Bholi Class 10

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Bholi Class 10

The chapter Bholi class 10 is a chapter taught in class 10 English syllabus. It can be found in the book ‘Footprints without Feet. This chapter is important in the course of English in class 10th. Below are the important details, including summary, author and conclusion, that will help you to understand and learn the Bholi class 10 chapter better. 

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About the Author

The author of Bholi is Khwaja Ahmed Abbas. He was born in Panama, Punjab on 7 June 1914. He is a hindi, urdu and English writer. In addition to this, he is also an Indian film director, screenwriter, journalist and an amazing novelist. His father was a student of Mirza Galib.

He did his schooling at Halli Muslim High School, followed by a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree from the reputed Aligarh Muslim University. His love and passion for writing made him a prolific writer who has written 73 books in English, Hindi and Urdu. He was also considered a king of short Urdu stories and is also famous for his fictional works. He has even written scripts for the most famous and prominent actor, Raj Kapoor’s films.


This story that unravels in Bholi class 10 tells the reader how a girl’s life completely changed because of an accidental fall and diseases in her childhood. The story highlights the girl’s problems since people always target her for not having good looks and intelligence. These problems and miserable situations vanish when she joins a nearby school where her tutor leads, supports, motivates and guides her to become a confident girl with insightful knowledge.

Later on, the story of Bholi class 10 focuses on a situation where Bholi has to give up and accept to marry a boy who is not of her match. Still, she denies this marriage and rejects the boy when she sees her poor father crying and requesting the bridegroom not to ask for dowry.

This story highlights the courage and rise of a girl who raised her voice and firmly stood against social justice prevailing in the society.

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The story of Bholi class 10 begins with the introduction of a young girl named Sulekha. But this young girl came to be known as Bholi because of being a simpleton. The reason behind her being such was the childhood injury that badly damaged her brain. Not only this, but she also used to stammer and had pockmarks all over her face due to the smallpox disease she suffered from at the age of two. Ramlal, her father, was a Numberdar who had three sons and four daughters. Bholi was the youngest one among all these. Bholi’s ugly face and dumb mind made Ramlal extremely worried about her marriage. 

One fine day, the Tehsildar was invited to inaugurate the girl’s primary school newly established in the village. On his visit, he advises Ramlal to send his daughters to school. Bholi’s mother convinced Ramlal to send Bholi to school, stating that Bholi didn’t have any chance of getting married so that she could go to school. This saying was that those days boys usually didn’t use to marry a girl who went to school. She finally succeeded in convincing Ramlal, and then Bholi’s school journey started.

In the initial days Bholi was extremely frightened to leave her house. But her beautiful dress, washed and oiled hair made her realise that she was about to visit a better place. Bholi came across as a polite and confident teacher who supported, guided and encouraged Bholi to speak and study confidently. This new confidence and self-belief encouraged Bholi, and then onwards, she started going to school and attending classes daily. Eventually, the years passed and this small village developed and turned into a town. A town with various facilities from a cotton mill to a cinema hall and a primary school to a secondary one.

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Moving further in the chapter of Bholi class 10, Bholi’s parents, who were poor and short of money, decided to marry her to a lame, old widower who was extremely rich. The reason behind this marriage was that the man was rich and had not demanded any dowry. But on the wedding day, the groom was shocked to see pockmarks on Bholi’s face and started demanding dowry as a return to marry her. The dowry amount  Rs.5000/- was too much for an old, poor father, and he started crying and pleading, but Bishamber was stubborn on his thought. Bholi couldn’t look at her father pleading and asking for mercy, so she declines to marry an older man. All the people started gossiping and abusing Bholi for her decision. Sorrows and pain surrounded even her father. Bholi’s broken marriage made him tense, and he said that now no one would marry her and what she would do in the future. But Bholi smartly replied to it, saying that she would start teaching in her school and look after her parents when they grow old. Her reply to the worried father highlights her enhanced thinking and concern for her family. This made her guiding star, her teacher, who silently watched all this feel so proud of her.

The chapter, Bholi class 10,  highlights that a bit of encouragement, support and understanding can do wonders and lead to a child’s development. It states that support and emotional security can give a child unbreakable confidence and self-esteem.

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