence Day
  2. Labour Day
  3. Mother’s Day
  4. World Cancer Day
  5. World Population Day
  6. World Health Day
  7. Ambedkar Jayanti
  8. Gandhi Jayanti
  9. Human Rights Day
  10. Zero Discrimination Day
  11. Women’s Day
  12. Thanksgiving
  13. Anti-Terrorism Day
  14. Hindi Diwas 

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English Speech Topics on Greatest Leaders in India & Around the World

  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. Raja Rammohan Roy
  4. George Washington
  5. Albert Einstein
  6. CV Raman
  7. Ratan Tata
  8. APJ Abdul Kalam
  9. Nelson Mandela
  10. Kailash Satyarthi

English Speech Topics on Indian Culture

  1. Diversity in India
  2. Speech on Holi
  3. The Role of Yoga and Meditation in Indian Culture and Its Global Impact
  4. The Importance of Traditional Indian Clothing
  5. Indian Folklore
  6. Indian Festivals
  7. The Art of Indian Dance
  8. Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda)
  9. Indian Epics and Mythology
  10. Social Customs and Etiquettes in Indian Society
  11. Indian Sports and Games

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English Speech Topics on Proverbs

  1. Honesty is the best policy
  2. When there’s a will, there is a way
  3. Actions speak louder than words
  4. Knowledge is Power
  5. Ignorance is Bliss
  6. Don’t judge a book by its cover
  7. Actions speak louder than words
  8. Knowledge is Power
  9. Ignorance is Bliss
  10. Hard work is the key to success

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English Speech Topics on Human Rights

  1. The Role of International Organisations in Promoting and Protecting Human Rights
  2. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Milestone in Human History
  3. Gender Equality: Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women
  4. Ensuring a Safe and Sustainable Environment for the Next Generation
  5. The Right to Education: Empowering Minds
  6. Bridging the Gap Between the Rich and Poor
  7. Human Rights and Armed Conflicts
  8. Global Fight to Combat Human Trafficking
  9. Human Rights and Climate Change
  10. Religious Freedom: Tolerance and Coexistence in a Diverse Society

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English Speech Topics on Education

  1. Importance of teacher in your life
  2. SAT scores for college application
  3. Student bullies should be expelled
  4. Consequences of cheating in exams
  5. Homeschooling is better than normal schooling
  6. Importance of value education
  7. Importance of sports and physical exercises
  8. Schools vs colleges
  9. What is the difference between a school, college and university in the USA?

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English Speech Topics on the Importance of Water

  1. The Water-Energy Nexus
  2. The Essence of Water: Exploring the Live-giving Properties of H2O
  3. Water as a Driver of Economic Growth and Prosperity
  4. Water Security: Ensuring Equal Access and Quality for All
  5. Water and Agriculture
  6. The Role of Water in Ecosystems
  7. Water and Blue Economy
  8. Water Diplomacy: Promoting Collaboration for Transboundary Water Management
  9. Water and Cultural Significance: Exploring Symbolisms and Rituals
  10. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): Foundational for Human Health and Dignity

Miscellaneous Speech Topics

  1. Article 370
  2. Elections
  3. Women rights
  4. The Constitution of India
  5. Youth of India
  6. Culture of India
  7. Importance of Unity
  8. Yoga 
  9. Generation Gap
  10. Importance of Value Education
  11. Old Age Homes
  12. Family Values
  13. Leadership skills
  14. Rise of Smart Classes
  15. Grading System
  16. Importance of Practical Education
  17. Benefits of Co-Education
  18. Importance of Co-Curricular Activities
  19. The uselessness of Power-Point Presentations
  20. Rise of Technology
  21. Excessive usage of the Internet
  22. Speech on Fear
  23. Speech on Dependence on Technology
  24. Importance of Social Media
  25. Save Water
  26. Speech on India of My Dreams
  27. Indian Education System
  28. Speech on My India

Types of Persuasive Speech Topics

While exploring persuasive English speech topics, you must make sure that they are stimulating, engaging, concise and clear. There are three main types of Persuasive Speech topics which are:

1. Factual Persuasive Speech: These topics include facts, figures and statistics to thoroughly analyse the given topic and assess whether it’s true or false.

2. Policy Persuasive Speech: Discussing policies, laws and reforms, these speech topics critically examine the advantages and disadvantages of the given policy or law and suggest the improvements that can be made.

3. Value Persuasive Speech: Mainly focusing on social or political issues, these speech topics present the critique and argument of whether certain actions are morally right or not.

Tips for Writing and Speaking a Speech

While speaking on a particular topic, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to make your speech expressive and effective. Let’s take a look at some useful topics that help you in acing any topic you are speaking on.

tips for writing and speaking
Tips for writing and speaking a speech
  1. Always research the topic. If you are participating in an extempore, then make sure to go through the common and popular topics as well as the unconventional ones that you might get. Preparation is the key to delivering an impressive speech. For inspiration, look up various speech examples to see how effective speakers engage their audience
  2. Whether you are given a topic on the spot or you are prepared for the speech, it is always pivotal that you seem interested in speaking about it. Relate the given issues to your own life and this will help you in giving it your twist.
  3. Pay extra attention to your body language and enunciation. While a gesticulative approach will make you seem outward, having timid body language can cause a wrong impression.
  4. Ponder upon the different viewpoints on a topic. Try to present a holistic view of the given topic but don’t forget to present your opinion on it as well. Along with this, don’t try to take sides unless the topic demands you to.
  5. Involve your audience, if possible. This way, you will be able to interact with the people and it will also be useful in fighting the fear of public speaking.
  6. Don’t mug up a speech. It becomes evident when someone just speaks on a topic continuously and the audience might realise that you have memorized it or you might forget a certain part which will let the whole speech fade away from your brain.
  7. Instead, make notes about the topic in your mind, remember certain keywords and try to maintain a particular flow in your speech.
  8. Incorporate humour in your speech in a way that you do not offend anyone or overdo it but get a positive reaction from the audience. Humour is a great way of lightening the mood as well as ensuring the whole speech is interactive and engaging.
  9. When you need more specialized assistance, a US essay writing service can be a valuable resource for crafting your speech.

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What is the best speech topic ever?

Juvenile delinquency is acceptable.
Prostitution should be legal.
Underage driving should be punishable by law.
Beauty pageants for children should be banned.
Prisoner’s right to vote.
Voting rights should not be universal.
Guns should be banned from college campuses.

Is a 3-minute speech short?

A three-minute speech is undoubtedly a wonderful starting point for public speaking. This is because you need to communicate with your audience more effectively when you just have a short amount of time. In addition, the speech ought to be concise, pertinent, and clear.

What is the life speech?

Life is the gift of God in the form of trust that we will make it meaningful in whatever we can. We are all unique individuals. No one is born like you and no one will ever be, so cherish your individuality. Many times, I come across people accusing God of things that they don’t have. They always cursing their lives.

What is a 2-minute speech in English?

 2-minute speeches are short and crisp speeches of about 260-350 words.

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Thus, we hope that this list helps you in preparing for different English speech topics. Gearing up for IELTS? Sign up for an online demo session with our experts at Leverage Edu and we will assist you in preparing for its different sections as well as improving your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to ensure that you ace the exam with flying colours!

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