World Environment Day Speech for Students

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World Environment Day Speech

World Environment Day is annually observed on 5th June. The United Nations launched a popular hashtag, #BeatPlasticPollution, which initiated a campaign to find solutions to stop plastic use. On World Environment Day, different organizations are brought together to raise awareness about environmental concerns and work together to achieve collective goals.

Every living, non-living, and even parasite is dependent on the environment. Therefore, protecting the environment is one of the major concerns of developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. The COP or Conference of Parties is an international treaty or convention, where annual summits are conducted for environmental conservation, such as GFGs reduction, ban on single-use plastics, etc. Today, we will provide you with a ‘World Environment Day’ speech. Stay tuned!

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10 Lines on World Environment Day for Children

Here are 10 lines on World Environment Day for school children. Feel free to use them in your speech or writing topics.

  1. World Environment Day raises awareness about environmental conservation.
  2. The United Nations is the governing body for all activities related to the World Environment Day.
  3. Some of the major environmental challenges are Climate Change, Global Warming, Water Pollution, Ozone Layer Depletion, etc.
  4. The first environmental summit was the Stockholm Convention in 1872 under the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.
  5. In India, various environmental sustainability initiatives such as the Watershed Development Programme, Nagar Van Scheme, Greenpeace India, Afforestation Programme, etc. have been implemented.
  6. The day encourages people to rethink their daily habits and adopt eco-friendly practices to reduce their ecological footprint.
  7. It highlights the need for international cooperation to address global environmental challenges and achieve a more sustainable future.
  8. World Environment Day serves as a call to action, urging individuals and organizations to make environmentally conscious choices and work towards a harmonious coexistence with nature.
  9. World Environment Day 2023 theme was #BeatPlasticPollution.
  10. This day offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to collectively work toward environmental conservation.
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2-Minute Speech on World Environment Day

Good morning teachers and my dear friends. Today, I stand before you to present my World Environment Day speech. World Environment Day is observed every year on 5th June. Our environment is our home, and it is our responsibility to safeguard its health from every challenge standing against it.

Today, we hear news like the loss of biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest, the rise in global temperature, water pollution, the accumulation of plastic waste on beaches, climate change, etc. All of these challenges are the result of our careless and selfish attitude towards the environment. This planet is sustaining on a limited amount of resources and degrading and 


In 2022, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

The 1972 Stockholm Convention was the first major environmental summit, which was named the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. All the participating countries were encouraged to work to meet environmental challenges in all spheres of life. A total of 26 principle issues were put on the table.

After this, several environmental summits were conducted to raise awareness about global environmental conservation and how to meet sustainable development goals. Some of them were the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, the Kyoto Protocol of 1992, the Paris Peace Agreement in 2015, etc.


The objectives of World Environment Day address every issue related to our environmental concerns.

  • Environment Day aims to increase public awareness and understanding of environmental issues.
  • Encourages everyone to take sustainable steps towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  • It encourages collaboration among countries, organizations, and individuals to work together for the common goal of environmental sustainability.
  • The day aims to empower individuals and communities to become active agents of sustainable change.

To fulfill all the objectives of World Environment Day, collective and sustainable efforts are necessary for all spheres of society. World Environment Day not only raises awareness about global environmental concerns but also reminds us of our duty to protect nature from every potential threat.

Thank you.’

Source- UN Environment Programme X/ Twitter)


Q.1. What is a short World Environment Day speech?

Ans: World Environment Day is observed every year on 5th June. Our environment is our home, and it is our responsibility to safeguard its health from every challenge standing against it. Today, our environment is facing several challenges such as biodiversity loss, water and air pollution, rise in global temperature, etc. World Environment Day raises awareness about global environmental concerns and reminds us of our duty to protect nature from every potential threat.

Q.2. What are the major environmental challenges?

Ans: Climate change, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, deforestation, waste management, plastic pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. are some of the major environmental challenges.

Q.3. How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local level?

Ans: We can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by promoting energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and smart thermostats, investing in local renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power, and promoting public transportation systems to reduce the reliance on individual car usage.

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