India of My Dreams Speech for ASL

India of My Dreams Speech

ASL was introduced back in 2012 to assess Indian students language skills and competency. The basic idea of ASL was to improve the listening and speaking skills of school students, challenge them to think on the spot and build confidence. In this blog, we will cover samples of the India of My Dreams speech to help you prepare for your ASL assessment!

Sample Speech on India of My Dreams [2 to 3 Minutes]

Greetings to everyone. My name is _____ and my topic for today’s evaluation is India of My Dreams. In my dreams, I hope to see India as a thriving nation where people are free and happy citizens. India of my dreams is free of malicious institutions like the caste system and poverty. I hope to wake up to a developed India where issues like gender disparity, discrimination, social prejudice and economic despair are no longer hindrances to people’s growth and happiness. I wish to see a happy India and I hope to work for it. Thank you for listening to my speech. I hope we all work towards a better India together.

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Long Speech [5 to 10 Minutes]

Good morning to everyone present. My name is ____ and I will be giving a speech on India of My Dreams for today’s assessment. India is a beautiful yet flawed country but in my dreams, India is so much more. India of my dreams is not flawed, it is not hindered by issues like poverty, violence, crime, insensitivity and prejudice. India of my dreams is the beacon of hope, progress, development and growth for its millions of citizens.

We can not achieve a flawless nation without addressing its problems. India, despite its immense development, is still one of the poorest nations in the world. The Indian education system has seen great developments yet we have the largest number of illiterates with young girls dropping out of schools because of problems like poverty, social stigma, son preference and lack of accessibility to schools and colleges. 

India of my dreams is a safe place for women, unlike the current India where women are afraid to be independent. Indian public spaces need to be more safe and secure for women to walk freely whenever and wherever they want. India needs to safeguard the interests and rights of the minority so that we all progress together. Indian women need a voice, a political voice and proper representation so that they can affect change and bring policies that help other women. I hope one day we will eradicate these issues and live in peace.

India is a grand nation with multiple problems; caste, religion and class are some of the greatest issues in India. We must work towards a nation where insensitivity, intolerance and poverty have no space. We must take the work of our forefathers ahead and work towards a greater, more diverse and harmonious India where people are not divided by social conventions and stereotypes.

I hope we can all work together and make India a great nation one day. Thank you.

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This is where we end our blog on Speech on India of My Dreams. ASL is a great way to brush up on your speaking and listening skills for English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. For more study related blogs, follow Leverage Edu on, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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