Speech on Deforestation for Students in English

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Speech on deforestation

Deforestation Speech: Forests are the lungs of our planet Earth. They serve as the home to a wide variety of wildlife and flora. Furthermore, forests are reservoirs of numerous ecosystems. Also, forests help maintain the water cycle of the planet. Additionally, forests provide us with numerous resources like medicinal plants, timber, paper, rubber, etc, depending on the climatic zone. Thus, rampant cutting down of forests results in changing the equilibrium of the planet.

Over centuries, humans have been exploiting forests for their resources and settlement. This results in a loss of biodiversity and drastic climate change. Therefore, it is essential to stop deforestation and focus on afforestation. 

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2 Minute Speech on Deforestation in English

Hello everyone. Today, I am standing before you to present my deforestation speech. As the speech is on a crucial topic therefore your patience is welcome.

Deforestation refers to the clearing of forests or trees for urban development or agriculture. The practice results in the conversion of forests into barren land. Deforestation leads to severe environmental consequences, such as degradation loss of biodiversity, disbalance in the ecosystem and changes in climatic conditions and patterns.

Furthermore, deforestation increases vulnerability to natural disasters. Also, we know that trees play an important role in retaining soil moisture and fertility, removal of soil moisture will not only make the land infertile but will damage the flora and fauna of the forest ecosystem. The most evident examples of this damage can be seen in the extinction of different species of plants like  Calamites, Rhynia, Saint Helena Olive, etc. Moreover, deforestation has also resulted in the loss of animal species like Amazonian Manatee, Vaquita, Mountain Gorilla and Harlequin Frog. 

However, the Government of India is trying its best to implement various plans and schemes to control deforestation and promote sustainable forest management. For instance, protected areas and national parks are established to conserve biodiversity and lessen the risk of deforestation. Also, forest certification programs such as the National Afforestation Program (NAP), Green India Mission (GIM), National Mission for a Green India (GIM), and Forest Conservation Act are collectively implemented to reflect the Indian government’s commitment to environmental concerns. 

At the level of community, people can come and participate in tree-planting activities, urban afforestation projects, and sustainable use of resources. All these environmentally engaging activities will help in building resilient ecosystems. Moreover, communities can also reduce the demand for products resulting in deforestation such as overuse of timber, paper, palm oil, etc.

Also, citizens should support government policies that prioritize forest conservation as proper implementation of environmental policies is very important. Moreover, by participating actively in environmental movements, communities can ask the governments for strict regulations on the illegal cutting of trees. Furthermore, people should promote educational drives and awareness campaigns that raise awareness about deforestation and teach us about the importance of forests. 

Students can also play an active and important role in raising awareness about deforestation. They can lead awareness campaigns within their schools and communities. They can also organize seminars, workshops, and presentations with NGOs working for environmental preservation. These seminars and workshops can educate students, teachers, and parents about deforestation and its worst impact. Also, by leveraging the power of social media, students can share data and infographics on deforestation. Besides, students can create posts to encourage discussions on the importance of preserving forests. 

Planting trees, and establishing eco-clubs within schools can also provide a platform for environment-admiring students. These clubs can organize different activities like events and campaigns that focus on raising awareness about deforestation. By taking these initiatives, students can not only contribute to the raising of awareness but also participate in preserving the environment. 

In conclusion, deforestation is just not an environmental concern but a humanitarian crisis as well. Therefore, it is our responsibility to avoid the exploitation of forest reserves and promote afforestation. Also, through collective action and measures, we can aspire to reverse the trends of deforestation and can ensure a healthier, greener and more healthy environment for our planet. 

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10 Lines on Deforestation

Here are the short and comprehensive lines on the topic of deforestation that can be included in the Deforestation Speech.

1. Deforestation refers to the rampant cutting down of trees.

2. Any type of deforestation impacts the environment, humans and wildlife.

3. The major causes of deforestation are the extraction of timber, fuel, and mining. 

4. Global warming is one of the noticeable consequences of deforestation.

5. Furthermore, soil erosion and reduction in the fertility of soil are other worst impacts of deforestation on the environment.

6. Endangering of natural habitats and extinction of wildlife are other consequences of deforestation.

7. Government initiatives on environmental preservation also aim to prevent deforestation.

8. Communities should be provided with proper education to reduce paper and timber consumption for forest conservation. 

9. Plantation drives, seminars and multiple workshops can help in making people aware on a large scale.

10. One can tackle deforestation by collective action and awareness for a greener and more balanced environment. 


1. What are the advantages of deforestation?

Ans. Some of the advantages of deforestation: it helps provide raw materials to industries, provides residential land, helps in excessive urbanisation and is a source for generating income for industrialists. 

2. What are the disadvantages of deforestation?

Ans. The negative effects of deforestation are climate change, an increase in the risks of pandemics, soil erosion and effects on biodiversity. 

3. What causes deforestation?

Ans. Deforestation is caused by timber logging, mining, change in climate and industrial agriculture. 

4. What is deforestation in two lines?

Ans. Deforestation means cutting down trees. It causes harmful effects on the environment as it causes carbon emissions and changes the ecosystem. 

5. What are the 10 ways to stop deforestation?

Ans. The 10 ways to stop deforestation are to plant more trees, use less paperwork, buy certified wood products, avoid using palm oil, try to recycle products, use recycled products, implement strict laws on cutting down trees, spread awareness about the benefits of the forest, run campaigns and use social media for awarding people with creativity.

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