How to Write a Leave Application?

Leave Application

Whether you are a school student or an employee, writing a leave application is a skill that you must know about. While we know that one needs to keep a formal tone as well as a precise structure, there are many elements of this document that get overlooked. Further, it is important to comprehend the format as well as its key essentials so that you might able to jot it down in a well-written way. Through this blog, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on the structure, format and components of a leave application along with some helpful samples.

Writing a Leave Application

You might remember the question of curating a leave application for your principal in your English exam during the primary or secondary grade. Well, the skill of drafting this document is much more helpful during your professional journey as you might need to take a day off from work for which you will be required to write a leave application. But before delving into the process of jotting down, let’s first understand its different types as well as crucial elements.

Types of Leave Applications

Though the types of leave applications might mainly depend on the reason why you are taking one, some of the commonly used forms are as follows:

  • Sick Leave
  • Casual Leave (For family emergencies, personal issues, etc.)
  • Annual Leave
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Half-Day Leave
  • One-Day Leave

Major Elements

There are some specific characteristics of a leave application that one must know about. Following are these key elements that you must include while writing your application:

  • Salutation
  • Subject/Purpose of Leave Application
  • Body of Content (Must Include: Reason for the Leave, Prospective Dates, Work Plan/Delegation)
  • Contact
  • Name of the Sender/Signature

Understanding the Format of Leave Application

Now that you know the elements as well as types of leave application, the next step is to get familiarised with its format. Whether you are writing the application as a school student, employee or intern, there is generally a simple format that one needs to follow. The essentials of what needs to be included in a leave application have been given a rundown below.

Leave Application Format
  • Paragraph 1: Begin with providing your necessary details to the concerned person (to whom you are addressing it to) and inform them about why and when you need the leave. Try to keep a formal tone and the content as precise as possible. Do not write lengthy paragraphs.
  • Paragraph 2: This part is mainly for employees as you will be expected to provide the current status of your work projects. You can suggest your manager to handover the work to any of your team members. In this part of the leave application, you mainly have to elaborate on how you will be compensating for your absence, i.e. either by finishing up the work before leaving or delegating it to someone. by the issue and mention this issue in detail
  • Paragraph 3: Concluding the document, pay your gratitude to the employer for considering your leave application and greeting him with a sincere ‘Thank You’. Also, you can mention your phone number for any emergency as well.

Sample for Casual Leave Application

Kabir Sharma
Content Manager
Leverage Edu, New Delhi
20th January 2020

Kaysha Jain
Content Marketing Associate
Leverage Edu, New Delhi

Subject: Leave for Personal Tasks


It is to bring under your kind notice that I have to visit my home town for 4 days. As I have to
sell off my land there and have to be in the city for some official paperwork as well. I shall be
leaving tomorrow morning i.e 21st January 2020 and will return by 24th January 2020. I shall
be joining back from 25th January 2020.

I would like to mention that all of my tasks this week have already been completed. Meanwhile, Aakriti will be overseeing my team projects and as I consider her to be a responsible
candidate for the work.   

I shall be very obliged if you consider my request through this application and grant me
leave for the above-mentioned dates. 

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
Kaysha Jain 

Email Format 

In the era led by technology, media platforms have taken an important place in communication. Emails have now become an essential part of every organization, be it public or private. Thus, for any requests or permissions, employees communicate with their prospective managers through emails. So, while applying for leave, one is mainly asked to drop an email. But this does not indicate that the letter format of leave application is not into use anymore, rather it ensures that the email is delivered to the right person within time, thus leaving no scope of confusion and delay.

Let’s quickly go through an example and get to know how to write an application for leave in the form of an e-mail for official purposes:

Subject: Leave Application for Eye Surgery

I am writing this mail to bring this to your notice that I have to undergo a minor eye surgery
which is scheduled on 23rd January. I will be unable to come to the office till 30th January
2020 and will rejoin positively by 31st January. I am ensuring that all of my work for the week gets completed before I leave. If anything remains, it will be taken care of by my colleague
Gurleen. I would be more than obliged if you accept my application and grant me leave for
the above-mentioned dates. 

Thank You
Akash Gupta  

Thus, we hope that this article has familiarised you with the elements of a leave application and how to write one. Struggling with your career choices? Planning to make a career change? Sign up for a 30-minute counselling session with our experienced mentors at Leverage Edu and we’ll provide you with the necessary guidance to advance further in your professional journey!

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